America being deliberately destroyed by an anti-American president fawned over by ‘loyal poodle’ British Prime Minister David Cameron

Why is David Cameron supporting the Fundamental Transformation of America?

By —— Bio and Archives--August 29, 2013

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Stephen Glover, over at the Daily Mail asks ‘Why do we still fool ourselves that Britain is a great power?’

“Why do we feel we must behave as a world power? Whenever a crisis blows up — Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria — politicians of whichever party act as though it is our national destiny to intervene. (Daily Mail, Aug. 29, 2013)


“Much of the media, particularly the BBC, colludes in the fiction that what this country does during these crises is decisive. Britain is mentioned in the same breath as the U.S. Maps are produced signifying British fire-power on which there are almost as many Union Flags as Stars & Stripes.

Our leading politicians adore it all. Tony Blair was in seventh heaven when able to present himself almost as an equal of President George W. Bush before the Iraq War. His ecstatic reception in Congress a few months after the invasion was the apotheosis of his dreams.”

“...David Cameron, though more measured, also relishes the role of international statesman. We are informed every time he has a phone conversation with President Obama. His spin doctors have revealed that over the weekend one call lasted an entire 40 minutes!”

Why isn’t anyone across the pond asking: “Why are Prime Minister David Cameron and his ‘Conservative’ government lending their support to an American president whose main stated goal is fundamentally transforming America into a Socialist collective state?”

Britain lost it global power status a long time ago.  Talking about that lost status now is akin to raking through the ashes.  Global enemies, including the nation’s own president, are trying to topple the US from a far more current status as world superpower.

If America falls, it will take the West—including Britain—along with it. 

Public perception is everything, Mr. Glover.  Haven’t you noticed how Obama and Cameron holiday alike; they dress alike; they govern alike; talk alike and even though Cameron’s now in U-turn mode, are now ‘playing’ war in Syria alike?

Over here some would dare to call Cameron and Obama the Bobbsey Twins of their Brave New World. (Canada Free Press, Aug. 27, 2013).

Glover does get it right when he reminds us that “David Cameron was so anxious to bend the knee on his first visit to the U.S. as Prime Minister that he blurted out that Britain had been a ‘junior partner’ to America in 1940—a year before the U.S. even entered the war.”

He notes that Britain would be no help to the USA in going after Syria.  “Defence cuts have left us without a proper aircraft carrier, the most basic entry-level for possession for any aspiring world power.”

“Meanwhile, we have created the grandiosely named National Security Council, after the American version. The difference is that while the U.S. President commands a huge, world-wide navy and other formidable military assets, we have a dwindling Royal Navy, RAF and Army,” Glover writes.

Not mentioned in his description of dwindling Royal Navy, RAF and Army military assets in Great Britain, is that Obama is gutting the U.S. military, and using—without Congress or We the People approval—what is left of the U.S. military assets to declare war on Syria.

Is it only nostalgia that keeps Glover lavishly lamenting the diminishment of Britain as a great power?

“Believe me, I wish we were still a great power. I am sure that when we were, we did more good than harm. But nations should be realistic about their limitations. All this  strutting and pretence is undignified,” he writes.

“Painful though it is for me to say it, what happens in today’s debate on Syria in the House of Commons is pretty much irrelevant to the outcome. Whether or not we join in, the U.S. will attack Syria.

“My arguement (sic) is not against the U.S., which is a great country and, for the most part, though not always, a force for good. We should be relieved that the most powerful nation in the world is our close ally.

“But we shouldn’t be its slave. Just because President Obama  has decided — wrong-headedly, in my view — to fire missiles at Syria, we should not trot along obediently as the ever loyal poodle.” 

Once again, Glover, and the current British administration for that matter, seem to ignore that America is a country in decline; a forced decline brought to bear by the Obama administration.

“And, no less important, we shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking that such excursions are proof of our greatness. The rest of the world can see through our pretensions,” Glover continues.

“We were a global power for 250 years, but that period is past. We are not able to police the world. Let’s concentrate on our national self-interest — and remember that Britain can be a great country without being a great power.”

Meanwhile,  Britain’s status as a global power is gone with the wind,  but the same status for America, which is current, is being deliberately destroyed by an anti-American president fawned over by ‘loyal poodle’ British Prime Minister David Cameron.


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