We have thankless NFL players “taking the knee” for causes that change with the wind

By -- Kathlyn Messina—— Bio and Archives--January 23, 2018

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We have thankless NFL players “taking the knee” for causes that change with the wind.  The NFL players, owners and Roger Goodell should get down on their hands and knees and thank more than 620,000 Union soldiers who were wounded, maimed and died in the American Civil War freeing the slaves.

Why aren’t the players protesting the entrenched Chicago politicians who have destroyed the lives of so many black families?  They should have been upset to see children murdered on the streets and in their homes by thugs.  Where are the tears of grief and the outrage for that abandonment?

Football fans, black, white, red, yellow and brown are not going to reward players who disrespect the American flag, the National Anthem and our Country’s honor.  The players were given a talent for throwing a ball, for goodness sake.  Throwing a ball has given them a life-style only dreamed of by mortals.

Thank God you were able to achieve your dreams.  Now, do something for others who are crying out to you for help and keep politics out of it.

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Guest Column -- Kathlyn Messina -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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