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LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election

Sep 12, 2018 — Breitbart News

A video recorded by Google shortly after the 2016 presidential election reveals an atmosphere of panic and dismay amongst the tech giant’s leadership, coupled with a determination to thwart both the Trump agenda and the broader populist movement emerging around the globe.

The video is a full recording of Google’s first all-hands meeting following the 2016 election (these weekly meetings are known inside the company as “TGIF” or “Thank God It’s Friday” meetings). Sent to Breitbart News by an anonymous source, it features co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, VPs Kent Walker and Eileen Naughton, CFO Ruth Porat, and CEO Sundar Pichai. It can be watched in full above. It can and should be watched in full above in order to get the full context of the meeting and the statements made.— More...

Mexican Catholic Priest Killed near U.S. Border

Oct 17, 2018 — Breitbart News

Authorities in northern Mexico are investigating the murder of Catholic Priest Ícmar Arturo Orta, whose lifeless body was located Friday inside his vehicle in Playas de Rosarito. Tijuana Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barron announced the death in a statement.

On Friday night in colonia Rancho Chula Vista, Fr. Orta was reportedly fired upon by occupants in a gray Yukon SUV, causing his car to crash into an embankment. He was struck twice in the head, according to Manuel Guillén, the deputy attorney general in Rosarito.—More…

Democrats Advised Not to Speak About Unpopular Open Borders Policies

Oct 15, 2018 — Breitbart News

Democrats running for re-election in the 2018 midterms are being advised to not speak about the issue of immigration as consultants admit the zero-enforcement, open borders positions of the Democrat Party are unpopular with swing voters.

In a memo obtained by the New York Times, left-wing consultants with the Center for American Progress and the think tank, Third Way, advised Democrats running for election to spend “as little time as possible” talking about the immigration issue facing the nation, where more than 1.5 million immigrants are admitted to the country every year.—More….

WSJ: John Kelly, Chinese Official Had ‘Physical Altercation’ over Nuclear Football

Oct 14, 2018 — Breitbart News

The Wall Street Journal on Friday published a lengthy article about the “new Cold War era with China,” relating a number of tense incidents that explain why so many Trump administration officials are sounding alarms about the Chinese.

One of those incidents allegedly involved White House Chief of Staff John Kelly fighting a “physical altercation” with a Chinese official for control of the U.S. nuclear “football” during President Trump’s trip to Beijing.—More…

Democratic Candidate Stacey Abrams: ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants Are Part of the ‘Blu

Oct 13, 2018 — Breitbart News

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said Tuesday that the “blue wave” is comprised of “undocumented” immigrants, among many others.

Abrams made these comments in front of supporters at the Clayton County campaign office during an event with Senator Elizabeth Warren, as first reported by The Washington Free Beacon.—MORE…

Carpetbagging: 99.7 Percent of Donations from Hollywood Execs Go to Democrats

Oct 13, 2018 — Breitbart News

While Hollywood constantly preaches diversity, some of the entertainment industry’s most powerful and influential executives have given almost exclusively to Democrat candidates and left-wing PACs.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, nearly 100 percent of the millions donated from the top executives in Hollywood went to Democrats or PACs working to elect Democrats.—MORE….

UC Davis Student Spent $12,000 Defending Himself Against False Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Oct 11, 2018 — Breitbart News

A new report from details the unfortunate story of a UC Davis student who spent months earlier this year believing that he was set to join the ranks of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and the other abusers that were exposed as part of the ongoing #MeToo movement.

The problem is that the male student, pseudonymously referred to as James, was not guilty of any kind of assault or misconduct. His accuser, referred to as Becky, allegedly decided that she did not enjoy their hookup encounter several days after it had occurred.—MORE….

Poll: Patrick Morrisey and Joe Manchin in Virtual Tie in West Virginia Senate Race

Oct 11, 2018 — Breitbart News

A new poll commissioned by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) found that Manchin leads by only one point–41 to 40 percent–over Morrisey in the West Virginia Senate race. The poll surveyed 600 likely voters from October 7-10 and had a margin of error of four points, making the race a virtual toss-up.

The NRSC survey polled voters immediately after Sen. Manchin voted to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.—MORE…

Soros Groups Use Hurricane Michael to Push Florida ‘Voting Rights Crisis’ Scheme

Oct 11, 2018 — Breitbart News, which has been massively financed by billionaire George Soros, is peddling a petition sponsored by another Soros-backed group claiming that Florida voters “could be disenfranchised” if the state does not extend the deadline for new voters to register.

“We need to shine a nationwide spotlight on this voting rights crisis—because we can’t let any eligible voter lose their right to be heard in our democracy,” reads the petition, which echoes similar calls from Democratic candidates in Florida.—MORE….

‘THE GOOD CENSOR’: Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for ‘S

Oct 11, 2018 — Breitbart News

An internal company briefing produced by Google and leaked exclusively to Breitbart News argues that due to a variety of factors, including the election of President Trump, the “American tradition” of free speech on the internet is no longer viable.

