Immigration and trade deals

Why Did Trump Win the GOP Nom?

By —— Bio and Archives--July 25, 2016

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Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s Nominee.

I was not expecting this. There was so much to dread about his winning the nod from the primary voters.

Conservatives can complain that he coasted on open primaries, which allowed Democrats and Independents to swing the nomination in their favor,


Fiscal mismanagement, coupled with bailouts to big banks, big business, and big bureaucrats

There is no evidence that Democrats covertly infiltrated fifty states to produce a Democrat-in-sheep’s-clothing nominee.

Let’s state the facts. The country is facing some fundamental challenges, and voters felt that Trump would better handle them.

Law and order has broken down. The rule of law stands as a mere suggestion or a hollow joke. There is a worse inequality than differences in wealth. One group of people do not have to comply with the laws of the land, and the rest of us do.

One group of people are allowed to take advantage of the wealth and resources in this country, while those who work hard see very little for their efforts. In fact, they see a great deal of it taken away from them.

Fiscal mismanagement, coupled with bailouts to big banks, big business, and big bureaucrats are infuriating everyone else. The outrage is more than Middle America throwing a fit about their limited options, but the entire country fed up with one limited political class getting away with so much, and everyone else retaining so little of what they earned.

Donald Trump portrayed himself as the consummate outsider

While Ted Cruz articulated those justified machinations on the floor of the U.S. Senate. he was still an elected official, and therefore perceived a major part of the problem.

Donald Trump portrayed himself as the consummate outsider, since he had never run for office anyway.

He is not wrapped up in the ideal package that people were waiting for.

He does not have the polish of Ted Cruz.

He does not have the class or academic background of Bobby Jindal.

He has not demonstrated the political courage of Scott Walker.

Or rather ... has he?


Trump was the only one who met with family and friends of victims killed by illegal aliens

Of all the candidates who ran for President, Trump was the only one who met with family and friends of victims killed by illegal aliens.

Most politicians, left and right, run from this rampant tragedy.

To this day, I still cannot understand why Ted Cruz did not meet with members of the Remembrance Project. He needed to connect with them, reach out to them for their support. This group has organized American citizens across the country to demand enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.

Note that word: “enforcement.”

The United States does not have a broken immigration system. We have a morally bankrupt executive branch which refuses to enforce the law, including the construction of a wall. At first, I thought that building a wall would be too costly.

Trump has removed that consideration. “Too costly” is the loss of Dominic Durden. How more people have to die at the gruesome, brutal hands of illegal aliens? There should not have to be a Remembrance Project. Every American should know that their government is protecting them rather than protecting illegal aliens and refugees.

Citizens should not feel like refugees in their own country!

What else about Donald Trump put him over the edge so quickly?

He commanded more air time that the rest of the other candidates combined. His savvy control over the media impressed many, and impressed on them support for his candidacy.

He hammered issues which slipped away from political pundits’ attention or conflicted with their rigged agenda.

Corporate cronyism has hit an all-time high—or low

Corporate cronyism has hit an all-time high—or low. How many more major financial firms will get a bailout while the rest of us struggle to pay our bills? They have to live within their own means, don’t they?

And globalism.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which followed from the TPA, disturbed small businesses and labor unions—the private sector firms, that is.

I like free trade. Everyone should. The definition of free trade, however, has American workers and manufacturers wondering. Does “free” also mean a citizenry free from having a job, too?

Why are so many American firms closing down and moving their corporations overseas?

The regulatory burdens forced on the United States are unreal

The regulatory burdens forced on the United States are unreal. In NAFTA, for example, Mexican trucks are not subject to the same environmental regulations as American trucks.

Selective enforcement is not free trade.

The Chinese government practically enslaves its workers. There is no regard for natural rights in China. They do not play by the rules.

That is not free trade.

True, protectionism will not improve our economy. Nations do not trade with nations, Still, governments should ensure a legal, honest, level playing field for all companies.

Trade is based on voluntary exchange. I only wish Trump supporters would recognize that the labor unions who agitate for better working conditions and economic opportunities are undermining their intentions.

If a company wants to use H-1B visas—a government program—they must serve as a last resort. A business, an engineering company, or any other firm should not be punished with lack of production because they cannot reach necessary hiring levels.

No business push people out of work to hire foreign workers who will earn half the pay. That is not a level playing field at all. And we the people are paying for this abuse.

That is wrong.

Ted Cruz had an admirable, demonstrative record on many conservative issues.

However, if voters detected any wavering on two issues, immigration and trade deals, that candidate was pretty much sunk. Any hint of globalism in the background, and that candidate would face untold challenges.

Voters thought that Ted Cruz was sold out to big banks or big businesses, when he had voted against the Gang of Eight bill, he rejected all bloated budgets passed by Congress, and refused to support reauthorization of the cronyist Ex-Im bank.

Appearances, matter, however, and a sense of distance, a lack of connection to the struggles of working people was just too much for Cruz to overcome.

But Trump did.

And that’s why he won the GOP nom.


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