Scores of Canadian Conservatives will vote for Bernier’s new independent party

Welcome to the New Canadian ‘Re-Leaf’ Party

By —— Bio and Archives--August 25, 2018

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Welcome to the New Canadian ‘Re-Leaf’ Party
Poor Canadian Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer doesn’t seem to get who the real enemy is.

Scheer seems to think the enemy is the independent Rebel Media, rather than the left-leaning, Liberal loving, taxpayer-subsidized Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC television), and now independent former Conservative Maxime Bernier who launched his own party right during the Conservative Convention in Halifax on Thursday.


How out of touch Scheer has been with his own party

While Scheer plays dum-dum, countless Conservatives among the Canadian public, who’ve “had it up to here with Scheer”,  know who the enemy is.  They call him Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the PM who self-identifies as a “Feminist”, the one who enriched American soldier killer Omar Khadr by $10-million, the PM who will make Canada the only industrialized country to legalize marijuana for recreational use on Oct. 17.

Hello, Andrew?

Almost all “Friend” communication from the Canadian Tories read “Help us fight the Liberals who are doing this and that and the other”.  Many receiving these emailed communiques are saying: “You fight the Libs and maybe we’ll have a good enough reason to vote for you.”

Scheer rides on the popular theory that he’s a “nice guy”.

“Nice guys often finish last, and unless Conservative Maxime Bernier pulls off his new, yet to be named independent party in time for next year’s federal election, the outcome, thanks to nice guy Andrew Scheer,  will be the re-election of Justin Trudeau, although maybe this time in minority status.

And that it all went down at their Halifax Conservative Convention shows how out of touch Scheer has been with his own party.

It now appears that Canadian voters might have the option of casting their votes for a third party in 2019 elections.


“In an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question Period, to be aired at 2:30 p.m. EST on Bell Media stations, Bernier says the party knows most conservatives agree with him.(CTV News, Aug. 24, 2018)

“They know that and they don’t have the courage to do these reforms. They don’t have the courage to speak about that. And they cannot fight me on real issues,” Bernier said on the Evan Solomon Show.

“Now they’re going to personal attacks. It’s typical of a loser. The losers are doing that. They don’t want to have real debate.”

“Bernier surprised the Canadian political world Thursday when he announced he was leaving the federal Conservatives to start his own party.

“The Quebec MP’s relationship with the Conservatives had grown increasingly tense, leading this week to his caucus colleagues telling him through the media to pick a side. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer had warned that the caucus should be working together. The comments were thought to be directed at Bernier.

“There is an expectation in our caucus, and on our team, that everyone is focused on working together to earn back the trust of Canadians and to replace Justin Trudeau as prime minister in the next election,” Scheer said a week before Bernier quit.

“In an interview with CTV News Channel, Bernier said he spoke to Elections Canada Friday morning about setting up the new party. He said he wants to do all the paperwork as soon as possible, and that he’s asking for suggestions for the new party’s name.”

Maybe he should call it the Party of Canadian ‘Re-Leaf’

Maybe he should call it the Party of Canadian ‘Re-Leaf’

In any case, Bernier plans to have a candidate in each of Canada’s 338 ridings in time for the election next fall.

“The new party will take priority over the book the former Conservative leadership contender had planned to write, he said. (CTV)

“When I decided to postpone the publication of my book indefinitely, at that time the book wasn’t finished,” Bernier said in an interview with CTV News.

“For me right now the book is not a priority. I think the priority must be the manifesto of the party. So I’m not working on the book anymore. I’m working on the party.”

“It was the release of one of the book’s chapters that sent the dispute between Bernier and Scheer crashing into public view last April. Bernier’s publisher released his chapter on supply management, a system that lets Canadian dairy and poultry farmers control the supply of their goods to keep prices at a target level, to the Globe and Mail. In the chapter, Bernier accused Scheer of pandering to dairy farmers and accused him of signing up “fake Conservatives.”

“Bernier had promised to put the book on hold, but then posted the chapter on his website, arguing it had already been released so he wasn’t publishing it. Scheer retaliated by revoking his industry critic portfolio.”


It was more frustrating than sad that the Conservatives were heading into a federal election fighting Rebel Media and each other.

Countless Canadians see the independent, upstart Rebel Media as the only alternative to the Liberal supporting CBC.

That seemed to make no difference to the largely ineffective Andrew Scheer.

Scores of Canadian Conservatives will vote for Bernier’s new independent party.

Let’s hope their votes won’t benefit Feminist Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

Andrew Scheer, who went into the Halifax convention as vulnerable, came out of it more vulnerable.

If Scheer still doesn’t get that Trudeau came into power in part because of the CBC, perhaps he’ll be turning to the network to help get him out of his current mess.


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