Subversive organizations like those represented at the Women's March have been emboldened--and in many cases, funded--in recent years by the Obama administration

Women's March sponsored by Communist Party USA among others

By -- Renee Nal, BombThrowers—— Bio and Archives--January 24, 2017

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One of the many radical groups that sponsored the anti-free market, anti-Trump temper tantrum disguised as a “Women’s March” the day after President Trump’s inauguration was the Communist Party USA, whose organization was identified at the Women’s March website as a “partner” of the march.

The New York Times asks “what’s next” after the “success of the Women’s March,” but fails to mention the radical nature of the organizers, as usual.


Other associated groups include the Human Rights Campaign (co-founded by accused pedophile Terry Bean and responsible for the template used to push the ‘bathroom bills’ across America), Planned Parenthood, Americans for Democratic Action, Democratic Socialists of America, Demos, NARAL, EMILY’s List, and many, many others.

Highlighted speakers of the Women’s March include Angela Davis, who was a vice presidential candidate for the Communist Party USA (twice) and a founder and long time member of Committees of Correspondence, a splinter group of the Communist Party USA.

Featured speakers Dolores Huerta and Gloria Steinem are honorary members of Democratic Socialists of America, a Gramscist-Marxist organization closely allied to the Communist Party USA. Harry Belafonte and LaDonna Harris are both long-time radical left activists who have been consistently and heavily involved in socialist/communist causes.

Other speakers included president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, and senior Communist Party USA Leader Judith Le Blanc, who, as revealed by Trevor Loudon, lent “her revolutionary expertise to the often violent ‘peaceful protesters’ seeking to permanently shut down the nearly completed and highly strategic Dakota Access Pipeline.”

Speakers Ai-jen Poo, Carmen Perez, and Linda Sarsour are all radical activists closely associated with the group that started the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Subversive organizations like those represented at the Women’s March have been emboldened—and in many cases, funded—in recent years by the Obama administration. It is this author’s fervent hope that Americans will start to recognize that “movements” such as Black Lives Matter or this recent Women’s March are anything-but-grassroots and certainly do not have the best interests of Americans at heart.

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