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While political and verbal posturing continues in the border saga, an on-going border war rages

White Paper regarding the recent shooting of a Deputy Sheriff in Arizona

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. —— Bio and Archives--May 6, 2010

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Statement of Purpose:
The content of this paper is deliberately intended to stimulate thought and discussion, as well as to inform.  As with all White Paper briefings, informational analysis comprising global security, national security of the sovereignty of the united States of America and the State of Arizona, economic forces as a dimension to national security, culture, freedom in human rights, defense and the rule of law are considered within the framework of this treatise.


While political and verbal posturing continues in the border saga, an on-going border war rages where brave professionals in law enforcement daily (and nightly) place themselves between a host of undesirables sneaking into America, and the legal citizens of Arizona and America these law enforcement professionals are sworn to protect.  Every calendar day of the year, law enforcement suit-up for a duty shift that could, in a moment, explode into a fire fight resembling combat in Afghanistan or Iraq. One of those fire fights occurred last Friday evening, April 30th, 2010, in an isolated area of southern-central Arizona of Pinal County, Arizona.  The rugged desert area where the gun battle occurred is near the junction of interstate 8 and Arizona State Highway 84, and it is well-known in Arizona law enforcement circles to be a “high-traffic drug and human-smuggling corridor.”  Pinal County Deputy Sheriff Louis Puroll was patrolling the area when he came upon a 5-man smuggling ring transporting large quantities of marijuana.  Approximately 30-shots were fired at the deputy who sustained hits from what appeared to be an AK-47-type weapon.  Deputy Puroll returned fire from his service weapon and an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle.  Deputy Puroll sustained a flesh wound above his kidney, but is recovering.  The suspect(s) remain at-large at the time of this briefing.

The Border fence between Arizona and Mexico IS NOT complete; it IS NOT solid; well defined pathways are known to smugglers of all persuasions – from drug to human, and maybe worse.  One of the little talked about but fully known suspicions is that aliens from other countries, including Middle-Eastern, have come across the border and up through Arizona’s desert smuggling highways.  What did they bring with them is the other little talked about secret?  It is a sham at the least, and a flat out lie to the American people on the other hand, that politicians from both parties dating back to Bush I; then Clinton; Bush II;  now Obama - have PURPOSEFULLY not sincerely and honestly addressed the security of the 3,200-mile southern Border of the united States of America.  Then again, why would they?  Well known in the power structure of Washington, D.C., and in world councils, is that a concerted, deliberate, and aggressive move is under way to open the borders between America, Mexico, and Canada so a North American Union can be established, similar to the European Union. 

Deputy Puroll was not thinking politically…he was not cognitively debating the merits of a North American Union…he was not formulating an argument to become politically correct; rather, this veteran professional law enforcement officer who also is crossed trained as a Terrorism Liaison Officer with the Arizona Counterterrorism Information Center (AcTIC) was focused on his foot pursuit across hostile desert terrain of 5-drug smugglers.  One of these “illegal aliens” fell back and ambushed the deputy, spraying him with over 30-rounds of 7.62 from an AK-47; over a hundred rounds were fired during a 30-minute gun battle.  Three others in this pack of drug thugs were armed with long guns (AKs), and several had pistols.  These hardly are the types of individuals wanting a better life in America, and braving the treacherous desert to obtain it; which is what the Hollywood crowd, the bleeding heart liberals, and the corporate Washington political crowd would like you to believe.  These 5-drug thugs along with thousands of other criminals who have escaped or been let go from Mexican jails and prisons, and mental health clinics, stream across the southern American border daily.  Increasingly, they bring sophisticated weapons with them as they transport various drugs, humans, and individuals “Other-than-Mexican” into America. 

It would not be outside the realm of possibility to suggest Deputy Puroll was keenly aware that he was in pursuit of trained and seasoned, well armed members of a Mexican Drug Cartel that have increasingly filtered north testing America, testing “homeland security,” and testing our response to their not so covert invasion.  Quite possibly, this deputy knew what others in the law enforcement community know, but prodigious numbers of politicians and elites (from Mayoral to state-wide to national) don’t want to know – Mexican Drug Lords and their cartels have declared war on law enforcement in the United States of America, and any citizen of America who dares stand in the way of these cartels. This includes 4-helicopters rushed to the scene, and which 2-were fired upon. One suspect is described as a light-skinned Mexican male, late 20’s with a Sinaloan accent carrying a long gun.  He was wearing a black handkerchief covering his face, and wore a green and brown fatigue-type shirt, tan pants, black boots and a ball cap. For those not acquainted with the drug cartels, the Sinaloan region cartel is significant and very active, aggressive and growing. 

Friday, April the 30th, 2010, was just another night in this unfolding war, but a law enforcement professional got in the way.  In return, this officer was fired upon, hit, and left alone, in a desert.  In the grandest tradition of law enforcement, an “Officer Down Call” was broadcast.  From a radius of about 75-miles, officers and assets from:  Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, Pinal County Sheriff’s Department, BORSTAR, Border Patrol, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), Casa Grande Police Department, Maricopa Police Department, Gila River Police, Gila River Rangers k-9 units, Tohono O’Odham Tribal Police, Pima County Sheriff’s Department, unnamed police units from the surrounding Tucson area, Mesa Police Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety, and the Arizona National Guard responded.  Various SWAT teams responded.  More than 200-officers worked through the night searching over 100-square miles (the size of Washington, D.C.) for 5-parasites disguised as “illegal aliens” who had no hesitation to shoot a police office (deputy). 

