We can add babysitting to Speaker of the House, Pelosi's responsibilities in this new Congress

By -- Wilma Howe—— Bio and Archives--March 12, 2019

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We can add babysitting to Speaker of the House, Pelosi’s responsibilities in this new Congress and it may prove to be the hardest job she has. Under her wings are a flock of freshmen representatives who are drunk on power, are inexperienced and each with a special axe to grind. It is actually fun to watch the matriarch try to control and excuse them as they become more outlandish everyday. Her latest tactic with Ihan Omar is to say that she doesn’t understand the weight of her words. Awesome. I hope she is never in a position to speak to a foreign leader, be involved in a committee negotiation, or represent us at an event. Then there is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her New Green Deal. Taking on her is to also take on her puppet master because there is no way she came up with that document without help. Then there is Rashida Tlaib’s potty mouth.

Well, you get the idea. Call it Karma or sweet justice, Nancy isn’t going to have an easy year.


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Guest Column -- Wilma Howe -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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