Love them or loathe them, the right-wing English Defense League (EDL) is still out there telling a truth most don’t want to hear, in describing Islam as an “authoritative political doctrine which imposes itself by force”

Why the Mainstream Media Never Tells ‘The Rest of the Story’

By —— Bio and Archives--April 11, 2017

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In these days of mainstream media propaganda masquerading as ‘journalism’, how sadly missed is Paul Harvey and his bracingly honest ‘ The Rest of the Story’.

“The rest of the story” in TIME Magazine’s headlined ‘The Story of the Photo of a British Woman Smiling at a Far-Right Protester’ will never be told because having gone viral, it’s already walking on big stilts all over the Internet.

“A striking photo of a woman smiling defiantly at the leader of a far-right party during a demonstration in the English city of Birmingham on Saturday has gone viral, with huge numbers of people sharing the image on social media and describing it as a symbol of resistance in the face of racism.” (TIME Magazine, April 10, 2017)

A “defiant” smile and photographer-described “body language’ have become “a symbol of resistance in the face of racism”.

Winston Churchill never knew how right he pegged it when he said: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

TIME’S Story of the Photo of a British Woman Smiling at a Far-Right Protester’ is a story told by an ingenuous picture that speaks from a doctored truth.

It begins with a demonstration that TIME was able to turn the tables on by sending a Marxist message viral.

“The demonstration was organized by the right-wing English Defence League (EDL) movement, a protest group that describes the Islamic religion as “an authoritarian, political doctrine which imposes itself by force.” Despite being condemned by a number of leading Birmingham city council representatives, Saturday’s meeting, which attracted around 100 supporters, still went ahead — albeit with a huge police presence.” (TIME)

“Although the afternoon demonstration began calmly, with talks from various EDL members including its leader, Ian Crossland, scuffles soon began to break out in the crowd. Joe Giddens, a photographer for the U.K.‘s Press Association, headed towards a commotion at the back of the square. He heard a girl in a headscarf shouting about notions like ‘Nazis’ and ‘free speech.’ “She was making her presence known,” he told TIME over the phone. “The mood had changed.”

Without speaking to her, how is it that Giddens could report to TIME on the phone, “She was making her presence known”; “The mood had changed.”?

“About five minutes later, Giddens noticed an EDL member — whom he later realized was Crossland — pointing his finger in a woman’s face. Before the woman, who has since been identified as Birmingham resident Saffiyah Khan, was led away by police protecting her, Giddens quickly snapped a photo and filed it among his various pictures of the demonstration. “In terms of the event, that photo worked well; there was a protester, an EDL member and a member of the police,” Giddens

“Although Giddens is hesitant to call the photo career-defining, he told TIME that it is by far the most iconic photo he’s taken. “It’s probably the picture I’m most known for now,” he said.

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“I think the reason it has made such an impact is because of the body language,” he added. “Khan looks very calm and collected; she has a smile on her face and her hands in her pockets. By way of contrast, Crossland looks angry. I wouldn’t say he’s confronting her and getting up in her face but when you compare the two he definitely looks more riled up. I think that’s what makes it so special - her expression and the fact that she doesn’t look intimidated or scared whatsoever.”

“But it wasn’t until I properly looked at the body language and the expression on the woman’s face that I realized how powerful the photo was.”

Giddens had a little help from MSM friends in getting his photo to go viral.

“Giddens didn’t realize that his photo had gone viral until a colleague tagged him in a tweet sent by Piers Morgan, calling it the photo of the week. “That was when I first understood that there was a growing interest in the picture,” Giddens said. “And then yesterday, it really took off. It’s quite bizarre. Sometimes when you take a photo you know straight away it will be big, and other times you take one thinking ‘there’s not much in it’ and get proved wrong.”

Here’s the ‘Rest of the Story’, the way the iconic Paul Harvey would have told it.

Saffiyah Khan’s gone viral as brave and defiant.  But the same picture shows clearly that she had a burly bobby covering her back when “defiantly” smirking at EDL leader Ian Crossland.

Check out the picture for yourself.

Love them or loathe them, the right-wing English Defense League (EDL) is still out there telling a truth most don’t want to hear, in describing Islam as an “authoritative political doctrine which imposes itself by force”.

Small wonder why so many truth-seekers wish Paul Harvey’s ‘The Rest of the Story’ was still here.

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