The 5-suspects got away, but 75-illegal aliens were located in the search area and handed over to Border Patrol. A couple of “people of interest” have since been apprehended who may be involved.

Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu stated: “Here we see the tactics have changed and become more dangerous…this has reached a critical mass for law enforcement.  I have called out for help from federal officials to no avail.”  Sheriff Babeu is not alone.  Governor Jane Brewer shortly after assuming the Office of Arizona Governor when Napolitano flew off to Washington, D.C. to become Homeland Security Secretary, sent a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, requesting troops along the Arizona Border to stem the flow of illegal aliens streaming into Arizona, and eventually, America.  The Governor was ignored!  Arizona has been ignored!  The wishes and cries of the People of Arizona have been ignored!  Then the Arizona Legislature a couple of weeks ago passed a bill enforcing an already existing Federal Law on “illegal” immigration enforcement, and all hell has broken loose against our State, and anyone and everyone who does not fall-in-line with the social liberals and elites who want a North American Union – no borders! 

The following is a quote from a professional law enforcement officer on-scene throughout the late afternoon and into early morning the day after the shooting; 10-hours of service.  This law enforcement officer sent me a letter containing the below quote, and asked if I could relay the same publicly.  While he might meet a disciplinary action for expressing his thoughts in this manner, maybe I could distribute his written thoughts nationally so citizens everywhere could sense the dedication, and the frustration law enforcement on the ground are facing with this growing war.  I have accomplished this with minor REDACTING to preserve the officer’s identity: LJR-

“I share this with you to make sure you are aware of the severity and the degree of the escalation of this situation that what happened yesterday (Ed. Note: meaning Friday, April 30th, 2010) must not be forgotten.  I believe yesterday was the beginning of something larger to come and it seems the gloves are now off.  Thank God the deputy was not killed, but it is only going to get worse and I cannot believe that the rumors I have been hearing were proven to be true last night. I am in disbelief and our government is ‘motionless,’ Napolitano is ‘oblivious’ and the situation may become simply hopeless if swift action is not taken.  How is this being tolerated by OUR GOVERNMENT!!  It is their responsibility to protect and defend this country and our borders!  The fact armed individuals are protecting their smuggling routes has been proven…it is no joke.  I have difficulty understanding how our country has allowed this to come to such a situation as this, that it is unsafe to travel into the southern deserts of Arizona and the United States without fear of being murdered.”

“The populace is being de-sensitized by the overwhelming and sensational events occurring on our doorsteps, and in our communities, and accepting these things as if they are acceptable acts and routine crimes.  They are not routine, and it is going to get worse, far worse….”


My beloved State of Arizona is being verbally trashed by arrogant political elites, bored Hollywood actors (Danny Glover shows up in Phoenix tomorrow) still looking for meaning in their life, recording artists who can’t seem to write a new song to sing…so they come to Arizona and jump on the emotionally orchestrated bandwagon conducted by the Al Sharptons (he already has been here, and fortunate for us, he is returning to lead a march) of the liberal fringe who enjoy a good rabble rousing and then retire to the comfort of a nice hotel suite with full service and extra fine food, while the faithful continue their vigil. 

My beloved State of Arizona is under attack from “illegal” aliens from multiple countries, and from people alien to the declaration that people have the right to be secure in their homes – Arizonans are losing this right with constant home invasions by illegal aliens, neighborhoods shot-up from drug gangs from Mexico seeking to recover their stolen property (drugs and money), from “drop houses” where upwards to 50-people can be hiding out until the next part of their journey begins taking them deeper into middle America and points east.  Arizona is the kidnap capital of the Nation.  Arizonan’s known all too well what it is like to live in a region where “illegal” aliens have no fear in stealing your car or truck, taking off from an accident whether someone is hurt or even killed.  Arizona knows what it is like to bury police officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line-of-duty protecting citizens from an “illegal” who already is wanted for heinous crimes, multiple times over, but is allowed to slip in and out of America across a border that is in name only.

So while the political elites come marching into Arizona espousing their displeasure at our mean and reactionary ways, they should also begin scheduling other venues in which to travel, because as of this writing, two additional states within our nation are actively working on legislation to copy that of Arizona insofar as combating “illegal” aliens within their state borders.  State Representative Daryl Metcalfe of Pennsylvania, and State Representative Stephen Sandstrom of Utah started a legislative process in their respected states to mirror the legislation Arizona had the audacity to pass a couple of weeks ago.  Unconfirmed reports I have received share that two southern states are also seriously studying similar legislation.  This could become a ground swell with Americans telling Washington, D.C. politicians you stay in Washington, and continue to create economic and social chaos.  The Sovereign states within these United States of America, in accordance with the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution will now step up and begin the job duly granted to them in providing for the safety and welfare of their state’s citizens.

Deputy Louis Puroll is recovering.  I give thanks to the Lord for Deputy Puroll’s life being spared.  I give thanks to the men and women of law enforcement (I was one for a short while) who unhesitantly go into places most people would never go into keeping us safe, protecting our way of life, caring for our communities and our fellow citizens, and for the officers and deputies who responded quickly, efficiently, professionally when the call came: “Officer Down!”  Their response may have made the difference between this white paper talking about the on-going border wars, versus talking about another brave law enforcement officer who will be buried with full honors for the life he/she gave in the service to others’. 

Lyle is an independent intelligence analyst and consultant who receives and disseminates critical intelligence and policy information from and to law enforcement, intelligence operatives, homeland security officials, government and community leaders.  He is the author of dozens of white papers, bulletins and briefings, and he is frequently called on to share his expertise with public and private security directors and organizations.

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