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Morry Markovitz is a retired scientist, economist, author and businessman who still actively trades in commodity futures markets.After completing his formal education in physics at MIT, he took a staff appointment at MIT's Draper Lab, where the computerized guidance system for NASA's Apollo Project was developed, and where the countless thousands of computerized flight simulations were carried out in order to perfect, in theory, every detail of the mission -- which eventually worked near-perfectly in practice as a result.Morry later switched professions to economics, taking a position as commodity market analyst for a well-known Wall St. firm -- from which he was soon recruited by Commodities Corp (CC) of Princeton, NJ, which became within a few years the acknowledged premiere commodity speculating firm in the world. In the mid-1980s, after becoming Senior Vice President at CC, Morry left that firm. to form his own company on Wall St., Mercury Management Associates, Inc. where he wrote, edited, and published a highly respected and often quoted market letter and also managed private speculative accounts. BARRON'S Magazine called Morry "the thinking man's trader." In 1994, Morry broke the Hillary Clinton commodity trading scandal for USA Today.

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Jun 30, 2017 — Morry Markovitz

FINALLY:  A mere 90+ seconds video containing many, many, MANY hours worth of education about the recent history of the American Press:

DR. OBAMA to the Rescue!!

Nov 21, 2013 — Morry Markovitz

It seems the Obama Administration deems that 3 ½ years of outright lying shows insufficient commitment to the ObamaCare cause.  More about this coming up.  First, it seems that


ObamaCare:  Will the Past be a Guide to the Future?

Nov 9, 2013 — Morry Markovitz

They say “Those who fail to remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 
So . . .

Let’s take a very broad look at the past, making a comparison of two major events in US history:  1. World War II and 2. the Implementation of Socialized Medicine in the US:

Our Versed Speaker

Sep 18, 2013 — Morry Markovitz

—Compiled by Morry Markovitz

The following is a Special Tribute to Mr. John Boehner, the versed Republican Speaker of the House ve have vitnessed in the recent history of Vashington politics.  (Kindly excuse the compiler’s accent, as he is practicing for his move offshore if, as, and ven our Speaker is re-elected.)

How to Win, and Not to Win, in 2014

Aug 10, 2013 — Morry Markovitz

Lately there’s been a growing chorus of calls for the Tea Party and the Republican Party to unite and find a way of compromising over their differences in order to achieve their common goal of defeating Democrats.  This scares the heck out of me because many in the Tea Party may think it’s a good idea.

The Birth of the Death Panel

Jun 3, 2013 — Morry Markovitz

Many major provisions of Obamacare, along with many hundreds of minor ones, have not yet been phased in, and won’t be for about another year and a half. But ALREADY the Obamacare law’s partial implementation has resulted in rationing of care on at least one of its key promised features: pre-existing conditions.

Global Warming in a Nutshell

Nov 21, 2012 — Morry Markovitz

As the holder of a degree in physics, I am convinced of only 2 major sources contributing to man-caused Global warming. 

This is strictly my own opinion, and is a minority view:

Obama’s Unexposed Economic Lie

Oct 17, 2012 — Morry Markovitz

Informed voters already know that the current Administration holds the modern era’s record for lack of transparency, for corruption, and for misleading the public via extreme “spin” and outright, bald-faced prevarication.  Despite the many exposures of such behaviors, there undoubtedly remains a vast store of them which remain unexposed.  Let’s expose one of the most outrageous of them now:

Chief advisor David Axelrod refutes Obama, Biden, other White House advisors and staff

Oct 14, 2012 — Morry Markovitz

Senior White House advisor DAVID AXELROD—in an excerpt from an interview which aired at approximately 1:04 pm Sunday October 14 on Fox News TV—was asked if the President had traveled to a fund-raiser in Nevada only hours after the news of the Libyan Embassy catastrophe had broken.  Axelrod’s response was to assure the interviewer that the President was in constant communication with “all available sources” of information during the unfolding of events throughout the early stages of this tragedy.

Inflation’s worse curse

Apr 13, 2012 — Morry Markovitz

Probably the worst of the many bad aspects of an inflationary economy (and one with a central bank is always inflationary) is its effect on savings, which is 2-pronged:

  1. Inflation discourages saving and encourages spending of what people earn, and
  2. It destroys the value of accumulated previous savings over time (which is part of the reason for point 1. above).

Open Letter to Tax-the-Rich, Wealth Re-distributing, Liberal/Regressives

Oct 3, 2011 — Morry Markovitz

Dear 21st Century Liberal/Regressive:

Your “tax the rich” idea and the idea of redistributing wealth are so intellectually brilliant you can actually boil them down to a single word without losing any of their essence.The word is: “Gimme.”

Making dung while the sun shines

Sep 28, 2011 — Morry Markovitz

Here’s a headline from the internet today:

Obama Demands More Money For Green Scams

Raising the Debt Ceiling Just Doesn’t Cut it

Jul 28, 2011 — Morry Markovitz

Note:  This article was originally published as a blog comment at the Tea Party Nation website.

This is about the three S’s—as will soon be made clear.

After Speaker Boehner’s repeated criticism of Democrats for wanting merely to “kick the can down the road” on the debt-ceiling/spending-cut crisis, we now know what he really meant: