What will democrats do to win?...anything!

What Democrats Are Willing to Do (And Not Willing to Do)

By —— Bio and Archives--October 8, 2018

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What Democrats Are Willing to Do (And Not Willing to Do)
It now has become clear even to the most stubborn skeptic that Democrats will do anything to win, gain power and stay there. They are united in their mission like never before. If there are any moderate Democrats or classic liberals remaining besides Alan Dershowitz, they are silent.

George Washington warned the nation that political parties will produce leaders that will have more loyalty to party than to country. It certainly is true today. The loyalty to the Democrat Party is absolute. Even Bernie Sanders, an Independent and Socialist, saw fit to run for the presidency as a Democrat.


Incredibly, grass roots Democrats and their leaders are willing to suspend the presumption of innocence, the most basic legal covenant between government and the people. They encourage violence, getting in your face, harassing you in public places, doning masks and destroying personal and public property. The Left has eliminated all sense of fair play. They show no hesitation in destroying any person, their family and reputation. Democrats use the courts to get what they want when they can’t win the vote. They destroy monuments that reveal their past, risk financial collapse to demonstrate big government is essential, and risk war with Russia to prove Trump is colluding. Democrats are willing to throw open our borders to cultivate more Democrats, now that much of Middle America has departed from their ranks.

Democrats are well aware that if just 30% of Blacks vote Republican, they will never win another national election. That is why they viciously attack any minority, especially a Black, when they meet with a Republican.

Democrats had no intention of voting for Judge Kavanaugh well before he ever entered the hearing room. They pretended to be part of the advise and consent process but instead schemed to ruin his reputation as a judge, husband, and father. They put on an ugly spectacle for the whole world to see, worthy of any third-world country.

What Democrats are not willing to do is accept any defeat or compromise. Compromise to the modern Democrat is when only Republicans give way. The Left continually rails against our system of governance. They complain about our electoral college when it doesn’t work for them. They complain about Congress when it is not sufficiently charitable to the constituents to whom they made promises. They continually look for some group, any group that they can market as oppressed…a constant exercise in pandering.

Hollywood, an arm of the Democrat Party

In spite of their namesake, a representative democracy, a constitutional republic, seems to no longer hold their interest. The Constitution no longer fits their lifestyle, political and social philosophy.

Democrats are now demanding a transition from the greatest success in human government to the greatest failure in human government…socialism. Who would ever have thought we would get to this juncture?

Hollywood, an arm of the Democrat Party, is at the leading edge of instituting culture change, a fundamental ingredient in changing the face of our country. Virtually eliminating moral and societal standards, Hollywood has largely succeeded in refacing the family structure. They push programming and first-run movies that trash fathers, in an endless parade of sitcoms and dramas that show fathers as stupid and uncaring. They are willing to destroy the family to cement government as the preeminent provider and father figure. We are far amiss from Father Knows Best.

What can we expect this November? Democrats have fought tooth and nail against any effort to increase the legality and security of our elections. Democrats have supported groups like La Raza and Acorn that have had to change their names because they had been continually associated with voter fraud. President Trump is keenly aware of the problem and has notified key people in his administration that the security of our elections is a national security issue.

What will democrats do to win?...anything!

An example of today's Democrat not getting their way, sitting on the floor, pouting like children
An example of today’s Democrat not getting their way, sitting on the floor, pouting like children.


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