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Something to say in retirement to keep the sanity we have come to love. I'm a conservative and marketer, since age 5 and Vietnam Vet. 1964-1968 U.S.N.. Living in the Houston area 32 years with a Multi-National Oil Co., SF Ca. for 10 years, in Fla. 18 years and born in N.Y. My historical family are Russian Jewish immigrants circa 1912 Ellis Island. Now is the time to say what is on my mind.

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Can the GOP learn from the past or Deja Vue?

Dec 9, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

On November 15, 2010, Senator Mitch McConnell, in his position as GOP Minority Leader took the same position of House Minority Leader John Boehner with a moratorium on earmarks.  After the Senate Republicans had voted on this position Senator Jim DeMint stated: “Earmarks have greased the skids for runaway spending and bad policy for decades,” he said. “It’s time for Congress to stop focusing on parochial pet projects, and instead focus on cutting spending, devolving power and decisions back to states, and working on national priorities like entitlement and tax reform.”

Have O-Dems made an election purchase yet?

Oct 23, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

On Friday October 14, 2009 an announcement was made that a COLA for Social Security recipients would not be made for 2010 and 2011.  The Obama White House began calling for a “$250 relief payment to seniors and other Americans to stem the economic strain”.  This columnist wrote at the time it was in reality a cover up for $500 Billion being taken out of Medicare and Medicaid in the up coming votes in Congress on the Health Care Bill.  After all we seniors were among the most vocal opposing the health care bill. (TO GIVE SENIORS AN EXTRA $250 BRIBE? on 10/17/2009)

Hope against the “Extremes”

Oct 11, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

Our history in the United States has been one to be proud of.  Time has tested us and our desire too leave for our posterity better than previous generations have left us, have been met.  Success has been there, through hard work and perseverance.  Sometimes it was inevitable, our goals weren’t to be met.  But we labored on, and made adjustments turning forward full steam ahead.

In A State of DisUnion

Sep 26, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

Just as we begin the home stretch of this Political season and the “Shofar” is blown for the last time calling as a reminder that even the best among us has transgressed and it’s time to pledge our ways to mend, many in Congress and the Administration are distancing themselves from the Leaders and now claiming clean hands.  Their constituency’s to answer to at the ballot box.

Seniors aren’t dead yet but Washington is

Aug 19, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

Following my previous column “Caucas circa senior citizens” , circumstances prevailed that brought about the soothing of the savage beast rapidly.

Smoothly beginning with my friend Jan, when at BBQ dinner with the small group of four, she mentioned that she agrees with some of my thoughts in varied columns but not all.  Next I was greeted by a classmate who started with, “Do you know who I am?”  Hesitantly I replied, “Sherry Sibul?” “No, I’m Suzanne Harper!!” And Lynda was there with a smile at my awkwardness. And so set the mood that I’d better listen more than talk.

My caucus circa senior citizens

Aug 4, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

Isn’t it just a little mind boggling when you think about the multitude of politically charged items that continue to plague our daily lives?Sometimes I lose sleep with the discomfort of contemplating what’s coming next.

I’m in charge!

Jun 1, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

The first time I remember hearing a similar cry is immediately after President Ronald Reagan was shot in Washington, DC.  March 30, 1981, Alexander Haig, Secretary of State at the time declared, “I’m in control here” as the President was hospitalized.  Misplaced at the time, ignoring the order of succession, I’ll fast forward to the current government administration.

A Texas Tea Party

Apr 18, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

imageThis was the “Texas Tea Party” at Sam Houston Race Park last week.  In attendance were in excess of 11,000 people.  One of many “Tea Party” events in the Houston area the attendees were mostly professional men and women, and not the MSM picture of the “Red Neck, Good Old Boy”.

Their signs were spelled correctly, most had their own teeth and none were wearing white sheets with pillow cases over their heads.  Their concern was mostly about the economy and taxes but what was even more fearful was the manner that all of these “New” items like Health Care were being forced on them.

A Paradox In the Fortune Cookie?

