We bought it with the lure of liberalism, social justice, and fair play. We were lazy and apathetic.

We Let It Happen

By —— Bio and Archives--June 10, 2016

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Our beloved country, the United States of America, freedom’s last safest place, is being taken over by godless secularists and Marxists.  They said they would do it and we let it happen.  We bought it with the lure of liberalism, social justice, and fair play.  We were lazy and apathetic.

Fully half of the population of this nation is willing to vote for a candidate that is thoroughly corrupt and a serial liar.  These people, for the most part, know she is rotten to her very core, but are willing to vote for her because, after 50 years of Marxist indoctrination in our schools and universities, if given the choice, they prefer a country without God, without limits, without a moral standard, without an economic system that requires individual achievement.

They are demanding what the socialist system has always promised, Nirvana.  Never mind the spectacular failures of the Soviet Union, Venezuela, Cuba, Communist China.  Never mind the millions of dead and whatever good intentions there were.  According to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, they didn’t do socialism correctly.

Young people today, in numbers like never before, would rather be given a check than earn it.  51 percent of Harvard students between 18 and 29 support socialism over capitalism.  Just 42 percent are in favor of capitalism, the economic system that has afforded the people of this country the highest standard of living the world has ever seen.

Regardless of Hillary Clinton’s countless deficiencies, many people think she can give the people the level playing field, the social justice, the environmental justice, the free cell phone, whatever.  Progressives have successfully convinced a multitude that they can have it all at little to no personal cost.  All they have to do is give them the power.

Hillary Clinton is going to right all wrongs, assuage the guilt of an unjust society, redefine what it means to be a human being…everyone will live happily ever after.

The progressive hidden agenda is simple…the oldest desire in the world…to be as God, knowing good and evil..  But, unlike God, choosing evil.  We let it happen.  I pray it is not too late.




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Ray DiLorenzo is a career pilot having retired after 22 years as a contract fire pilot with the California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire).  He is presently affiliated with Stand Up America founded by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret).

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