Barry Shaw

My opinion was formed from living in Israel, witnessing the horror of terror, reading the misinformation and downright lies perpetrated by the Western media, seen the incompetence of Israeli leaders to project the facts. My website comes from a particularly personal perspective. The articles may be controversial and provocative. For whatever strikes Israel today will surely visit you tomorrow.

Barry Shaw is the author of Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’

Barry is the author of ISRAEL - RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE which is available at" or at Amazon Kindle.

Most Recent Articles by Barry Shaw:

Fighting Goldstone

Sep 30, 2009 — Barry Shaw

As predicted the UN Human Rights train is rolling. It’s destination predetermined by those that control the railroad. It is steaming ahead carrying Israel, inevitably, to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Obama’s UN speech

Sep 23, 2009 — Barry Shaw

Did you hear Obama’s speech at the United Nation?  Wasn’t he great? So even handed and fair to everyone.

UN caught red handed

Jan 16, 2009 — Barry Shaw

One would have thought it would be the cause of great embarrassment when the Israeli I.D.F. attacked a UN compound in Gaza at the very time that UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, was in Jerusalem meeting Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.

Egypt and the Hamas weapon tunnels

Jan 12, 2009 — Barry Shaw

The growing discussion in Israel is centered on stopping the future capability of Hamas to rearm, with even greater stockpiles of weaponry, as Hizbollah has been allowed to do in Lebanon.

Jihadist demonstrators in Oslo using their children as human shield

Jan 12, 2009 — Barry Shaw

Someone sent me an interesting video clip of a pro-Hamas rally in Oslo. Muslim mothers, and organisers, used their kids as front people in their violent anti-Israel rally. Does this remind you of somewhere?

Hamas challenges Palestinian president

Jan 10, 2009 — Barry Shaw

The 9th January is a significant date.

The Media and the Ceasefire

Jan 10, 2009 — Barry Shaw

All too few journalists have written articles in support of Israel’s war effort against Hamas.