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Miguel Guanipa is a freelance journalist.

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Freedom of Speech and Liberals

Jan 14, 2011 — Miguel A. Guanipa

Tragic events , such as the one that recently transpired in Tucson, AZ, invariably awaken a primeval impulse in the liberal psyche to craft new legislation aimed at restricting what they wholeheartedly affirm are the definitive basis for such deranged behavior. Herewith the natural trajectory of the logical reductionism typical of today’s liberal reasoning: we have a man who is a criminal - his erratic behavior was directly or indirectly caused by the provocative rhetoric from conservative mediums - thus the obvious solution is to criminalize this type of rhetoric. This is what is otherwise known as Censorship; a term selectively applied by indignant liberals against those who try to stifle fashionable misnomers like consensual pedophilia or chic child pornography.

A True Health Care Summit Story

Mar 5, 2010 — Miguel A. Guanipa

If you thought that Rep. Louise Slaughter’s sob story at the recent Health Care summit about a woman who ended up wearing her deceased sister’s dentures because she could not afford insurance was bad, wait till you hear this one.

A Malnourished Faith Encounters Robust

Feb 21, 2010 — Miguel A. Guanipa

It is a self-evident truth that the level of allegiance to a belief system, despite one’s deficient understanding of what the latter truly entails, is commensurate with the degree of personal trust one has invested in it. This maxim applies both to those who see the universe as a product of random impersonal forces, and those who believe that the universe is sustained and guided by a personal, Supreme Being, who is intimately engaged even in the most mundane affairs of men. Both agents share a common, primordial yearning to make sense of the world around them, and their respective beliefs will inevitably have a profound influence on the manner that each navigates through life.

A Draft of Obama’s Future Memoirs

Jun 29, 2009 — Miguel A. Guanipa

One thing that Obama will probably do when he leaves office is start to write his memoirs. For all we know he may have even have started already; because Obama likes to write books.

Obama and the Unexpected Power of Gestures.

May 18, 2009 — Miguel A. Guanipa

President Barack Obama has been very successful at living up to the expectations of his critics, as a man who has failed to learn never to underestimate the enormous significance of social gestures.

Who is Barack Obama?

Mar 16, 2009 — Miguel A. Guanipa

What is the sum and substance of this man called Barack Obama? Or more to the point, what does the world look like to him from where he is standing?

Obama’s Good Works Based Initiative.

Mar 2, 2009 — Miguel A. Guanipa

“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ - Matthew 25:40

The Good Samaritan

Feb 9, 2009 — Miguel A. Guanipa

Jesus once told the story of a man who, after having been beaten by robbers, was left to die on the side of the road. A Priest and a Levite walked by, but they ignored the hurting man; eventually a Samaritan came by and helped the man, nursed his wounds, set him on his donkey and carried him to a place where he could be taken care of. He even hiked the proverbial extra mile, and instructed the care taker to keep a tab, so that when he returned he would personally reimburse him for any extra expenses incurred in restoring the wounded man to full health.

The Stimulus Package in Perspective

Feb 3, 2009 — Miguel A. Guanipa

I am beginning to grasp the deftness and remarkable coherence of the stimulus package house democrats passed last week, despite the fact that - eschewing the spirit of bipartisanship - my fellow Republicans did not feel inclined to vote in favor of it. Where was John McCain when those poor Democrats needed him to pull the old “reach across the isle”  bit?

Obama as God’s Instrument

Jan 22, 2009 — Miguel A. Guanipa

I first endeavored to write this essay in order to validate for myself what I believed - from an inescapably finite vantage point - to be a most salient principle behind God’s unsearchable providence. The principle I speak of is embodied in the Almighty’s own caveat that he aims to exalt those who humble themselves, and humble those who exalt themselves.

Take My President, Please

Jan 13, 2009 — Miguel A. Guanipa

Many an ecstatic soul will be celebrating - and justifiably so - the coming inauguration of our next president. Others will find a greater cause for rejoicing in the departure of our much maligned previous one.

