Dr. Deeba Abedi

Dr. Abedi is the founder of LADI, an Indian-American, writer countering extremism as a Muslim crusader and an activist.Currently a blogger at Huffington Post and writing books.

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What a Donald Trump Presidency Means for Canada

Feb 10, 2017 — Dr. Deeba Abedi

There is a lot of talk about what a Donald Trump presidency could mean for America and Mexico, but one question that is not addressed as heavily is how it is going to affect America’s other neighbor, Canada. Trump had talked about building a wall along the Canadian border, and while that statement has gone on to become a Twitter joke, the truth is that there is a very real threat of terrorists crossing on either end. There have been terrorist cells not only wanting to enter America from Canada, but also to Canada from America. With that truth known, Donald Trump building a wall would not be as absurd as some claim. That said, the Canadian wall is most likely not going to happen.