With mainstream and social media as their cheerleaders and with Facebook and Twitter followers as phony as the Fake News they propagate, they are now dictating that you are not allowed to be seen in public as a Republican/Conservative

When Will Ivanka Trump Wake Up?

By —— Bio and Archives--October 21, 2018

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When Will Ivanka Trump Wake Up?
It’s late in the day and a loud and ugly mob mentality is utterly dominating midterm elections.

The Protest that was the legacy of ex-President Barack Obama is no longer out in the town park or on the street, it has moved into the restaurants where average people stop for a bite to eat, the gas station where they go to fill up and in other once safe and public spaces.


A phrase that has become a mark of our time: “It’s getting crazier and more dangerous out there by day!”

People have become increasingly afraid to talk politics when meeting with family and friends in public spaces like never before.

As November 6 looms large, how many parents and grandparents lie awake nights wondering what their children’s and grand kid’s futures will be after Midterm votes are cast?

Apparently not everyone and stunningly including someone very close to the best president ever elected after Ronald Reagan.

With Midterms within clear view, on Oct. 19,  Ivanka Trump sent an Instagram congratulating her new sister-in-law, Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss and the brother-in-law she says she ‘loves like a brother’, Joshua Kushner, on their wedding.

Photos prove that Joshua Kushner was not only a participant—but an exuberant participant —in the 2017 pink pussy cap-symbolized Big Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

In other words, one day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, before he could even start his job, his son-in-law Jared’s brother and a brother-in-law Ivanka says she loves “like a brother’  was out with thousands of women screaming anti-Trump obscenities.

Josh Kushner

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There are no recorded objections from Joshua Kushner when Ashley Judd alluded to incest in the president’s relationship with his own daughter, not at the Women’s March or during the year and a half that was to follow.

How in Heaven’s name can this even be?

Millions can clearly see that there is zero tolerance on the prog-left for anything good, decent or even positive.

Over past decades they have booted God out of the Public Square,  booed Him down at their 2016 Democrat Convention,  and exchanged indoctrination for education in public schools, getting away with it.

These are only a few of the things ‘disappeared’ by the toxic left on their road to intended Tyranny for the Masses.

Having climbed comfortably up to the top of Mount Sanctimony where they can lecture down to the rest of us, the obsessed prog-left use their never-ending protests to deny the masses their constitutional rights.

With mainstream and social media as their cheerleaders and with Facebook and Twitter followers as phony as the Fake News they propagate, they are now dictating that you are not allowed to be seen in public as a Republican/Conservative.

They’re nonchalantly telling people from all walks of life not only that they don’t exist, but they are not allowed to exist.

Wanting immigration as the big issue returned in the dying days of the midterm campaign, so that they could hammer Trump for separating families at the border, the prog-left is pushing a caravan of made-to-order migrants numbering in the thousands to rush America’s southern border— on Election Day.

They’ve got, so they think, anarchy down pat.

Even after the seventh FBI investigation underlined his integrity,  the pro left wanted an open-ended, 24-7, 365-day investigation of Brett Kavanaugh, and if they got it would have been open to do the same for any conservative with the temerity to speak up against them.

Now that Kavanaugh’s been nominated to the Supreme Court, they want him Impeached.

Wake up, Ivanka, they wanted your father impeached—even before he was elected.

“So much love for you both as you begin forever together,” the first daughter captioned her post on Instagram Friday.” (Daily Caller, Oct. 19. 2018)

The prog-left has taken away the “forever” of the masses forever, Ivanka and the brother-in-law you say you love ‘as a brother’ is one of them.

The burning question of our day is: “Are you?”


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