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Ari Bussel is a reporter and an activist on behalf of Israel, the Jewish Homeland. Ari left Beverly Hills and came to Israel 13 weeks to work in Israel Diplomacy's Front from Israel.

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Passover - Easter, 2017

Apr 17, 2017 — Ari Bussel

A mother walking with two daughters stops me this morning:  “Do you know what time the stores open today?  Will they be open at all?”

It is Easter Sunday, and we are the only ones on Rodeo Drive, likely the most known street in Beverly Hills and one of the most iconic shopping destinations in the world.

Clearly, what is Ari to do?  Without preparation or hesitation, I send them to Church.

The Water Ambassadors

Feb 25, 2016 — Ari Bussel

Agriculture and water played a pivotal role in Biblical history, to such an extent that Jewish people still bless G-d every day, “He who returns the wind and brings down the rain” or “He who brings down the early morning dew” depending on the time of the year.  Without water, the Land of Milk and Honey would become barren and dry, its trees would wither, its future in doubt.

Too Evil to Fail?

Jan 20, 2016 — Ari Bussel

“Daesh is on our border; they are here with their ideology; and they are looking to find a suitable platform to establish their base.  Therefore, we must prevent a collapse here, because the alternative is anarchy, violence and terrorism.”  Major General Majid Faraj, head of the Palestinian General Intelligence Service, in an interview with Defense News.

Those who remember the self-made financial crisis of 2008-2009, would also remember that the top banks – Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo – were to be safeguarded as “too big to fail.”

If these business entities were allowed to topple, we were warned, the world would collapse and systems fail and an end of apocalyptic proportions would descend upon us.

The Youth Intifada

Oct 15, 2015 — Ari Bussel

“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”  William Faulkner

Now we have a name for it:  The Youth Intifada.  And I thought it was the Jerusalem (Al Aqsa) Intifada, since the perpetrators are all from Jerusalem and claim to themselves and the world they are protecting the Al Aqsa mosque.

With blood the land will be reclaimed!  Really, it is the only manner for the Arab youth in Israel to express its frustration, as the negotiations since Oslo have been going nowhere:  22 years and counting.

Terror in Israel

Oct 13, 2015 — Ari Bussel

Three police officers were severely wounded at a stabbing attack in the Old City in Jerusalem just now.  The terrorist was killed.

This is the latest in a sequence of many such incidents gaining momentum, now called a “terror wave” throughout Israel.  In Jerusalem, one hears about the “security situation,” and the streets and buses feel less crowded than normal.  There are demonstrations throughout Israel by Arabs, trying to inflame a situation that simply does not exist.

No Place is Safe

Oct 8, 2015 — Ari Bussel

Most of us were not in Europe in the 1930s.  My parents and grandparents were.  Most of them did not survive.  My grandmother, for instance, left one day, never to return.  Her mother went after her and she also did not return.

Most of us derive our “knowledge” of the Holocaust from stories we have heard, accounts we have read in books or scenes we have seen in movies.  Some of us know, or have known or met, Holocaust survivors, most of us have not.

When it began, Jews were being humiliated or beaten senselessly in the streets of Vienna, Hamburg, Strasbourg, Dusseldorf or Warsaw.  Elegant women, religious men, young children, the elderly, no one was spared.  They were stripped of their dignity, first as Jews, then as human beings.  Then the systematic extermination began.

A Blood Sacrifice

Oct 4, 2015 — Ari Bussel

Three times a year a Jewish person is commanded to appear before the Lord at a place of His choosing.  “And they shall not appear before the Lord empty,” we are told in Deuteronomy 16:16.

Little did I expect when arriving in Israel during the Feast of Tabernacles that I would soon be in Jerusalem, offering hands dripping of blood.  That, I know, is not what God wants.


Jun 24, 2015 — Ari Bussel

“I am going to write,” said my mother with utter determination, a clear indication that the situation reached dire proportions.  I can sit and write, but for my mother the mere suggestion is a burden, thus a sign of the desperation of our times.

