Ultraliberal Hollywood and all of 'LIBERAL MEDIA' hate and are deathly afraid of Donald Trump

Why Donald Trump Scares The “L” Out Of Liberal Media ...

By —— Bio and Archives--May 29, 2017

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It was Bob Dylan who put together the phrase, “... Money doesn’t talk, it SWEARS.” And that is about the first level up from the bottom-line reason behind most of the problems we have in the world today. At least,  the reason for bulldozer-powerful LIES mowing down what is left of today’s rapidly disintegrating civilization.

In 1984,  I watched a disintegrating Democratic Party turn itself completely over to the dark side when Jesse Jackson introduced his ‘Rainbow Coalition’. The DNC at that point became the representative enabler for most everything that I still today consider morally disgusting.

And since that time so many of the ideas that people once considered too ridiculous even to argue about have been legislated into stilted legitimacy: “Wow, that was an awesome looking lady who just went into the WOMEN’s restroom. I think today I’m feeling more and more like a woman!” Or, how about this ‘logic’? “It’s not a baby until it’s born! The woman’s happiness takes precedence over a wriggling lump of protoplasm!” For those of you who don’t see the true absurdity or the real diabolical possibilities of such statements, you are either plain stupid or just as asleep as the rest of a pitifully tv-mesmerized America/world.

Political correctness is the new, trendy, ‘Morality Lite!’

As I have carefully explained in past articles, God-breathed, Bible-based morality in the 21st century is daily being reconfigured and supplanted by political correctness. Political correctness is the new, trendy, ‘Morality Lite!’ (‘So easy to practice, yet so self-righteously satisfying!’) Real Godliness today is dying fast, much due to a ‘church’ that is asleep at the switch. And understanding all of the preceding brings us to the doorstep of easily grasping why most of today’s press, electronic news media and entertainment are simply referred to as ‘liberal media’.

The ‘secret’, the elephant in the room, that very few seem to be talking about today is that liberal media/entertainment is a trillion-dollar industry because it perfectly caters to people who love themselves and pleasure a whole lot more than God. And our very real Creator/God who made us is today (largely thanks to an impotent body of ‘believers’ who have not adequately represented Him) seen as only the imaginary author of a bunch of boring and restrictive rules and regulations. He is a drag to those who do not know Him. He is a downright frightening nuisance to those who still notice His presence in their conscience - BUT MAY NOT HAVE BEEN HELPED IN UNDERSTANDING HOW TO RESPOND TO THAT CONVICTION.

Today’s world, no less than the mob that tortured and killed Jesus, wants to again join forces with the very real devil, and thoroughly, FINALLY kill the Son and take full possession of the vineyard. (Matthew 21:33-46) The liberal press, media/entertainment certainly doesn’t need to believe in a satan in order to profit from being the mouthpiece of his enterprise. And the fact is that temperance, real godliness, simply does not sell - so no time is wasted on such a lost cause. But liberal media’s lie that there is no God, and so there are no deadly consequences of our sin, is a commodity that a hell-bound world in denial will stand in line to buy.

Ultraliberal Hollywood and all of ‘LIBERAL MEDIA’ hate and are deathly afraid of Donald Trump

So what does all of the above have to do with anything? Here it is: Ultraliberal Hollywood and all of ‘LIBERAL MEDIA’ hate and are deathly afraid of Donald Trump. They hate him for the same reason the liberal media has always hated the true America that was put together by our Godly founding fathers (57 of whom were ordained ministers). Just as I have said in several articles, President Trump’s daily, big-as-life example of truly American independence, nonconformity and fearlessly entrepreneurial thinking and behavior are, to the heart of liberal media, waking too many people up. It was Jesus who said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!” (John 8:32) That sentiment was the inspiration of our founding fathers’ sacrifices. And satan doesn’t want anyone stumbling over the truth on the road to perdition.

As long as the Donald continues to SUCCESSFULLY defy the status quo - put in place by forked tongued advocates of oligarchical socialism - the tyrannical grasp of liars like Obama and Clinton (and the liberal media who support them) is loosened. Yes, that LIBERAL MEDIA cannot afford to allow genuine Godly independence to germinate and flourish. They have worked too long and have invested way too much to lose their mentally lamed and obedient audience at this tipping point in world history. Nevertheless Donald Trump, who is so obviously beholden to no one or any special interest, is waking too many people up to the fact that anyone, with the help of God, can overcome all the evils and threats that the formerly all-powerful and all encompassing liberal media has declared unconquerable.

