Joseph P. Martino

Joseph P. Martino has authored over 165 quotes and poems. He was born 9-17-37 in Staten Island, NY, spent his Army tour in Korea, and then served as a New York State Peace Officer for 32 years. He has developed many innovations which include safety and fire prevention devices, suggestions on how to reduce teen violence and medical and prescription reform, etc.Johnny Carson played with his patented practice baseball bat on the show. Two pro baseball teams experimented with his practice bats and a pro football team used his ankle exerciser. athletic teams use his motivational quotations.Martino played army and semi-pro baseball, along with other sports. He and his inventions have been featured in Associated Press and Sports Illustrated. He has traveled to over 45 countries. His quotes and poems are published worldwide.

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St. Francis of Assissi

Dec 9, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino




It’s Christmas in New York City

Nov 30, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

  It’s Christmas in New York City, come and experience
  the sights, lights and sounds so pretty

  That comprises the rhythm,beat and excitement of our
  great big wonderful city.

Here comes Santa on Christmas Eve

Nov 22, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

“Here comes Christmas it’s that time of time of year for Santa
to appear.

Snow is falling on the ground,.....
everywhere you look snowflakes
can be found.

Children wearing mittens in the snow,.....
making snow balls they intend to throw.
Jingle bells a ringing, jing-a-ling, the sounds of Christmas echos ring.

Parents and children skate on the lake,.....
the children home for holiday break.

How high bridge tolls negatively affect the New Jersey, New York and tri-state area economy

Sep 27, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

The tolls on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and metropolitan transit authority are out of control. To help reduce or defray the tolls — I think Mayor Bloomberg should sell the naming rights to all bridges to a large fortune 500 company.

America-America Remembering 911 First Responders Anthem

Sep 10, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

“America-America,words of liberty,words of freedom,
a melodious melody,glorious lyrics and sounds,.....
a hymn, and a vision of freedom, let’s keep it around!

Atlantic City unconventional

Sep 8, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

Atlantic City new jersey by the sea,….the ideal place to see and be

a great resort to spend your vacation or visit for a day, easy to reach and only a short trip, away.

Come by auto, bus, rail or sea, centrally located between New York and Pa.

We thank the men and women

Aug 8, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

“We thank the men and women who serve and served in World War l, World War ll, Korea,

Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice and are never coming back.

I’ll Always Call the Jersey Shore Home

Jun 11, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

What good is family and friends

When you are thousands of miles away?

And when I return home, it’s for such a short stay?

Never Be A Stranger to Love

May 4, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

never be a stranger to love, welcome it into the
heart and home, let it resonate like a poem.
embrace love as you would an old friend.


Mar 22, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

Bermuda (Magical moments, your way)
“Welcome to Bermuda beautiful paradise island chain…
Tourists greeted with Warm hello’s
that Await all visitors upon arrival
and fond goodbye’s upon departure,
be it from port or plane.

Diane Poem

Feb 20, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

My beloved Diane, blessed with beauty,
brains and grace that cause grown men’s hearts to beat,
skip and race. With her many attributes, gifts and talents,
she has never once seeked fortune nor fame, remaining ever humble,
for, ego is not in her game.

A Romance of the Sea

Feb 14, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

a romance of the sea the splendor and opulence of luxury cruising so sublime. sailing on majestic vessels that sail the seven sea’s. enjoy the tropical ocean breeze on palatial floating palaces that roam the ocean sea, a happening for one and all to see and be, a vision, a home away from home, a treasure, a pleasure and a glee.

There’s No Place Like Florida

Feb 7, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

“There’s no place like Florida on this great earth,…..sun, sand and surf.

Great cities,beaches and attractions that run along the panhandle from west to east and from north to south,
extending to the Florida keys,…..having fun is such a breeze.

Migraine Nightmare

Jan 30, 2011 — Joseph P. Martino

I walk silently through the lonely corridors of my mind.
my brain resonates to howling echoes.
I seem to enter and exit endless doors and hallways, but
none that seem to lead in any direction or final destination.

Like were sticking together

Dec 11, 2010 — Joseph P. Martino

Like we’re sticking together, we’re as tight as glue

Like five toes in a sock like a foot in a shoe

Like sand mixed with gravel that cements ones love

Christmas in New York City

Dec 8, 2010 — Joseph P. Martino

It’s Christmas in New York City, come and experience
the sights, lights and sounds so pretty,
That comprises the rhythm,beat and excitement of our
great big and magnificent city.

Canada, my beloved Canada

Sep 6, 2010 — Joseph P. Martino

“Canada, my beloved Canada
From the northern territories, British Columbia in the west
to the Atlantic maritimes,

Why I Love London

Aug 30, 2010 — Joseph P. Martino

At Buckingham Palace, view the “Changing of the Guard”...
Loved by one & all and held in high regard.

New Jersey, come feel the love

Jul 21, 2010 — Joseph P. Martino

New Jersey is the state i’m so proud to call home, your always
on my mind when i’m away to long. just the mention of New Jersey
lingers like a melody from a romantic song.
if i did not mention the wonder that is New Jersey, I’d be remiss.
And if the thought or words should pass my lips, the experience

Paris will always belong to lovers

Jul 11, 2010 — Joseph P. Martino

Peering down upon elegant boulevards from the Arc de Triomphe
lovers strolling along the Champs-Élysées
imaginary strings, chords and sounds of violins begin to play,
what more can one say.