Despite leaked video footage showing top executives declaring their intention to ensure that the rise of Trump and the populist movement is just a “blip” in history, Google has repeatedly denied that the political bias of its employees filter into its products.—MORE…

British Army Investigating Soldiers Who Posed for Photo with Tommy Robinson

Oct 10, 2018 — Breitbart News

A group of soldiers are under investigation by the British Army after posing for a photograph with citizen journalist and street organiser Tommy Robinson, with the force vowing to punish those involved.

Britain’s officer class received a stark and distinct reminder that the majority of the nation’s fighting strength is drawn from white, working-class communities Tuesday when a group of two dozen uniformed soldiers bumped into Tommy Robinson at a motorway service station (rest area).—MORE…

C-SPAN Caller to Donna Brazile: Hope Republicans ‘Burn in Hell’—‘I Hate and Despise Them’

Oct 10, 2018 — Breitbart News

A Georgia resident named Carol called into C-SPAN Tuesday to talk about Stacey Abrams’ gubernatorial race.

After telling political analyst and former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile that she has been registering people in Georgia to vote Democratic, Carol said she hates and despises Republicans and hopes they “burn in hell.”—More…

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Suffers Coughing Fit at Oxford University

Oct 9, 2018 — Breitbart News

Clinton delivered a speech before Mansfield College’s Bonavero Institute in commemoration of Roosevelt’s role in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and was awarded an honorary degree from the school. While on a tour of Mansfield College, Clinton was spotted repeatedly using her fist to cover her mouth as she coughed her way through a conversation with Helena Kennedy, the university’s former principal.

Here is Mrs Clinton, spluttering her way through Mansfield College and asking for a glass of water —MORE…


Anthony Weiner to Get Early Release in May

Oct 9, 2018 — Breitbart News

Anthony Weiner, the New York Democrat brought low by a succession of sex-soaked scandals, is set to get an early release from the prison sentence he earned for the last and most serious of them, “sexting” a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.

A federal judge in New York sentenced Weiner to 21 months in prison after he pleaded guilty last year to a single count of sending explicit material to a minor. He reported for his sentence as a registered sex offender last October.—More…

Donald Trump Rips ‘Tiny’ Crowds of Leftist Protesters at the Supreme Court

Oct 7, 2018 — Breitbart News

“The crowd in front of the U.S. Supreme Court is tiny,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

The president commented on the size of the protest crowds as he traveled aboard Air Force One to a campaign rally in Kansas.—More….

John Kasich: Trump’s Supreme Court Victory Will Be ‘a Short-Term Win’

Oct 7, 2018 — Breitbart News

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Governor John Kasich (R-OH) said President Donald Trump and Republicans confirming Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Brett Kavanaugh would be “a short-term win.”

Kasich said, “I’m not happy about the process.”—More…

Matt Rosendale: ‘Jon Tester Invented’ Democrats’ Smear Tactics And ‘Dianne F

Oct 7, 2018 — Breitbart News

Rosendale, who hopes to defeat Sen. Tester in the Montana Senate race, told Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle that Tester invented the very smear tactics Democrats have used to smear Judge Kavanaugh’s name.

“The only thing Judge Kavanaugh is guilty of is agreeing to serve on the Supreme Court and being nominated by President Trump,” Rosendale said. “That’s it, and the people of this state are disgusted with the demonstration that they saw over the last several weeks. Jon Tester invented this smear tactic, and Dianne Feinstein perfected it.” [Emphasis added.]—More…

Soros-Funded Threatens ‘Direct Action’ in D.C., Preps ‘Emergency Campai

Oct 5, 2018 — Breitbart News

In the email,, which has been massively backed by billionaire George Soros, warned the group’s anti-Kavanaugh plot is set to include “direct actions in Washington, D.C., at Senate office buildings, including busing in constituents from key states.”

The radical organization also wrote in the email it was planning to:—More…

Ex-Boyfriend Says Dr. Ford Coached Friend for Polygraph, Had No Fear of Flying

Oct 3, 2018 — Breitbart News

A man who dated Brett Kavanaugh’s primary accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, for six years claims she had no fear of flying, no fear of small spaces or rooms with single exits, and once used her psychology training to prepare a friend for a polygraph examination, according to a Tuesday Fox News report.

In a sworn statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee dated Tuesday, the California man claims to have met the then-Christine Blasey “in 1989 or 1990,” then had been romantically involved with her for about six years from 1992 to 1998. In that time, he claims to have witnessed Ford, then studying psychology, coach a close friend as she prepared for government administered polygraph exams. Fox News’s Shannon Bream posted a redacted version of the letter on Twitter:—More…

LEAKED EMAILS: Senior Google Search Engineer Advocates for Censorship of ‘Terrorist’ Mar

Oct 2, 2018 — Breitbart News

A senior software engineer at Google with responsibility for a key feature of Google’s search engine labeled Tennessee Senate candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) a “violent thug” and a “terrorist,” who Google shouldn’t “negotiate” with, according to internal emails obtained by Breitbart News. The employee also defended the censorship of her campaign ads on social media.

The comments took place in an internal email discussion that began on June 19 this year. The topic of discussion was Rep. Blackburn’s Fox News op-ed of the same month, which urged Silicon Valley companies to address bias against conservatives on their platforms. Blackburn, who has herself been the target of social media censorship, has been a vocal critic of tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter during her time in Congress.—More….