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Frederick Meekins is a worldview consultant and Internet columnist. He holds a BS from the University of Maryland in Political Science/History and a MA in Apologetics & Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary. Frederick holds a Doctor of Practical Theology through the Master's Graduate School Of Divinity in Evansville, Indiana. His research interests include Worldview Application, Christian Apologetics, The Implications of Aberrant Theologies & Ideologies, Futurology, Eschatology, Science Fiction, Terrorism Studies, Environmentalism, Education Policy and America's Judeo-Christian Foundations. Dr. Meekins is also an ordained Non-Denominational Minister. Media inquiries can be directed to: [email protected] His books “Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors” and "Provide For The Common Defense: Thoughts Concerning The Nation’s Enemies" are available here

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Woodsy On The Rampage: The Ecology Of Radical Environmentalism

Mar 3, 2013 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

In this era of hyperterrorism where every Tom, Dick, and Abdul with a grudge against society because of a rotten childhood blows up a bus or shoots up a post office, many are not too concerned about the activities of other outcasts striving to save the spotted owl or kangaroo rat with methods outside accepted political procedure since the most violent terrorists create the more pressing security concerns.  However, simply because radical environmentalists aren’t known for eliminating their opposition with explosives, that does not mean that this movement challenging many of the presuppositions of modern technocratic society is not worthy of our attention.

Despising The Old Rugged Cross

Feb 2, 2013 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

In one classic science fiction plot, antagonists attempt to gain control of the future by attempting to alter the past.  Though it might not be as exciting as a DeLorean speeding at 88 miles per hour, maniacal forces in our own reality are attempting to accomplish nearly the same thing by drastically reconceptualizing our understanding of history.

Anti-Nativity Scrooges Selective In What Gods They Toss Out Into The Cold

Dec 20, 2012 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

For decades, Santa Monica churches erected nativity scenes on municipal park land there in celebration of the Christmas season.  However, the onward march to abolish the assorted foundations upon which America was built continues unabated and is now even seeming to accelerate as evidenced by increasing numbers of the able bodied voting for demagogues promising bounty the recipients did not have to lift a finger for and to solemnize with one of society’s highest recognitions relationships once considered so far beyond the boundaries of acceptability that the respectable were often too ashamed to even speak of.  As such, even those trappings held over from the previous world order that brought joy and happiness to the adherents of beauty and truth must be eliminated.

Car Free Day Foreshadows Vehicular Tyranny

Oct 24, 2012 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

Often in their attempt to engineer our lives whether we want them to or not, contemporary liberals have a tendency to hand down any number of psychosocial laws or principles since most of them view us as little more than animals to herd into a corral.  It seems that their behavior is often just as predictable.

An Analysis Of Francis Schaeffer’s “The Church At The End Of The 20th Century”

Aug 27, 2012 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

Francis Schaeffer has been characterized as an Elijah to the late twentieth century.  Though not as inspired in the same direct sense as his Biblical forebears, Francis Schaeffer did articulate a vision of the future remarkable in its accuracy and a message startling in its relevancy.

Those Ashamed Of America Shouldn’t Make A Penny Off The Name

May 15, 2012 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

Though at one time barely considered worthy of the appellation of literature, scholars of popular culture have today established the thesis that comic books and other forms of media expression derived from these illustrated periodicals serve as a snapshot of the perspectives and assumptions prevalent at particular points in American history.

Leftist Commemoration Undermines Resolve Against Terror

Mar 14, 2012 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

Yes.  Perhaps this is being posted a bit late.  However, the points are still valid.  If you are going to be that condescending, perhaps you should be reminded that you seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time online obsessively reading columns and articles of those you snidely dismiss as less accomplished than yourself.

Some Mormons Less Cultic Than Others?

Feb 19, 2012 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

For obvious and justifiable reasons, a number of Evangelical leaders often cast a suspicious gaze at Mormon figures in American public life.  After all, though the two systems of belief share a similar vocabulary at certain points and often both hold to traditionalist assumptions regarding social morality, these perspectives differ considerably regarding the nature of God as well as the origins and destiny of man.

