Anthem protests are going to continue in 2018 despite this new policy-- The key reason is that liberal media organizations and social justice groups will continue to encourage and support players who participate


By Jeff Crouere

After a year of intense controversy concerning player protests during the National Anthem, the NFL finally decided to act. At the spring NFL owners meeting this week, a decision was made to require players to “stand and show respect” during the National Anthem if they are on the playing field. Otherwise, players will be given the option to remain in the locker room. If players or club personnel on the field show disrespect during the National Anthem by not standing, their team will be fined by the NFL.

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The Biggest Threat To America’s Future is the Media

By Rick Hayes

The Biggest Threat To America's Future is the Media
The United States of America is by far the most powerful nation on planet earth spending about as much on defense as the entire rest of the world. According to a report on globalization from Credit Suisse, the US has maintained its position as the world’s strongest military.  As an example,  although Russia has the most substantial number of tanks approx. 15,000 with the US coming in at around 8,000, the US tops the list in military aircraft with approx. 14,000, submarines at 72, and 11 aircraft carriers.

The Rousing of America: A Memorial Day Tribute

By Ray DiLorenzo

The Rousing of America: A Memorial Day Tribute
Memorial Day is a time for remembering those that died while serving our country. And so we shall. But this year, let’s also remember the multitude of Americans that have and are dedicating themselves to the restoration of this great nation…the people that have placed themselves on the front lines of a battle for our very existence from those that would destroy our country as founded - the Conservative writers, speakers, radio and TV news analysts, parents that monitor school curriculum, citizens that attend town hall meetings, veterans, and all the dependable voters who refuse to buy into liberal, anti-American theology.

The Big Picture behind Memorial Day

By Scott Powell

The Big Picture behind Memorial Day
Memorial Day had its origin as Decoration Day following the Civil War, but it only became an official federal holiday to honor those who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces of the United States in 1971.

Seat of the Antichrist Both Weak and Strong—How Does this Speak of Europe?

By Rev. Michael Bresciani

Seat of the Antichrist Both Weak and Strong--How Does this Speak of Europe?
Modern versions of eschatological thought concerning the appearance of the antichrist are more varied today than at any other time in the last century. The idea that modern Europe is the seat of the antichrist remains the most acceptable viewpoint among students and scholars of prophecy.

The idea of a revived Roman empire comes largely from Revelation 17, but the true identity of the antichrist’s kingdom is found in Revelation 17: 9.

Obama jabs Trump: says his administration ‘didn’t have scandals’

By Robert Laurie

Obama jabs Trump: says his administration 'didn't have scandals'
Obama has once again repeated his claim that his administration was scandal free.  So, off the top of my head…

Benghazi, IRS targeting, passing Obamacare based on the ‘ignorance of the American people, Hillary’s email server, ‘lost & found’ DOJ and IRS communications, YouTube video, OPM data breach, ‘you can keep your doctor,’ Susan Rice lies, Veterans Affairs deaths, Solyndra, secret cash to Iran, wiretapping AP reporters, James Rosen, Hezbollah cocaine shipments, FBI spying on Trump, Trump tower wiretaps, Biden groping everyone’s kids, Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting, ‘Matter’ vs ‘investigation,’ Hillary allowed to dodge charges, Pigford, Syrian Red Line, Arab Spring, Handling of the “JV Team,” Churchill Bust, illegal war in Libya, Clock Boy, ‘acted stupidly,’ and trading Taliban terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl.

‘We spy with our little Eye’  A Rat-fink Called Obama

By Judi McLeod

'We spy with our little Eye'  A Rat-fink Called Obama
Tell-tale indeed that the only time former President Barack Hussein Obama used the words, “I spy”, it was to a group of little children at the library.

During the eight long years of his presidency, Obama always played to children, kids in the library, school children and university students.

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