Mar 31, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

Having dined on Chinese food last evening, my dessert was held for this morning’s breakfast.  Carefully opening the Fortune Cookie, so as not to tear the document inside, I removed it for what would normally be a cursory view.  The small paper said “Egg Roll” in English and with some Chinese symbols pronounced “chun juan”, the Mandarin or Cantonese lesson was complete for today.  Reversing the paper for my fortune it stated, “Don’t kiss an elephant on the lips today”.  Well, no trips to the zoo were in the schedule, so contemplation was in order for its application.  I had intentions of personally following those instructions but headlines in the news media seemed to indicate some were giving other impressions.

All thirteen and thirteen for all

Mar 24, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

Isn’t it ironic that the beginning of this nation, “The United States of America” was founded by a courageous 13 colonies?  Now, another assault, every bit as great as that faced when “The Declaration of Independence” was completed and it now is 2010.  March 23rd, 2010 another courageous 13 “States” have fired a shot across the bow of an invading force, symbolized by an out-of-control governmental health care law.

My eye is on you, now, go to sleep

Feb 11, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

As we begin to age, I thought it would be a good idea making you aware of a minor set back you can avoid.  After finding out late last year that I had cataracts in my eyes, yesterday became a day for my first surgery to remove them.

President Obama you are wrong.

Jan 29, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

The delivery of your State of the Union address was delivered not only to all those present in Congress, but became as in a long list of many before you, delivery to the American public.  What an embarrassment.  Not only am I ashamed for you, I’m ashamed of you.

The White house, Oscar Wilde and Congress

Jan 18, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

Only in a literary fashion the story, “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” tells the tale of Basil an artist, and a young man Dorian, as his subject.  This is not about the “Portrait” as much as it is about the phenomenal way of life we in the United States of America have built into the 234th year of our existence, and what politicians are now trying to alter.  It is an attempt in drawing a parallel between the writers’ fictional novel and realities today.

What New Year is it? 2010 or 1775

Jan 4, 2010 — Ian Jay Germaine

As the year 2009 ended an assault on the sovereignty of the United States, 2010 continues with attacks on our ability to maintain the lives and freedom our Constitution has afforded us.  No longer are our representatives fostering those common interests in the security of The Nation, they are failing to fulfill the duties of the States and people they were elected to represent.

Stop A Philanthropic Government

Dec 14, 2009 — Ian Jay Germaine

Economic and Political corruption have begun to shield the most important legacy the “Founders” of our country left us, Freedom.  Freedom and the words put as a foundation of those principles are at stake…

Our lives are in the balance

Dec 12, 2009 — Ian Jay Germaine

Currently on the floor of the Senate sits a 2074 page Health Care Bill euphemistically called The Reid Bill.  You need to remember a lot of what is said here in my opinion.

Hans Christian Andersen and the home of deadly fables

Dec 8, 2009 — Ian Jay Germaine

I began reading an Associated Press Article entitled “UN says climate finale may have happy ending” and immediately thought good things were about to happen.  So deciding it was my time to use Hans Christian Andersen’s tales to create my own fable, with a motive, I’ll continue.

He’s still weighing the options Part II,

Nov 14, 2009 — Ian Jay Germaine

As was the case over two weeks ago when the original HE’S STILL WEIGHING THE OPTIONS  The ‘p’resident with a slight twist, when stopping at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska stated to a Military audience he, “will commit more forces to Afghanistan only if it is vital to U.S. interest”.

He’s still weighing the option

Oct 28, 2009 — Ian Jay Germaine

It’s been only five weeks since the Washington Post, broke the news, General McChrystal had already submitted his assessment and needs, including strategies for the Afghanistan mission.  The article was published September 21st followed by a FOX News report September 22nd. What a difference 36 days makes.  When in doubt?  The report was already in the hands of the D.o.D. (Department of Defense)

Obama asks congress to give seniors an extra $250 bribe?

Oct 17, 2009 — Ian Jay Germaine

Throughout various headlines in newspapers and other media around the country today we’re teased with “An extra check in the mail?”  This is followed with the Associated Press report titled “$250 senior supplement urged-Obama seeks to counter lack of hike this year for Social Security” by Michael D. Shear.  Sounds nice for the 50 million it would affect.  But it’s not free and the cost could be devastating.