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Hot Dogs and Cold Hockey Nights

Feb 23, 2010 — Charles Adler

I promise to get to the Olympics and that slogan which is still bothering some people, Own the Podium, which in the opinion of some makes us look like a bunch of HOT DOGS who aren’t really serious about sport and excellence…we’re just a Hot Talking, Trash Talking, American Wannabe Nation…But first a few words about another Sacred Cow that is being taken to slaughter by contemporary standards.

You know Sour Grapes when you hear it

Feb 17, 2010 — Charles Adler

Why are members of the foreign media wondering why a host country would like to dominate their games?  Did China not want to dominate theirs and was anyone surprised. Was the USA afraid to dominate in Salt Lake? Own the Podium- are those words too tough to digest?

Giambrone - Not a Scholar or Gentleman or Mayor

Feb 12, 2010 — Charles Adler

A dramatic news conference yesterday in Toronto where a 32-year-old councilor Adam Giambrone abruptly walked off stage after making a brief, but emotional statement apologizing for cheating on his live-in girlfriend with several women.

Don’t Buy the Lie

Feb 7, 2010 — Charles Adler

Citizens of Adler nation love a man bites dog story. Dog bites a man. Not a story. Man bites a dog, that’s a story.

Sheena the boxer saved with CPR

Jan 7, 2010 — Charles Adler

Matt Armstrong, 46, brought his neighbour’s dog, Sheena the Boxer, back to life by performing CPR after she collapsed and stopped breathing while on a walk in Sunnybrook Park last Sunday.

Copenhagen Carbon Orgy

Dec 8, 2009 — Charles Adler

We begin with an email that a Canadian sent to his Member of Parliament and I have been carbon copied. Hmmm…carbon copied…there’s a term that will have to change in this era where carbon is a leper. Let me start over. Here’s an email to an MP and I have been copied on this.

My letter to Heather Mallick

Dec 4, 2009 — Charles Adler

Dear Heather,

I don’t know of anyone who is forcing you to remain in Canada. If you are truly embarrassed to be Canadian, you can always stop having a Canadian website, the CBC can stop posting your blogs and stop paying you with Canadian tax dollars. You can always burn your OHIP card so that you no longer have your health care subsidized by Canadian tax dollars.

Venus Flytrap Climate Scam

Oct 30, 2009 — Charles Adler

Among my favorite emails in the last couple of days are those coming from people who say if I am willing to trust the science on Vaccines, why I do I shrug off the science on Man Made -Sorry EVIL Man made-Sorry Evil Planet polluting Polar Bear hating Climate change.

The Ballad of Stephen “Ringo” Harper

Oct 7, 2009 — Charles Adler

The emails just keep on coming about Stephen Harper’s Saturday night at the National Arts Centre. This was no average night at the opera for Stephen Ringo Harper. Ringo was the original prominent vocalist in the original song that the PM belted out on Saturday night. He played the piano and sang “I get High with a little help from My Friends.” And received a standing Oh from a NON Conservative Crowd.

Ruby Dhalla Bill - Warm and Fuzzy Compassion or Coldblooded Politics

Oct 4, 2009 — Charles Adler

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For those who missed it on Thursday, the much anticipated discussion took place with Ruby Dhalla, the Brampton, Ontario Member of Parliament.

Jack Layton is not an Idiot

Sep 15, 2009 — Charles Adler

Dear Jack,

Haven’t written you in quite some time now - As you know I sent Michael Ignatieff a bit of a rocket a few days ago. Reaction was strong from all sides of the aisle. 1) It’s hard to find any rational Canadians who want this country to have it’s fourth election in six years.

Hey Michael, when will you stop shooting at the Liberal brand?

Jun 17, 2009 — Charles Adler

Dear Michael,

It must be very strange being Michael Ignatieff. You are operating in your usual manner. Your M.O. has the same three-boned skeleton that is the architecture of your unreliable character:

Colour us Crazy About Canada

May 16, 2009 — Charles Adler

We continue to hear from various people in the Tamil community in Canada and most of these folks are CANADIAN. Let’s be clear about that. We are not talking about people who are NOT CANADIAN, but in Canada, like it or not, we now have been hyphenated, not just by sociologists and political scientists and political parties, but by the government itself.

What Happens When Michael Ignatieff Abandons the Tamils?

May 13, 2009 — Charles Adler

I have in my hands the document that for some reason is still up on the Liberal Party of Canada’s website. It is the document sent to the Governor General requesting that she take what I called the Three Stooges of Coupscam seriously. Michael Ignatieff’s signature is on this document and it is still up on the Liberal Party of Canada’s site, despite the fact that the leader wants people to forget that he was part of this ridiculous political adventure.

Ruby and the Slumdogs

May 7, 2009 — Charles Adler

The Big Dog of the Liberal party Michael Ignatieff, so visible in recent weeks, has fallen under the radar. He’s been as rarely seen as a Canada goose during a Manitoba January. I throw in these Canadianisms because Michael is educating himself on how best to impersonate a Canadian. They feed him my commentaries and while I am not a Harvard professor, I try to be instructive.

Fake it Until You Make it Patriotism

May 5, 2009 — Charles Adler

Dear Michael,

I don’t want you to mistake me for an admirer. But I do admire a good speech no matter who it comes from, no matter the circumstances. The speech on Saturday night left me colder than a Prairie January. You have been promoted by the candy cane salesman of the Liberal Party as a man of ideas, Canada’s answer to Obama, a public intellectual, the second coming of Trudeau.

Has the Canadian down turn turned into a nation of bitter little skunks

Apr 21, 2009 — Charles Adler

Every now and then, as you know, I check up on the dark siders, the merchants of doom, to see what they are saying in order to keep the doom bus rolling. Lately there have been reports of so-called green chutes in the world economy. China is still growing and still ordering stuff from the rest of the world and apparently still selling stuff to the rest of the world.

A Nation of Beggars is Not my Canada

Apr 7, 2009 — Charles Adler

Ladies and gentlemen, you probably don’t get told enough how fortunate you are to be living in this country. In these relatively uncertain times, with all sorts of predictions of the national unemployment situation deepening and possibly the recession deepening, you may not be feeling terribly lucky just to be a Canadian citizen. Last night while watching CBS’s 60 Minutes, I had one of those proud moments and I am sure every Canadian watching had one of those “Geez…are we ever lucky to be living in Canada” moments.

Don’t Stop Thinking About Clowns

Apr 1, 2009 — Charles Adler

Even Dr. Doom, Nouriel Roubini is becoming more positive. Almost nobody has been more negative about the economy in the last ten years than Nouriel Rubini, the professor from NYU who was seen as a clown, up until two years ago when he was among the first to identify the great big Ponzi scheme that later became known as the Global market.

Real Justice Cuts like a Knife

Mar 13, 2009 — Charles Adler

Bernard Madoff is in jail after stealing $55-billion from investors…I said BILLION…I said 55-billion times more money than the human imagination can even contemplate, far more than all the great bank robberies and train robberies and stage coach robberies combined. Let’s be clear here. Madoff isn’t just a thief. He is a Financial Cannibal.