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What can a man do if he’s accused of sexual harassment?

By -- Margaret Grover —— Bio and Archives--August 8, 2017

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What can a man do if he’s accused of sexual harassment? Not much. He can deny the allegations, produce proof if he has it, ask for his day in court. Unfortunately, the act of making the allegation forever clouds the man’s reputation no matter if the evidence exonerates him. The higher the profile, the more controversial the person and the depth of their pockets can all factor into the accusations.

Shouldn’t there be stiff penalties for those who falsely name men in sexual harassment cases? They knowingly and willfully destroy a man’s reputation, often without any recriminations. It is a sleazy, low down disgusting thing to do and there should be more individuals facing the consequences.

Guest Column -- Margaret Grover -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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