Christmas Billboards Point In The Culture War’s Direction

Jan 8, 2012 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

Christmas is the time of year when the thoughts of most Americans grow to be at their most devout.  It is increasingly the time of year that the avowed despisers of the Almighty are at their most disrespectful.

Leftist Factions Co-opt Rather Than Abolish Holidays

Dec 18, 2011 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

For about the past two decades, those to the left side of the sociopolitical spectrum have made such a fuss over their hostility towards traditional American holidays and celebrations that the arising disputations have themselves become an anticipated aspect of the close of each year.  It was claimed such festivities promote values so vile that these sentiments must be expunged from the civic calendar and the very names seldom mentioned for fear of irrevocably harming those not participating for whatever the reason.

Democratic Party Full Of Nuts As Well As Flakes

Oct 22, 2011 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

On the 6/26/11 edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace inquired if Representative Michele Bachmann was a flake.  As justification for this line of interrogation, Wallace pointed out an instance where Bachmann insinuated that certain members of Congress were anti-American.

Lessons In Apologetics #8: Atheism

Aug 23, 2011 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

If the Christian has no assurance that God will triumph from the way the world appears to be going, one would be better off hedging one’s bets by siding with the Devil or sitting the whole thing out all together. There are those that attempt to do just that.

Food Fascism Lays Groundwork For Additional Control

Jun 11, 2011 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

Wonder what the food fascists advocating dietary asceticism scarfed down as children. As anyone that has sat through an evangelistic missionary testimonial knows, those griping the loudest about your errant ways are usually the ones that could make a sailor blush before they came to religion.

Tweets Regarding The State Of The Union 2011

Feb 4, 2011 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

Too bad no member of Congress possessed the courage to blurt out “You lie”, especially in light how everyone was suppose to make bipartisan goo-goo eyes at one another.

Pseudoephedrine Restrictions Nothing To Sneeze At

Jan 5, 2011 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

Each winter without fail, the flu sends millions to the local pharmacy in search of some kind of relief. However, it won’t be this pesky virus that will give you a headache and make your stomach churn.

Salvation Army Bells Deemed Offensive

Dec 8, 2010 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

imageGiant, a prominent Washington DC area supermarket chain, has curtailed the number of days that the Salvation Army will be permitted to solicit donations this Christmas season outside of the grocery retailer’s locations.

In a number of media reports, it was claimed that the bells were offensive and irritating to a number of shoppers.

Historian Distorts Past In Praise Of Secularism

Oct 20, 2010 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

In the 4/19/10 edition of USA Today, religious antiquarian Phillip Jenkins, by comparing extremist Islam with assorted atrocities committed in the name of Christianity over the centuries, details from an historical perspective how any religion can be co-opted in the name of violence.  Though his warning is in part a timeless one that needs to be considered in all ages, Professor Jenkins’ case overlooks a number of important points.

Utah Polygamists, Donkey Obama & Congress Gives The Byrd

Oct 15, 2010 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

Utah police are investigating the stars of a reality series glamorizing polygamy over allegations of bigamy. If the queers, the shacked up, and chronic fornicators are going to insist that what we do in our bedrooms is our own business, and in terms of legal benefits, there is only one valid marriage among this group, on what grounds does the state turn around and prosecute consenting adults?  So in Utah, do you face a possible five year prison term if you get caught cheating on your wife and she doesn’t know about it, or does the sentence only apply to those who have their wife’s blessing?

The Obama Nag, Body Armor Disparities & Dobsonian Maoists

Sep 29, 2010 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

MSNBC denounced the Tea Party as overwhelmingly White. Will the network denounce illegal aliens as overwhelmingly Hispanic?

At Least Marie Antoinette Would Let Us Have Cake

Sep 15, 2010 — Dr. Frederick Meekins

During his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama lamented the tendency of Americans to eat what we want, drive SUV’s, and keep our homes climate controlled at 70 degrees.  Some will observe that I have already published a number of columns regarding the aforementioned sentiment.