Proposition 8: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Poll

Dec 29, 2008 — Miguel A. Guanipa

Undoubtedly spurred by the most altruistic of motives, analysts at the California Public Policy Institute, an independent, objective and non-partisan research network - in their own humble estimation that is - sensed a compelling interest in determining who exactly it was that voted in favor of Proposition 8, a ballot measure designed to insert language in that state’s constitution, defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. In keeping with their trademark fair-minded pursuit of the unvarnished truth, PPI did what every respectable public policy research organization would do that wants to get the unbiased and incontestable facts on any controversial issue: they conducted a poll.

The Truth about Christmas.

Dec 19, 2008 — Miguel A. Guanipa

The story of Christmas is one that warms the heart and inspires our most enduring thoughts of peace and good will for all humanity; it gives us an opportunity to engage in the wonderful act of gift giving; it allows us to briefly turn our gaze from the stresses of daily life and refocus on being thankful for the pre-eminent joys amidst our circumstances.

Fear and the Future of Islam

Dec 4, 2008 — Miguel A. Guanipa

Fear is a primal human emotion. It is also a tool of the weak, the impatient, and those who having sensed a deficit of power, feel that they have no other recourse than to use it to subdue their presumed enemies. These people are called terrorists.

Obama, Fate, and the Politics of the Expedient

Nov 26, 2008 — Miguel A. Guanipa

Like many other cherished traditions, America’s guardedly dormant skepticism towards its felicitously inefficient political apparatus is rekindled on a quadrennial basis. Yet Americans still resign themselves to casting their greatest aspirations upon the brittle shoulders of politicians. In turn, the latter go on to pledge their commitment anew to the same old promises they will faithfully continue to break. This ancient storyline gained formidable mass appeal when it was cleverly exploited by the Barack Obama campaign strategists.

Progressives and Obama’s Forgivable Blackness.

Nov 13, 2008 — Miguel A. Guanipa

On the eve of Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court nomination, a cry went out throughout the land. It was that of fire breathing liberals who could not believe that a conservative president would dare appoint a conservative judge to the highest court in the nation. Although the president had picked someone of Afro-American descent, who was also more than qualified to fulfill the role of Supreme Court Justice, such considerations were swiftly trumped by the fact that Mr.  Thomas was not pledged to walk in lockstep with the abiding progressive weltanschauung; in other words, he was not viewed by liberals as the “right” kind of black man.

The Green Religion

Oct 25, 2008 — Miguel A. Guanipa

Most people almost instinctually try their best to be responsible stewards of this earth’s valuable natural resources. But the abrasive approach and militant tactics of many who fill the ranks of the environmentally conscious have led me to believe that the movement has gradually devolved into a kind of Religion. In fact, if we look closely at some of the social initiatives and assorted orbiting causes that are championed by the so called “green movement”, one may discern some eerie similarities with some less well organized religions.

5 Reasons for the Imminent Fall of Obama

Sep 26, 2008 — Miguel A. Guanipa

Moments of crisis have their purpose, not least of which is to witness how those weathering them will measure up to much greater challenges ahead. The recent financial market tumble is most pertinent, as it has afforded priceless opportunities to rate the strength of character of those to whom we may soon be yielding the power to govern; and when the opportunity arose to display the desired strengths upon which voters will be counting on beyond voting day, Barack Obama – not John McCain - chose instead to mock the presumed shortcomings of his opponent.

Obama and Life.

Sep 12, 2008 — Miguel A. Guanipa

One clever way to skirt a loaded question is to simply plead ignorance and yield to a higher (and preferably not easily accessible) authority that is deemed more qualified to probe the deeper nuances necessarily inherent in the best possible answer.

The Palin Effect

Sep 4, 2008 — Miguel A. Guanipa

With all due respect to the Democratic Party’s symbol – Wednesday night Sarah Palin literary kicked #.