It's a short list.  And this psychopathological passive aggression is not accidental

Who Broke American Justice?

By ——--May 4, 2021

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Who Broke American Justice?No single person is responsible for a broken American criminal justice system. 

Nor is any single political party, although the Democrats had a major role in the breakage. The Republican Party followed suit because that’s what they generally do.

Those pictured above played a significant role – two Judges and three Attorneys General.

Emmet Gael Sullivan and Amy Berman Jackson

The breakage is not recent.  It’s hard to point to a date when it began. 

The two judges pictured above are Emmet Gael Sullivan, Senior U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia, and Amy Berman Jackson, at the same court.   

Sullivan made hash out of the effort to convict retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn of a non-crime. Flynn had once been aligned with the Democrat Party, so maybe it was ‘get even’ time for Flynn having supported Trump. Sullivan ended up as both judge and prosecutor in what masqueraded as an American trial.  

Jackson wanted to jail Roger Stone for exposing the fact that Jackson knew there was a juror who had a blatant, public bias against Stone, but Jackson nevertheless allowed her to be in the Stone jury panel.  Looks like the judge aimed to stack the jury.

(As noted in an earlier article, this kind of judicial behavior would be acceptable, even required, in the Third Reich.)  

The breaking point in American Justice happened not due to a few individuals – although other judges of the ilk of Sullivan and Jackson have aided the effort – but also with the U.S. Attorneys General, three of whom are pictured above. (Left to Right: Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions, Eric Holder)

There is an institutional psychopathology at work here: passive aggression. The willful and selective prosecutorial passivity of U.S. attorneys general (and their subsidiary prosecutors) is arbitrarily and aggressively curtailing the execution of American justice through lawless inaction. And it’s not accidental. 

Billionaire and liberal activist George Soros has openly spent millions of dollars

Billionaire and liberal activist George Soros has openly spent millions of dollars successfully helping state and local district attorneys get elected. 

According to Capital Research, the tolerant, lenient policies toward criminal behavior expressed by left-wing progressive district attorneys have significantly reduced prosecution rates, leading to predictable increases in violent crime and a lack of justice for the victims.

That action is not insignificant, but Soros is playing ‘small ball’ compared to the incompetence of, at least, the three U.S. Attorneys General who were not placeholders. 

All three left us with unanswered questions in the absence of justice. Though it represents a bipartisan failure of the UniParty. The failure is led by the Democratic Party.

Here’s a short list of unanswered questions, in no particular order:

Jeffrey Epstein: What did the “intelligence agencies” and their “law enforcement” colleagues know about the “Lolita Express” and his island paradise of near-or-actual pedophilia? (BTW: Who was the “John Roberts” that is listed on the manifest of passengers on the “Lolita Express”?)

Seth Rich: Who killed him, and why? The D.C. Police are unlikely to know, nor care to know. They are politicized by their environment. (The author once wrote a piece for Andrew Breitbart that prompted a DC Police Captain to come onto Megan Kelly’s FOX talk show to dispute what was proven as accurate information. Ms. Kelly went along with the denial.)


Operation Fast & Furious, John Huber, Jeff Sessions & Uranium One, Clinton Foundation

Clinton Foundation:  When will the case, that has been stalled in the IRS Court for years, concerning the accusation that the Clinton Foundation violated its charter to act only in support of the Clinton Library, make it to trial, or settlement?  (See Batman and Robin wade into the Swamp to out the Clinton Foundation | Canada Free Press )

Las Vegas Shooter: Who was Stephen Paddock, who fired off more than 1,000 rounds from his 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, killing 60 and wounding 411? What was his motive? What became of his alleged girl friend? Did he act alone?

Lois Lerner:  How did this attorney and former federal civil service employee who was director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the Internal Revenue Service and who became the central figure in the 2013 IRS targeting of conservative groups by either denying them tax-exempt status or delaying that status until past the 2012 election, evade prosecution and conviction? And still get her pension?

John Huber, Jeff Sessions & Uranium One: Why did Obama appointee John Huber, U.S. Attorney for the District of Utah from June 2015 to February 2021, take no action after being tasked by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate Uranium One? And to what extent did the Clintons benefit from the Uranium One episode? (Huber resigned last February – why did Trump not fire him on Day 1?)

Operation Fast & Furious: What senior official in the Obama Administration, beyond Arizona level, signed off on what was later described as a five-year sting operation wherein the ATF allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to “illegal straw buyers” thinking the ATF could then track the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders and arrest them?  Was any financial compensation rendered to the scores of Mexican citizens who were killed by any of the 2,000 firearms purchased for $1.5 million? (U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered with one of those weapons, and a Mexican citizen, Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, was convicted. But that still doesn’t tell us the purpose of the operation, nor who signed off on it in D.C.)



Black Lives Matter/Antifa

Benghazi Attack: What was that 2012 fiasco all about? What role did Hillary Clinton play? Where was President Obama the night it happened? (The movie told us more than the media.) 

The Dynamic Duo of Barr & Durham:  “On, or about, May 13, 2019, current Attorney General William P. Barr assigned “the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut to examine the origins of the Russia investigation,” as reported by the New York Times.  The media widely heralded the creds of U.S. Attorney John Durham, as the Canada Free Press (CFP) noted.  Why did nothing come of it? A CFP article was entitled ”Will Bill Barr + John Durham = Jeff Sessions + John Huber?”  Two years later, we know the answer is “Yes” – nothing at all came of it. Why?

Carter Page: When does Page get compensated for prosecutorial misbehavior? And what government official was pushing that behavior? Does that person still work for the government?

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz & the Awan Family Scandal:  What ever happened to the story that involved Wasserman Schultz destroying evidence to keep it out of the hands of the D.C. Police? (It evaporated.)

Black Lives Matter/Antifa:  Who funds them? Who will pay for the property damage done? Why was that damage mostly done in Big Blue Cities? Where were their police departments?

It’s a short list.  And this psychopathological passive aggression is not accidental. 


Lee Cary -- Bio and ArchivesSince November 2007, Lee Cary has written for several websites, but, since shortly before the 2016 election, now writes only for the [em]Canada Free Press[/em]. He holds a Doctorate in Theology from the Methodist seminary at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, and served with US Army Intelligence in Vietnam. Cary is a great nephew of Archibald Cary (1721-1787) who was a member of Virginia's Committee of Correspondence. Archibald chaired the Committee of the Whole that adopted the Resolution of Independence that instructed Virginia's delegates to the Second Continental Congress to propose a Declaration of Independence. After Virginia became an independent state, he became the first speaker of the Virginia Senate. Among Archibald’s closest friends were Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Archibald died broke, having spent himself out by financially supporting the American Revolution.

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