Continuing a 2017 trend, majority prefer to focus trade efforts on Pacific Rim nations over U.S.

With U.S. out, Canadian support for ‘TPP II’ nearly doubles

By —— Bio and Archives--November 3, 2017

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With U.S. out, Canadian support for 'TPP II' nearly doubles
November 3, 2017 – When President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the days following his inauguration, many thought it would signal the death of, what was at the time, the globe’s largest trade pact.

But as TPP negotiations approach the ten-year mark, the agreement appears to be taking on new life. The remaining 11 nations met in May to revive the deal, and subsequent discussions have the signatories reportedly close to an agreement – without the U.S. Trade ministers from participating nations hope to have a deal in place ahead of their November 10 meeting in Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum.

A new Angus Reid Institute report finds Canadians largely on board with the ‘TPP 11’, and in fact, significantly more supportive of the TPP than in previous waves of reporting.

An emerging trend appears to be solidifying in these findings. As the Institute previously found, Canadians are increasingly interested in securing markets for trade outside of the United States. More than half say that Canada should focus on developing closer trade ties with the Pacific Rim nations, rather than emphasising the traditional relationship this country holds with the United States.

Canada joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Poll: Canada joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership

More Key Findings:

  • Six-in-ten Canadians (59%) now say they support the TPP 11. In four previous waves of reporting, support peaked at 41 per cent, with just 32 per cent saying they supported the deal when asked at the beginning of 2016.
  • Half of Canadians (51%) say the benefits of pursuing the TPP outweigh the risks of angering the United States, with which Canada is currently negotiating NAFTA. 15 per cent of Canadians disagree and would not take this chance.
  • 55 per cent of Canadians now say that the TPP 11 would have a positive impact on the Canadian economy overall. This represents a 13-point increase since the question was asked previously.

Link to the poll here:

Download .PDF (758 KB) with detailed tables, graphs and methodology.

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