'We spy with our little Eye' A Rat-fink Called Obama

'We spy with our little Eye' A Rat-fink Called Obama

By —— Bio and Archives--May 24, 2018

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'We spy with our little Eye'  A Rat-fink Called Obama
Tell-tale indeed that the only time former President Barack Hussein Obama used the words, “I spy”, it was to a group of little children at the library.

During the eight long years of his presidency, Obama always played to children, kids in the library, school children and university students.

The game he played most often with adults was hide-and-seek and golf.


As playful as a grizzly on the loose, Obama made a fine art of his playful side.

Only little children would be in fits of giggles hearing Obama say, ‘I spy with my little eye—something that is…yellow’.

Too many adults would hear ‘I spy with my little eye the perfect way to take down any political opponent….through spying.’

Spying for Hillary Clinton, which was to come to reality three years later would be the foolproof way to get her to win the 2016 presidency for Obama’s third term.

Obama’s botched spy games are bringing John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe et al to everlasting public shame. 

“Over 5 years ago, he dropped a simple two-word tweet that takes on a whole new meaning here in 2018. And it may be the most accurate thing Obama has ever said in hindsight.” (Rusty Weiss, The Mental Recession,  May 23, 2018)

“Yes, apparently you did. On the Trump campaign, in an effort to subvert the will of the American people and fix an election in favor of your hand-chosen successor, Hillary Clinton.

“Naturally, Twitter users had a field day with this tweet …

“President Trump called out Obama saying that news of an FBI informant in his campaign amounts to a scandal bigger than Watergate.

“Trump lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, implied that there may have been more than one spy.

“I’m shocked to hear that they [the FBI] put a spy in the campaign of a major party candidate, or maybe two spies,” he told Fox & Friends.

“Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign adviser, also claims that there was more than one informant spying on the team.

“Let me tell you something that I know for a fact … This informant, this person [who] they tried to plant into the campaign … he’s not the only person who came into the campaign. And the FBI is not the only Obama agency who came into the campaign.”

“I know because they came at me. And I’m looking for clearance from my attorney to reveal this to the public. This is just the beginning.”

And what was Trump doing on Twitter five years ago?

Fighting off trolls as usual:

The calendar moves ahead to 2017, and what American Thinker, CFP columnist Timothy Birdnow wrote:

“The media are all wee-wee’d up (as Barack Obama would say) over Donald Trump’s charge that Obama spied on him at Trump Tower. They trotted out old James Clapper, a man who perjured himself before Congress while lying about government spying on the American people, to deny Trump’s claim that Obama spied on him. 

“Does anybody remember former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson?  BHO’s people bugged her computer.

“How about when the Justice Department seized Associated Press phone records?  According to Mother Jones, a notoriously leftist publication:

“Federal regulations require that the attorney general personally approve such a move, ensure the request is narrow and necessary, and notify the news organization about the request – in advance whenever possible. In this case, however, the Justice Department seems to have used an indiscriminate vacuum-cleaner approach – seeking information (from phone companies) about a wide range of phone numbers used by AP reporters – and it only notified AP after the fact.

“The FBI also seized the records of the Washington Post and New York Times in just as cavalier a fashion.

“Wikileaks says the U.S. spied on the French president, and, in point of fact, the NSA is also accused of spying on the presidents of Brazil and Mexico.

“In point of fact, the Obama people ran something called the PRISM program in which the National Security Agency spied on Americans in general.

“I suppose we are going at this backwards.  The question is not if the Obama camp spied on Trump, but rather whom they did not spy on.  It got so bad that Obama had to promise the heads of multiple nations he would stop spying on them.

 “How on God’s green earth are we supposed to believe that Obama did not bug Trump Tower when he has bugged everyone else?

The tables are now turned on Obama’s telling Tweet, using the words “I spy” at the children’s library.

After his fumbling of the spy ball, it’s now:“We spy with our little eye, a rat-fink of a used-to-be president who wouldn’t play by the rules of honesty in trying to get his protégé elected U.S. President.


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