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(Editor’s note: Doug Patton passed away on February 27, 2014. He will be greatly missed.)RIP Doug Patton – beloved husband, father and columnistDoug Patton was s a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and policy advisor to conservative candidates, elected officials and public policy organizations.

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Where No One Locks The Door

Feb 6, 2014 — Doug Patton

Note: A version of this column was originally published shortly after 9/11. Since then, from time to time, it has seemed appropriate to submit it again as a way of expressing the frustration of a populace whose leaders simply will not listen to their will. I offer it again in that spirit.

Imagine you are a child growing up in a small town. You have always felt safe there. The crimes of big cities seem distant from your serene world, where no one ever locks the door.

No Reason to Spend the Evening with BHO

Jan 30, 2014 — Doug Patton

We all know who FDR, JFK and LBJ were, but when was the last time you heard a leader identified using only initials? I, for one would like to reinstate the tradition.

Cuomo Puts a New Spin on an Old Mantra

Jan 23, 2014 — Doug Patton

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has taken a tired old mantra out of the Democrats’ political playbook and put a new spin on it.

Did Orwell and Jones See Google and Obama Coming?

Jan 16, 2014 — Doug Patton

Dystopian science fiction has many works to recommend it. Huxley’s “Brave New World,” Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451,” Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle,” and, more recently, Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” are prime examples.

Rodman the Perfect Representative for Obama Diplomacy

Jan 10, 2014 — Doug Patton

As Michelle Obama treated herself to an additional week in paradise as a 50th birthday present at taxpayer expense, her husband returned from their multi-million dollar, 17-day vacation in Hawaii to badger Republicans in Congress over whether to continue to pay people not to work.

Our Hope Remains in Embracing the True Spirit of Christmas

Dec 23, 2013 — Doug Patton

Despite the fact that he has more academic alphabet soup behind his name than anyone else I know, including a doctorate in education, my baby brother often surprises me with the breadth of his common sense and the depth of his wisdom. A few years ago, I gave him a plaque bearing a quote from Mark Twain. It read: “I have never allowed my schooling to interfere with my education.” He hung it on the wall of his office.

Iowa Caucuses Will Not Elevate Paul Ryan to the Presidency

Dec 19, 2013 — Doug Patton

Paul Ryan is now polling first in Iowa for the next presidential election. If Ryan is encouraged by this news, he is not much of a student of recent political history. Polling first in Iowa more than two years prior to the state’s over-hyped, first-in-the-nation caucuses is a bit like being told by the guy at the convenience store that the lottery ticket he just sold you is the winner. Take it with a huge grain of salt.

The Enemy of America is Obama’s Friend

Dec 12, 2013 — Doug Patton

Once upon a time, there was an expectation that the President of the United States — “the leader of the free world,” as we used to call him — would exhibit certain reasonable behaviors in public. After all, the liberating Constitution this man represented was viewed as a symbol of hope by the world’s freedom-yearning masses.

Liberalism is a Religion; Hatred is its Sacrament

Dec 6, 2013 — Doug Patton

“Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” — Matthew 15:11 (NKJV)

The truth in Christ’s words was never more evident than when MSNBC’s Martin Bashir made his recent disgusting remarks about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Of course, the carefully prepared comments were not vile enough to censor before Bashir uttered them; only after the fact were they deemed “inappropriate,” a term he used in his subsequent, obviously forced, mea culpa.

Why I’m Thankful in 2013

Nov 28, 2013 — Doug Patton

As I have done at Thanksgiving for many years, I want to proclaim some of the things for which I am thankful on this uniquely American holiday.

The Fifties Ended on November 22, 1963

Nov 21, 2013 — Doug Patton

We humans like to divide time into neat little boxes based on dates, but the case can be made that the styles, policies, manners and mores of one ten-year period usually spill over into the next.

GOP Should Not be Part of Democrat Hypocrisy

Nov 15, 2013 — Doug Patton

In “The Godfather, Part II,” mafia boss Michael Corleone tells a corrupt politician, “We are both part of the same hypocrisy, senator.” Similarly, the same may now be said of Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Let me qualify that opinion by stating that while there still remain a few Republicans whom I would support, there are no Democrats for whom I would ever again cast a vote.

Passing Thoughts on the Random Scene

Nov 7, 2013 — Doug Patton

A decade ago, my son, a talented writer in his own right, with a dry, self-deprecating sense of humor, published as his senior university thesis a series of original short stories, which he dubbed with the tongue-in-cheek title, “All the Things in the World.” Similarly, I occasionally feel there is so much on which to comment that I am left with the dilemma of opining on everything or nothing. And since illness sidelined me from this column last week, I have chosen the former.

ObamaCare Tantamount to Pixie Dust

Oct 24, 2013 — Doug Patton

In the 1980s, the media seemed amazed at how the public never seemed to turn on Ronald Reagan. They even coined a phrase for it: the Teflon Presidency. More amazing by far is the continued support Barack Obama receives from the adoring segment of the voting public that refuses to give up on his unworkable socialist schemes.

Who Will Tell Obama He has no Clothes?

Oct 17, 2013 — Doug Patton

A friend recently called and asked, “So when do you think Obama will declare martial law?” Until last week, I would have dismissed such speculation as conspiratorial. Now I’m not so sure.

Obama’s Thuggish Behavior, Part II

Oct 10, 2013 — Doug Patton

Predictably, my column last week, which expressed my extreme displeasure at the images of World War II vets being barricaded from visiting their memorial on the National Mall, produced a flurry of reactions, both positive and negative.

Stunt at WW II Memorial Shows More Evidence Obama is a Thug

Oct 3, 2013 — Doug Patton

Imagine you are a veteran of World War II approaching your 90th birthday. This may be your last opportunity to visit the memorial that was erected to honor your service. You have come to your nation’s Capital, only to find that your president has ordered that memorial barricaded to keep you out.

Obamacare: At Least Dems Are Willing to Fight for It

Sep 27, 2013 — Doug Patton

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.
If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
- Two of the biggest lies so far in Barack Obama’s mendacity-filled presidency

Guess Where Those Chemical Weapons Came From, Mr. President

Sep 13, 2013 — Doug Patton

On September 11, 2001, I wrote a column entitled “Now We Know How Israel Feels.” Now, 12 years later, with a community organizer in the White House who has no idea about the proper use of America’s military might, who believes our only real ally in the Middle East, Israel, is the cause of all the trouble there, and who opposed pursuing our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m not sure we do.

The Most Embarrassing President of My Lifetime

Sep 6, 2013 — Doug Patton

Obama: The Most Embarrassing President of My Lifetime

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” — Teddy Roosevelt
“The buck stops here.” — Harry Truman
“I didn’t set a red line.” — Barack Obama

Barack Obama is, without question, the most embarrassing president of my lifetime — and that is saying something, since my life so far has encompassed 12 presidencies, some of which have brought a lot of embarrassment to the nation. Even Richard Nixon, with his Watergate scandal, Jimmy Carter, with his malaise, and Bill Clinton, with his lewd behavior in the Oval Office, could not top this president for pure, unadulterated disgrace.