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Ron Marr is a long-time columnist for Missouri Life magazine. He was written for the likes of Playboy, American Cowboy, Backwoodsman and USA Today, and is the author of The Ozarks . . . An Explorer’s Guide from W.W. Norton.More of Ron’s writings can be found at his regular blog at An accomplished luthier, you may contact him directly via his Marr’s Guitars website.

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How To Be The Biggest, Bestest, Smartest, Most Purdy President There Ever Wuz

Mar 9, 2016 — Ron Marr

For the longest time I thought that old Kenny Rogers song was about laundry. I mean, you gotta’ know when to fold ‘em, know when to hold ‘em. You gotta’ know when to walk away, and know when to run. If those lyrics aren’t about socks, underwear, ripped-to-shreds T-shirts, and blue jeans covered in muddy paw prints, then I don’t know what is.

But, the truth of the matter is that there are days when I just don’t want to do laundry. Hell, there are weeks when I don’t want to do laundry.

Mocking Marco

Mar 2, 2016 — Ron Marr

Of all the distasteful sights and sounds that have accompanied the 2016 elections, none have bothered me more than the asinine behavior of Florida’s Marco Rubio.

We expect Donald Trump to speak with brash disregard, to throw insults, to say anything and everything and not give a damn what anyone thinks. This has always been the Trump style; he hasn’t changed one iota because he seeks to occupy the Oval Office. Similarly, Ted Cruz hasn’t altered his modus operandi in the slightest. He’s always been a bit of a bomb thrower when it comes to dealing with the Republican establishment. He’s always tended toward the evangelical, and his career shows him to be at the far right of the conservative spectrum.

Life In The Internet Outhouse

Jan 25, 2016 — Ron Marr

Original article publication at Marr’s Guitars

There was a brief time, back in the early days of social media, when I had both a Facebook and a Linked-In account. This was long before the revelations of Edward Snowden. This was long before I came to view the Internet as a technology that - more often that not – is highly detrimental to intelligence, attention span, human interaction, basic courtesy and common sense.

Thanks To A Friend

Oct 27, 2012 — Ron Marr

(A personal tale of how Ed Crane, the recently retired founder of the prestigious Cato Institute, helped me get a fledgling newspaper off the ground)

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a tribute to Ed Crane, founder of the 35-year-old Cato Institute.

Under Ed’s direction Cato became the undisputed authority on the theory of limited government. It took the Libertarian stance . . . promoting free people, free choice, free markets and freedom of thought. In 1977 Cato had a staff of 10 and a budget of $800,000. Today, its staff numbers 127 and operates on a budget of $21 million per year.

Money For Nothing & Your Kicks For Free

Sep 13, 2012 — Ron Marr

The most unusual aspect of our current culture is a pervasive sense of denial, widespread delusion and an absolute refusal to acknowledge that which is before our very eyes.

Thomas Jefferson Was not A Dry Cleaner

Sep 10, 2012 — Ron Marr

The people of every generation like to feel they are novel and unique, that their thoughts and actions surpass all that has come before.

My Big, Fat Internet Divorce

Sep 9, 2012 — Ron Marr

I’m going through a divorce . . .  with modern technology. It’s has never been my way to follow the pack, to take part in trends or fads, to follow the yellow brick road simply because others were walking in the same direction.

Thus, as a start of my divorce proceedings, I’ve deactivated my Facebook and Twitter accounts. It was very simple . . . the click of a couple of buttons.

I won’t comment on Twitter, because there is no need. I only signed up in an effort to market my guitars. It was less than useless in that regard, and those who sought to connect with my account (about 90% of the time) seemed to be auto-generated spam bots. Twitter, for my purposes, was a little like tossing an oversized basketball into an undersized bushel-basket at the county fair. You learn very quickly that the Twitter exercise is pointless, without merit, a waste of time.

Do Not Mistake An Independent For A Moderate

Jan 21, 2010 — Ron Marr

Life is funny. A year ago Barack Obama thought that he had a mandate to rule – not govern, but rule – as a totalitarian dictator. Now, it turns out the only mandate he can count on is dinner and a movie with Representative Bawney Fwank.

Obama Taxes Our Patience . . . Among Other Things

Jan 14, 2010 — Ron Marr

So let me get this straight. Barack Obama wants to tax fifty banks, each with more than fifty billion dollars in assets, in order to make up for a shortfall in the 700 billion dollar bailout (Troubled Asset Relief Program . . . aka: TARP) authorized by George Bush? This, despite the fact that the majority of banks which received an infusion of TARP funds have already paid back the money, with interest?

How I Saved Or Created 4,730,400,003 Jobs

Nov 17, 2009 — Ron Marr

I woke up this morning and stretched my aching limbs. You see, I’ve been running the chain saw quite a lot recently, bringing in the wood that will keep me from freezing during what promises to be a cold and wet Ozark winter.

Speaker From The Black Lagoon

Oct 26, 2009 — Ron Marr

Is it just me, or is Nancy Pelosi starting to look more and more like Marty Feldman? Every time I hear that grating voice it seems as if she has ventured further into the world of cartoon and satire, as if someone hooked Smurfette up to a thorazine drip. Those leviathan eyes grow in size with each passing hour, bugging out two feet in front of her body, like somebody dropped a toaster in the water while Nancy’s thyroid was taking a bath.

To Health In A Handbasket

Oct 22, 2009 — Ron Marr

I’m all for doctors. To me, there is no more valuable service on this earth than the professional care administered by a qualified practitioner of the medicinal arts. I don’t particularly enjoy going to the doctor (they always lecture me about smoking) however I can’t think of too many things more comforting than the knowledge that an experienced doc is close at hand should I get a treble hook in my eye, shoot myself in the thigh, or get my foot stuck in mouth.