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Mr. Volkay ( writes for a number of sites, on a number of issues. He has been published in many national magazines and papers. He is a former liberal who one day fell on his head and miraculously came to his senses.

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Open Letter to Bill Maher

Jan 5, 2017 — Chris Volkay

How’s this for a definition of the Left? From my favorite author Charles Bukowski-“Everybody trying to show how good they are, how much they know, how much they feel, Jesus, listen kid, I am not anti-human, I am not pro-war, but listening to these (people) it’s like eating a bucket of cake icing.”

So, I’m motoring down the road here in L.A. and I see this little cheapy billboard with Bill Maher’s ghastly kisser on it saying something like “Let’s Make America Sane Again.” Well, I tell you, I was forced to immediately pull over, quickly hopped out of the car and promptly and unceremoniously threw-up all over a nicely dressed man in a 2,000 dollar Brooks Brothers suit. Damn I hate that. He was pretty darn mad and said he was going to sue me but when I pointed to Maher’s monstrosity, he smiled, said he understood and walked on.

Why is Trump Apologizing?

Oct 8, 2016 — Chris Volkay

Oh the horror, the horror (No pun intended). Why this endless stupidity? Hmm? Why is Trump apologizing for his honest comments?

The comments that I saw were that when you are a celebrity you can go up and “kiss and grope women and they let you do it.” He also said
“grab “em by the p***Y.”

If he said that this covered all women of course that would be wrong, but if he alluded to the fact that this is okay and many women would and do allow this from a big celebrity he is absolutely factually correct. Absolutely. As a matter of fact, this morning I just got through reading a biography of Elvis Presley. He did this stuff. So did Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, so did dozens of stars that I’ve read about over the years. Dozens-plural. Even Michael Jackson di-oh sorry, I’m wrong on that one.

Now’s the time to Double Down, Donald

Aug 22, 2016 — Chris Volkay

Well, I’m reading, Donald, that you are considering backing off many of your earlier statements and you are starting to apologize. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You’ve obviously been gotten to by all of the well meaning fools that surround you. You’re popularity is predicated on your statements and attitude. Going soft now is a major mistake, and unfortunately I’m positive you’re going to do exactly that. You’re like the running back that runs 80 yards and then fumbles it away at the goal line. Brother.

Would you actually like to win the election in November? Like all smug know-it-alls I have the prescription for your victory in November. Fiercely reject all of the weak, little weenies that would have you being a good boy and receiving the usual pats on the head from your party. Those people (the RINO’s are fools and worse). What they are in fact is just another branch of the Democratic party. Call them liberals-lite (not really all that lite).

More Pop-Psychology Pap

Jun 13, 2016 — Chris Volkay

Well, well, what a timely surprise. In my last little tome on White Privilege I mentioned a number of leftist delusions and mistakes that they are forever trying to pass off as reality. Well, there’s more, I just ran into another one today. The left seems absolutely incapable of ever getting even one thing right.

Another group of liberal masterminds supposedly did some “research” in science. With liberals it’s never from the hard sciences (real science), no, it’s always something like sociology, humanities or psychology-make that pop psychology.

White Privilege et al

Jun 12, 2016 — Chris Volkay

Recently in their never-ending laundry list of complaints the libs/leftist/progs have invented more delusions. First we have “White Privilege.” I’ll take them one at a time, who knows if I can cover them all?

The Affirmative Action Academy Awards

Jan 29, 2016 — Chris Volkay

The Frankenstein Monster our friends the Politically Correct Liberals have been constructing the last 50 years continues to wreak havoc on our poor beleaguered world. The monster has chewed through his restraints, busted down the door and is in search of anything and everything he can possibly complain about.

Franky, has now turned his attention to the Academy Awards, that bastion of rampant racism that so sullies the fantasies of the sacred precious little snowflakes that masquerade as “social justice warriors.”