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Fidel Castro Denounces Palestinian ‘Holocaust

Aug 14, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

“I think that a new, repugnant form of fascism is emerging with notable strength…The Nazi genocide of Jews outraged all the earth’s peoples. Why does this (Israeli) government believe that the world will be insensitive to the macabre genocide which today is being perpetuated against the Palestinian people?” (Fidel Castro, August, 5, 2014)

Jesse Ventura Swoons Over Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

Aug 4, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that somebody like Jesse Ventura is also a major fan of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara? (Or claims to be for the publicity value among the “hip”?)

A Border Massacre of Children the Media Ignored

Jul 16, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

No ethnic group in the U.S. matches Cuban-Americans in their rejection of the Democratic Party. This might explain why most of you, amigos, have probably never heard of this atrocity against “Hispanics” attempting to enter the U.S. This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Communist massacre.

Remember When Democrats Booted Parentless Hispanic Children From the U.S.?

Jul 11, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

Attorney General Eric Holder can hardly contain his tears when explaining his program titled “Justice AmeriCorps,” to provide emergency legal representation for the tens of thousands of Central American minors crashing our southern border.

A Refugee Family’s First Fourth of July

Jul 7, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

All the “POPS!” and “BANGS!” from fireworks had my single (for the time) mother edgy. Firing-squads had been murdering thousands of Cubans ‘round the clock. Other thousands of Cubans waged a lonely and hopeless guerrilla war against the massively-armed forces of Soviet proxies Che Guevara and the Castro brothers. All this 90 miles from U.S. shores.

Should American Taxpayers Help Fund Cuba’s Media?

Jul 3, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

“Everything within the Revolution, nothing outside of it.” (Fidel Castro speech, June, 1961.)

Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” (Benito Mussolini, Doctrine of Fascism, 1932.)

In his famous speech on June 16, 1961 Fidel Castro, whose KGB-designed jails and torture chambers at the time incarcerated one of every 19 Cubans for political “crimes,” was warning the rest of his subjects how they might stay out of them. In particular he was setting the boundaries of “artistic freedom.” If your prose or poetry or films or journalism served the purposes of the totalitarian regime you were probably safe. Otherwise…?

NPR Shills for Socialism

Jun 29, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

That National Public Radio has nice things to say about socialism shouldn’t be surprising. After all, “Federal funding is essential to public radio’s service to the American public,” explains NPR’s own website. “Elimination of federal funding would result in fewer programs, less journalism…and eventually the loss of public radio stations.”

Does Hillary Clinton Take Us for Idiots?

Jun 16, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

Hillary Clinton gets bashed frequently from “our side of the aisle.” But among the many, varied and colorful descriptions applied by her political enemies to our former First Lady and former Secretary of State you don’t often find “dumb.”

The Taliban Got Back Their Terrorists—Now Castro Wants His

Jun 12, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

It didn’t take long. Exactly two days after the announcement of the Berghal/Taliban-Five deal, Cuba’s Terror-Sponsoring (official classification by U.S. State Dept.) regime started clamoring for an Alan Gross/Cuban-Five deal.

Is U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue an Idiot? Or a Scoundrel?

May 31, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue was barely finished calling for the further impoverishment of American workers (i.e. “immigration reform”) when he shows up as a guest of Cuba’s Stalinist regime and gives a speech at the University of Havana calling for a further fleecing of American taxpayers (i.e. ending the so-called Cuba embargo.)

Barbara Walters Charmed by the Hemisphere’s Top Torturer of Women

May 20, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

“She was an early ballbuster, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. She rattled a lot of cages before women were even allowed into the zoo.” (Katie Couric hailing Barbara Walters last week in Vanity Fair.)

Some women living in the U.S. today (and with long experience in literal cages) strongly differ with Couric.  They know—and from first-hand experience—that far from “busting” any gentleman parts, the figurative description for Ms Walters’ services to a powerful man matches a famous performance by another woman much in the news last week, also courtesy of Vanity Fair. (Her fist name starts with an M and last name with an L.)

How “the smart and clever” Jon Stewart was made a donkey by Fidel Castro’s agents

May 14, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

“All I know about Cuba in the 1950’s I learned from the Godfather II!” (Jon Stewart, July 23, 2008)

Jon Stewart’s recent snark-fest against Fox News over Benghazi finally prompted a rebuttal (of sorts) from Greta Van Susteren: “Note to Jon Stewart (who I think is smart and clever …but like the rest of us, not always right…but a comedian has, of course, way more latitude – we in the media should get it right.)”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Castro’s Propagandist & Snitch

Apr 24, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

The eulogies for Nobel-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez upon his death last week make two points official:

What Really Happened at the Bay of Pigs

Apr 20, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

(You always hear and read of a “fiasco,” a “defeat” a “disaster” at the Bay of Pigs, 53 years ago this week. But you rarely hear about the cause. Here it is.)

The New York Times — still Shilling for Communists

Mar 29, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

“Everyone knows that the Cubans control (Venezuela’s) military intelligence and police intelligence. They control the coordination of the armed forces.” Such convictions are held by critics in both countries (Venezuela and Cuba) although they offer little hard evidence to back their suspicions.”  (Victoria Burnett and William Neuman, The New York Times, March, 2014.)

Oliver Stone’s Most Vicious Insult!

Mar 15, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

Oliver Stone’s recent visit to Venezuela to premiere his Castro/Chavez infomercial “My Friend Hugo” has brought him under fire in social media.

“Here I come to save the day!” Jimmy Carter invites himself to Venezuela

Mar 4, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

Last week Jimmy Carter fired off letters to Venezuela’s fraudulent President Nicolas Maduro and to Venezuela’s defrauded Presidential candidate Enrique Capriles expressing “grave concern” regarding the political turmoil and bloodshed convulsing their nation. From his pulpit at Emory University’s Carter Center, the former U.S. president calls for “dialogue” among the embattled Venezuelan parties and offers to visit the troubled nation—but not as a formal “mediator.”

Where Have all the Flower (Children) Gone?

Feb 22, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

That silence you hear issues from the media/celebrity axis regarding the massive protests in Venezuela where hip college kids are being beaten, tear-gassed and shot down in a manner to shame anything done by Mayor Daley’s police in 1968 or the Ohio National Guard in 1970. Six Venezuelan youths are confirmed dead and hundreds have been injured and/or arrested.

Venezuelans “Taking it to the Streets,” But no word from Sean Penn

Feb 17, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

“Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of Vice President Maduro.” (Sean Penn, March 5, 2013.)

To say nothing of the “proven”—and particularly, the enduring—”leadership” of Maduro’s colonial overlords in Havana, of whom Sean Penn is also extremely fond. I had the privilege to introduce my children to comandante Fidel Castro!” (Sean Penn, arm in arm with “great friend” Hugo Chavez, Caracas Feb. 13, 2012.)

Senator Tom Harkin; Once Bitten Twice Duped

Feb 10, 2014 — Humberto Fontova

If Justin Beiber had returned from Cuba smitten with its healthcare and calling it “awesome!” most Americans would understand. But Iowa Senator and Obamacare champion Tom Harkin serves as chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. He just returned from an official tour of Stalinist Cuba hailing its healthcare as “quite remarkable.”