Friend, if a privately owned bakery has to go against their Christian values to bake a cake, then Mark Zuckerberg is going to have to suck it up buttercup

We're black conservative women and Facebook thinks that's “UNSAFE”

By -- Diamond and Silk—— Bio and Archives--April 11, 2018

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We're black conservative women and Facebook thinks that's UNSAFE
Friend, when we signed up for Facebook, they didn’t tell us it was only for liberals.

But they made it clear this week that it’s no place for conservatives when they declared our Diamond and Silk facebook page “unsafe to the community.”


We built this page from the ground up. One viewer at a time. We watched it grow, then all of a sudden our followers stopped receiving our notifications, they stopped seeing our posts, and Facebook was no longer showing our videos in our followers’ newsfeeds. Now, it’s deemed “UNSAFE.”

I guess all of our followers are just stuck seeing whatever Mark Zuckerberg wants you to see. And apparently it’s not Diamond and Silk.

Who is HE to decide?

We’ve been challenging Facebook’s bias censorship and they’ve been taking their sweet time responding. We need your help to stop Facebook’s censorship.

Can you chip in now to help us put on the pressure?

Friend, it just makes no sense.

What reason would we be “unsafe to the community?!”

We are two black women in America who support Donald Trump and the America First agenda. Facebook doesn’t think we deserve a voice… Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t think our opinion matters.


Some of the things SEEN on Facebook are appalling — Videos of people getting shot, killed, and beat up… they even show pictures of our President decapitated.

Now they deem that “safe for the community,” but yet Facebook wants to shut US down??

It’s offensive and it’s an attack on us and everything we’re fighting for. This HURTS our viewers. Those Silicon Valley elites are trying to silence us and real Americans like you. But Diamond and Silk are not having it. That’s why we’re gonna keep fighting.

We need all the help we can get to hold Facebook accountable and to make them answer the tough questions that they refuse to address. Like why are you censoring us and other conservatives?

We are not gonna let them bully us into silence. We are not going to let them intimidate and manipulate in order to dominate. Long gone are the days of running from the problem. We are going to address and solve this problem.

Just because Facebook doesn’t like what we say, it doesn’t mean they can take our first amendment rights away.

Friend, if a privately owned bakery has to go against their Christian values to bake a cake, then Mark Zuckerberg is going to have to suck it up buttercup.

Don’t you agree? If you’re with us, join us now

Together, we can send elitists like Zuckerberg a big message that we aren’t going anywhere. And if he doesn’t get it together, Facebook will be the face without the book or the book without the pages.


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