What happens in the real world is corruption, poverty, and despair

By -- Mrs Carolyn M. Brown—— Bio and Archives--March 1, 2019

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The thing missing from the discussion regarding socialism is this: supporters assume a benevolent leader. Yet history belies that assumption.

What happens in the real world is corruption, poverty, and despair. Leaders are or become corrupt, they have unlimited ability to syphon off
the riches leaving the people hungry and poor. Taxes are very high while goods and services climb as well.  If it worked as planned, a 70% tax rate
would, in return, give the citizens great medical care, the best in fire, Ems, and police protection, affordable high quality housing and low fuel and utility rates,
in other words, for your 70% donation to the government, the government would care for you well and compassionately from cradle to grave.

Again, that is assuming a benevolent leader. Even ones who might start out that way will end up seduced by the unlimited wealth available to them.

Human nature rarely lives up to our hopes and dreams. People are competitive, egotistical, and opportunistic. A good example of socialism is the Catholic Church
where Priests are given everything they need to live in return for service to God. That has not stopped depravity or corruption from the highest on down as they
attempt to cover up crimes in order to protect the institution.

“All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton


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