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Scheer’s delight? If an election were held tomorrow, CPC could have a shot at majority governm

Mar 19, 2018 — Angus Reid Institute

Scheer’s delight? If an election were held tomorrow, CPC could have a shot at majority government
March 19, 2018 –  The passage of time appears to have done nothing to soothe Canadian voters irritated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since his highly criticized passage to India last month.

This, combined with a simmering unease among the electorate over the federal government’s deficit spending has, for the first time, driven Trudeau’s disapproval rating north of 50 per cent.

TransMountain troubles: Alberta-B.C. pipeline battle splits Canadians down the middle

Feb 22, 2018 — Angus Reid Institute

TransMountain troubles: Alberta-B.C. pipeline battle splits Canadians down the middle
While a war of words, political will, and even wine continues to rage between the governments of British Columbia and Alberta over Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain pipeline, Canadians from coast to coast are split evenly when it comes to picking sides.

Opioids in Canada: One-in-eight have family or close friends who faced addiction

Jan 11, 2018 — Angus Reid Institute

Angus Reid Opiod Pol
January 11, 2018 – The thousands of deaths across Canada as a result of opioid use and addiction has been a dominating public health, public safety, and public policy issue for more than two years.

Beyond the headlines and the grim statistics, a new public opinion poll from the Angus Reid Institute finds this nationwide epidemic striking close to home for a significant number of Canadians. One-in-eight (12%) – the equivalent of nearly 3.5 million Canadian adults – say they have close friends or family members who have become dependent on opioids in the last five years.

Despite majority support to legalize pot, nearly half of Canadians want to delay July 1 implementati

Nov 30, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

Despite majority support to legalize pot, nearly half of Canadians want to delay July 1 implementation
It’s policy crunch time across Canada. With a July 1, 2018 deadline looming for provinces to have a plan in place for marijuana legalization, some government officials have admittedly been scrambling and publicly calling out Ottawa over a timeline they say they aren’t able to meet.

A new Angus Reid Institute study finds more than half of Canadians – including six-in-ten in Quebec and Ontario -  say that they aren’t sure their provincial government will be ready in time.

With U.S. out, Canadian support for ‘TPP II’ nearly doubles

Nov 3, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

With U.S. out, Canadian support for 'TPP II' nearly doubles
November 3, 2017 – When President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the days following his inauguration, many thought it would signal the death of, what was at the time, the globe’s largest trade pact.

But as TPP negotiations approach the ten-year mark, the agreement appears to be taking on new life. The remaining 11 nations met in May to revive the deal, and subsequent discussions have the signatories reportedly close to an agreement – without the U.S. Trade ministers from participating nations hope to have a deal in place ahead of their November 10 meeting in Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum.

From Sunny Ways to Midterm Blues? Two years after Trudeau majority, Liberals and CPC in dead heat

Oct 14, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

October 13, 2017 – Long removed from heady memories of buoyant voters, a bright change in tone, and easy wins with the public, Canadians are approaching the two-year anniversary of the 2015 election with a far less enthusiastic, even jaundiced eye on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government.

Six-in-ten say United Conservative Party will be good for Alberta

Oct 11, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

With the unification of the former Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties culminating Oct. 28 with the election of a new leader of the United Conservative Party (UCP), Premier Rachel Notley will know her challenger for the 2019 election.

Whether it turns out to be Brian Jean, Jason Kenney, or a surprise choice other than those two front-runners, the new leader will find himself on a relatively promising path to the Premier’s office, according to a new Angus Reid Institute analysis of quarterly polling data.

Quebec: Major support for Bill 62, far less approval for government’s handling of border issue

Oct 5, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

With roughly a year to go before the next provincial election, Quebec residents are overwhelmingly supportive of their current government’s efforts to ban the receiving or administering of public services with a covered face, but most disapprove of its response to this summer’s surge in irregular border-crossings.

According to the Angus Reid Institute’s latest analysis of quarterly public opinion polling data, some one-in-five Quebecers say each of these issues will be “one of the most important” when making their decision on who to vote for in 2018.

Federal Politics: Trudeau still seen as best PM, but Conservatives ‘best to form government’

Oct 2, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

It was a turbulent summer for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government, which has faced criticism for its handling of the surge in irregular border-crossings in Quebec, the decision to pay Omar Khadr more than $10 million to settle his lawsuit against the government, and its proposed changes to small business taxation.

Foreign Direct Investment in Canada: Who’s favoured, who’s frowned upon?

Sep 12, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

As Canada continues to look for ways to deepen its economic ties with the world’s second-largest economy, a new public opinion poll from the Angus Reid Institute finds most Canadians feeling either ambivalent or skeptical about Chinese investment in this country, and most would prefer to discourage it in all but a few sectors of the economy – namely manufacturing, technology, and retail.

That said, Canadians are more receptive to Chinese money entering their nation’s economy than they are to investment from Russia or the United Arab Emirates.

Half of Canadians say their country is ‘too generous’ toward illegal border crossers

Sep 1, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

September 1, 2017—In the wake of a new wave of asylum seekers crossing the border in search of permanent residency, more than half of Canadians say this country is being “too generous” towards those coming in through irregular channels.

Since July 1, more than 7,000 people have walked across the border into Quebec to make asylum claims.

What’s in a name? Call to remove John A. MacDonald’s from schools meets firm opposition

Aug 29, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

August 28, 2017 – A call from the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario to remove the name of Canada’s first prime minister from public schools because of his support for Indigenous assimilation through residential education is being met with more than twice as much opposition as support.

The latest survey from the Angus Reid Institute finds more than half of Canadians (55%) say they would oppose such a move, while one-quarter (25%) are in favour.  A significant segment – nearly one-in-five (19%) could not offer an opinion.

Canadians unclear on definition of “GMOs”, but want mandatory GMO labeling anyway

Aug 9, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

August 9, 2017 – Is it safe to eat genetically modified foods? Fewer than two-in-five Canadians say yes, according to a new public opinion poll from the Angus Reid Institute.

Orthopedic surgery in Canada: Most had positive outcomes, but one-in-four found the wait too long

Jul 24, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

As news reports profile orthopedic surgery patients frustrated with lengthy wait-times, a unique Angus Reid Institute survey of more than 1,500 Canadians who have undergone orthopedic surgery within the last ten years finds large majorities satisfied with their surgeon, hospital, and surgery outcome, but a significantly smaller number satisfied with the amount of time they had to wait.

Khadr’s Compensation: 71% of Canadians say government made wrong call by settling out of court

Jul 11, 2017 — Angus Reid Institute

July 10, 2017 – The vast majority of Canadians say the federal government made the wrong decision in settling a lawsuit with former child soldier Omar Khadr and instead apologizing and paying him $10.5 million in compensation for his treatment as a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

A new survey from the Angus Reid Institute indicates more than seven-in-ten (71%) are of the opinion the Trudeau government should have fought the case and left it to the courts to decide whether Khadr was wrongfully imprisoned.