Don’t misunderstand me. The moment I see our president begin to egregiously cave in on the promises he made in getting to the Oval Office, he will get no more of my kind words. But to date, in all of world history, I find only a comparative few who have walked so adamantly toward what is right, and in the face of such ridiculous, overwhelmingly vicious, deceit and unfounded opposition. After Jesus Christ, our prime example, in the modern world I can immediately recall only a few that stand out. Today Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are two of those. And both those men are well accustomed to being friendless.

Continued below...

When the solidly underhanded and ambidextrous Obama made the private remark, unknowingly on a live microphone, about how he could effectively be of better service to our enemies the Russians after he was elected, I was dumbfounded.  I, like Diogenes , am looking for one single honest liberal out there who will admit he would have demanded George Bush’s head after overhearing him say something like that. Forget about it. On the other hand, it takes only a two scoops of ice cream to warrant Donald Trump’s crucifixion.

And I love the way all of Hollywood threatens to go on strike because Donald Trump was legitimately elected our president. And they cite Donald’s alleged ‘unrighteousness’ as a reason for their hatred of him! And a lot of tv-land has bought that lunacy because tv tells its compliant followers they are righteous in their conformity, and so many have been sold today’s politically correct definition of what is right and wrong.

[Have you ever wondered why so many celebrities are so liberal? Well, beyond the fact that liberal media/entertainment signs their checks, it’s because in the event Obama’s and Clinton’s anarchist shadow nation succeeds American society might indeed come completely unbolted (like LA did immediately after Rodney King’s ‘arresting officers’ were acquitted).  When the Liberal government-dependent have-nots - whom they hope are sufficiently bought off by welfare, food stamps and free telephones - start looting and pillaging, they want to believe that their charade of being such homies and humanitarians will somehow guarantee them a pass.  I mean, can’t you hear the point men yelling back to the ravaging mob, “Yo! Hey, y’all! This is Whoopi’s place! She’ cool!” Good luck with that. (I am of course reluctant even to mention Whoopi or Joy (well named!), in that I am sure their gates and doors are always open to anyone who needs a bed or a sandwich.)]

Our president is disturbing liberal Americans because he is running his presidency at least as I understood him to run his television show, “The Apprentice”. He is doing whatever it takes to turn failure into success: Despite heavily contrived appearances, he doesn’t think twice about properly containing nuclear-missiled bullies. He hires whom he needs to hire - and he fires anyone who can’t do the job. Of course the liberal media will paint his every move with the most damning brush. But if I can keep my eyes and ears free of the POWERFUL influence of an industry that has proven it can make satan look like an angel of light,* it becomes increasingly evident that our current president is truly trying to return America to the former greatness that his liberal predecessors saw only as a personal profit source to be strip-mined. (Pause and consider the extent to which MANY politicians - “servants of the people” - have amassed GREAT fortunes while in office. Forgive me - but Donald made his fortune BEFORE he added the presidency to his list of achievements.)

God bless America. And God bless our president, indeed!

[Author’s Note: I have often wondered how a little girl, who wasn’t even old enough to have a brokerage account, could amass a 270 million dollar dividend from her few years of investment stabs. Was such amazing success just a natural newbie’s dumb luck? Or could it perhaps have been a shared line with her daddy’s illegal phone tap into one of the most savvy investors in all the free world?] 

The liberal media, it can easily be shown, is working 24/7 to get back in the driver’s seat they occupied before the untimely election of President Donald Trump. The liberal media, by virtue of all the available papers, tv and Internet they mostly own, certainly have the loudest voice here on earth. And if they can, they will indeed get Donald Trump silenced, once and for all - and they will ultimately have their way with us. AND THEY WILL NEVER AGAIN REPLICATE THE SAME MISTAKES THAT ALLOWED A DONALD TRUMP TO SLIP BY THEM. In the meantime, there is an infinitely larger voice broadcasting to all those who will listen to Him, emanating from right inside our hearts. I am not saying that Donald Trump is God. I am saying that those who put our God before all they do, just as President Trump and his administration have, will certainly carry His support and protection.

In my opening paragraph I had said that money was the first level up from the bottom line concerning all of our problems. So what is the bottom line? The apostle Paul gave us that answer in Scripture: “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” Notice that Paul didn’t say it was money, but simply the love of it. And the people who have most noticeably perfected the art of deception in the course of acquiring money and the power it buys, have deemed Donald Trump ‘public enemy number one’. And that FACT right there, is reason enough for me to pray for the success of Donald Trump, his lovely wife and family, and all that concerns him - the United States of America.

God bless America. And God bless our president, indeed!

*2 Corinthians 11:14 “... satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

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