So the WSJ et al who have spent the better part of the last 18 months blocking anything positive about Trump, now want Twitter to block Trump?!

WSJ Advancing a New Trump-Russia Conspiracy?

By —— Bio and Archives--June 12, 2017

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The Wall Street Journal took to Twitter over the weekend to coyly ask: “When President Trump blocks Twitter followers, does it violate the Constitution?

What else are WSJ journalists drinking in their all-day coffee break caramel infused frappés and lattés?

So, when President Trump blocks Twitter followers Does it violate the Constitution?

No. It does not because by the time President Trump beat all odds and made it to the White House, the Constitution had already been shredded to confetti-sized bits by the former president, something the WSJ all but ignored for eight long years when the shredding was happening.

WSJ editors would earn big brownie points from the Progressives if they could be the ones to come up with the way to knock President Trump off his Twitter perch.

What its editors are really espousing on Twitter is ‘First amendment rights for everyone—but not for the President of the United States of America’.

To sworn lefties some animals will always be more equal than others.

This is why I was far more amused than alarmed when I read the subject line in reader Paul Bush’s email this morning: “Wall Street Journal versus Canada Free Press”.

“Your reader comment policy reads the same as the Canada Free Press. Do you block reader comments if the comments break the rules?   Of course you do. Even if your reader comments coincide with your viewpoint but if not presented civilly that comment is BLOCKED and rightfully so,” Bush wrote.

“WSJ, would you block thousands of antagonists tweeting filthy comments about your Editor in Chief, your contributors?  No, but you want President Trump to.” 

You get it, Mr. Bush.

Because the Wall Street Journal, like the rest of the mainstream media, resent that President Trump found a way over their heads to get his message to the masses, they want to remove his First Amendment rights.

With more and more patriots awake now that the Progressives Russia/Trump collusion conspiracy is dead in the water,  Trump’s Twitter messaging is the new conspiracy.

So the WSJ et al who have spent the better part of the last 18 months blocking anything positive about Trump, now want Twitter to block Trump?!

Try to block THAT, WSJ!


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