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Melanie Morgan Is a weekly writer for Melanie Morgan runs a non-profit organization, Move America Forward, and works to raise the awareness of the nation in our fight against terrorism.

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Learn The Lesson of Beirut

Oct 23, 2013 — Melanie Morgan

Suffering from a 101-degree fever, I was too sick and too tired to notice that as our plane entered Beirut airspace we had come under small-weapons fire from the ground. I was a young reporter sent by ABC’s San Francisco news radio station to cover the horrific bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks by Islamic terrorists - 241 U.S. Service members, most of them Marines, had fallen victim to the hardened disciples of the so-called “Religion of Peace.”

Conservative Spotlight

Aug 4, 2010 — Melanie Morgan

imageIt’s an honor to be recognized by Human Events -not just for myself, but all the hard working folks at Move America Forward and all the guests who helped us make Troopathon a success this year.

Read this article by Ben Smithwick.

A love story in :30 seconds

Mar 25, 2010 — Melanie Morgan

First Dog Treated to Presidential Limo Rides

Sep 20, 2009 — Melanie Morgan

imageWould it surprise you to learn that the most popular member of the Obama family is receiving royal treatment at taxpayer expense?

Speak up, I can’t heeeeeeeeeear you!

Animal activists, who were growling over the fact that President Obama refused to adopt from a rescue shelter, will be pleased to hear that the presidential pooch is quite pampered - at taxpayer expense.

Monday Launch Countdown!

Jun 14, 2009 — Melanie Morgan

Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. EDT, the world will change a little bit. For me, it’ll change a lot.

Federal Swine Gives Birth to California Pork

May 1, 2009 — Melanie Morgan

A gaggle of politicians gathered Thursday in a vacant lot adjacent to Interstate 80 in Fairfield, 30 miles east of San Francisco, to celebrate California’s first project funded by federal stimulus money. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up late for the gathering. But the whole event was planned around the governor, so it couldn’t start without him and his black-clad entourage.

The Lion of the Left Caged, Ward Sentenced

Aug 28, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker piercing blue eyes peered at Bernie Ward from the bench, saying he was ‘troubled by the message content of pornographic images’ that he had viewed from the privacy of his own home computer. Judge Walker told the liberal San Francisco former talk show host for KGO radio that he was very disturbed to read the Instant Messages to a dominatrix with whom he was communicating explicit sexual fantasies about touching the genitalia of his own children and wanting to have sex with their friends (plus photos she sent to the police.)

Hearts Afire in California

Jul 13, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

Palo Alto, Calif., is nestled in the Silicon Valley, home to hundreds of millionaires and a few dozen billionaires, 50 miles directly south of San Francisco.

  The broad leafy boulevards are shaded by mature oak trees, driven upon by socially conscious environmentalists who order from a popular Asian fusion menu at the Three Seasons, or gobble Izzy’s Brooklyn bagels while connected to their laptops like prisoners on a chain gang.

Historic support for U.S. Troops

Jun 18, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

History is about to be made - and you can be a part of it.  This June 26th, an unprecedented collection of patriotic leaders will be brought together - united by their shared support for the heroic service of the men and women of the United States military who are fighting on the frontlines of the war on terror.

Don’t quit now, Hillary!

Jun 6, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

Dear Hillary Rodham (I’m sure these days you want to forget you’re married to Bill Clinton, the red-faced, skirt-chasing dope that dragged your campaign through a trailer park).

188,000 patriots worthy of love

May 30, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

Sometimes life can kick you in the gut, deliver grim news that leaves you reeling and feeling a bit unsure about yourself and your place in the world.

Rush Limbaugh to join Broadcast to support U.S. troops in Iraq & Afghanistan

May 29, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

SEAN HANNITY, MARK LEVIN, early supporters of this 8-hour web-based telethon on June 26th, to bring the largest number of care packages in U.S. history, are going to appear on this broadcast because of their heart-felt desire to see our troops come home in Victory!

History-Making Push for U.S. Troops

May 26, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

May 26, 2008— A team of patriotic leaders are working together in a historic undertaking with the goal of sending the largest single shipment of care packages to U.S. troops in American history.

Obama & Energy Politics—Dumb, and Dumber

May 5, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

The polls are showing that despite the Reverand Wright’s “God Damn America” scandal that has consumed the Obama campaign, his supporters are blowing past it.

In fact, the Senator is picking up in the tracking polls.

Barack’s terrorist-sympathizing fundraiser

Apr 15, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

As Gen. David Petraeus testified under the glare of the klieg lights before Congress this week, we were treated to a close-up of the character of not just the commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, but also those attempting to sit in judgment of him.

“Investigate Anti-American Activities in Berkeley”

Mar 28, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

City Accused of Encouraging Interference with Federal Officers

Pro Troop Supporters Plant Flag in Berkeley

Mar 23, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

imageI admit it.

I lied.

A big, fat whopper.

And I am NOT the least bit sorry about it.

I said in the media and in e-mail last Wednesday that our pro-troop side decided to stand down against the moonbats on the street during the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq, and at Shattuck Square in Berkeley, Calif. where our Marine Recruiters are doing excellent work in spite of the near constant harassment.

Inside the Green Room at Fox News Network

Mar 17, 2008 — Melanie Morgan

Hells Bells.

If Howard Fineman of Newsweek and MSNBC’s favorite Mainstream Media go-to guy can do his best reporting from the Green room (the holding area where guests get make-up and hair done)—so can I.