Too Little, Too Late

Jun 3, 2015 — Ari Bussel

Like flowers after the first rain, there are signs Israel is waking up in the face of the strongest resurgence of anti-Semitism in the past eighty years.

Meddling at the Pond

Feb 2, 2015 — Ari Bussel

Jeffery Goldberg at the Atlantic describes the relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu as one of “mutual loathing.”  I will grant the feeling on the President’s part, although Netanyahu feels the heat, but does not reciprocate.  Netanyahu has a country to run, and issues for him are not personal.

Peaceniks – Where are You Now?

Jun 18, 2014 — Ari Bussel

When three Israeli youths were kidnapped, Israel should have stood as one.  A prayer vigil at the Western Wall, the holiest place in the world for Jews, was very well attended.  Religious Jews (primarily “knitted yarmulkes,” Modern Orthodox) and “Settlers” (residents of Judea and Samaria) were present, but mainstream (secular) Israelis were noticeably absent.

An Easter Message from Israel

Apr 20, 2014 — Ari Bussel

Dear Friends,

While we, the Saturday People, celebrate Passover, you, the Sunday People, are celebrating Easter.  At sunset, as Easter Sunday ends, the last day of our Passover holiday this year begins.

Lonely at the Top

Nov 18, 2013 — Ari Bussel

I remember the look of then Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu at an underground command and control center in a city in Southern Israel crammed with foreign correspondents, when I introduced myself before asking my question,  “Ari Bussel, Muslim World Today.”

It is a Very Sad Day

Oct 12, 2011 — Ari Bussel

To all our friends and readers

Oct 8, 2011 — Ari Bussel

imageMay this year be one of peace prosperity, health and happiness to you and yours

May we see an end to the conflicts that divide us and a new beginning for peaceful solutions

Shana Tova U’Metuka - a good and sweet new year

Ari and Norma

Israel Walking to the Gallows

Aug 30, 2011 — Ari Bussel

We sit at a Jewish or Arab film festival, or at a “pro-Israel, pro-peace” or “free Palestine, end the Occupation” event and watch a full feature film about the Occupation Army, the 21st Century manifestation of Nazis (i.e. Israelis). They are building a wall around Palestinians towns, uprooting their olive tree groves, purposely detaining them and denying them movement, treating them as sub-humans while catching their young males to harvest their organs.

Arab Spring:  Coming to Free Jerusalem

Aug 16, 2011 — Ari Bussel

Tahrir Square, Egypt.  The message this week:  Coming to free Jerusalem from the Jews

Finally, not only a free and independent Palestine is awaiting us in September, but also millions are promising to walk onto the tiny Jewish state, from Egypt in the South, Syria in the North East to possibly Lebanon in the North.  For the moment, Jordan’s majority of Palestinians is quiet, but that can change without notice.

Kept in a Cage

Aug 10, 2011 — Ari Bussel

We sat in the community room at a major LA shopping center. Over sixty people gathered on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to hear two members of the Flotillas to Palestine.

Brotherly Love & Israel’s Redemption

Aug 9, 2011 — Ari Bussel

“And what does the Lord God require of you?  But just to do justice, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”  Micah 6:8

Jewish People are often called the “Chosen People.”  They, alone of all people, are held to a higher standard, for they are the People of God.  The world loves to hate Israel and the Jewish People, but the world continues to demand more of Israel, much more than it demands of itself.  While the world uses an electron microscope to judge at everything Israel does, the expectation of “a higher standard” seems to be shared by all.

Al Qaeda is to the USA what the PA is to Israel

Aug 1, 2011 — Ari Bussel

As we get close to the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States, imagine a movement here in the USA, with strong and insistent global backing, demanding the United States apologize to all Muslims. That we also sacrifice four million of our own people, as Al Qaeda’s goal is to avenge the death of four million Muslims it claims the United States has murdered, and pay restitution to the Muslims as the Germans did for Holocaust survivors.