Marxist-Communist/Islamic/Black Liberation cabal

You Want Economic Recovery?

By —— Bio and Archives--October 27, 2008

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Let’s get one thing straight: this election isn’t about Democrats and Republicans.


The current Republican stance is similar to the Democratic stance of a generation ago.  The Democratic position is now essentially Socialist.  Both parties have moved substantially to the left. 

The Democrats want a lot of socialism; the Republicans want to minimize socialism, but both parties agree that socialism is okay.  The only disagreement is over what degree.

The extreme left-wing is now adamantly Marxist/Communist, and the extreme right-wing is anti-socialist to the point of inflexibility.

Moving from left to right our major political parties are: Marxist-Communist, Socialist (i.e. moderate “Democrats” and “Republicans”), and Conservative (anti-socialist).

Marxist-Communist, Socialist, Conservative.  America has what amounts to a de facto three party system.                 

The Democratic Party is currently acting (unbeknownst to most Democrats and the MSM) as a front for a Marxist-Communist/Islamic/Black Liberation cabal.

(If this is news to you; where have you been?  You can get up to speed quickly, by checking out the web-sites that I listed in my article “An Obama Antidote.”  JB Williams also has a great source-list in his last CFP article.  I would also recommend Operation Street Corner.)

That the cabal was able to hijack the Democratic Party from the Clinton’s, gives you some idea of their power, financial backing, and influence.  Remember; Hillary Clinton was considered by many as a shoo-in as the Democratic Presidential Candidate.

As Judi McLeod and others have pointed out, this Presidential election amounts to a legal, MSM aided and abetted, coup d’etat—a takeover of the American government from the inside.

I believe that many in the American electorate sense something is wrong, but they can’t put their finger on it.  They do not get the truth from the main-stream media, and they’re scared to death about the economy. 

The financial meltdown occurred during Bush’s watch, so they blame the Republicans. 

Anyone who has taken time to look into the matter knows that blaming the Republicans for the current financial crisis, is naïve at best.  It was the Democratic Congress that blocked bills that would have helped prevent the meltdown; it was the Democrats who fed a bloated Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to the point of explosion; it was ACORN who helped force banks into making unwise loans – the list goes on and on.

To watch Pelosi, Frank, and the rest of the greedy, treacherous; even treasonous, Democratic snakes, gloat over the current financial mess and make plans to “save us,” turns my stomach.  Oh yeah, they’ll save us all right.

The stock market is not recovering, in great part, because too many people are leery of having their money “redistributed” should Obama win.

You want the economy to recover?  Elect McCain, and the economy will start recovering overnight—I guarantee it.

Elect Obama and people will be liquidating their assets, and placing them in offshore accounts so fast it’ll be breathtaking.  Businesses will flee the country for safer havens in a mass exodus.  Taxes will skyrocket, and welfare become epidemic.

There’s no telling if the U.S. economy will ever recover from an Obama led, Democratic Congress approved, Supreme Court endorsed cultural, political, economic revolution.

It doesn’t matter what “party” you belong to – Obama is a very, very bad choice for President of The United States.

P.S. Did you see Joe Biden’s face when the female reporter asked him about Marxism?  Apparently MSM isn’t supposed to ask questions like that anymore.  Biden’s response of “You’re kidding, right?” is pretty chilling when you think about it – so is the Obama camp’s refusal to let either Obama or Biden be interviewed by that TV station again.  Behave, or else.








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