Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis McAlpin Schlafly (née Stewart; August 15, 1924 – September 5, 2016) was an American constitutional lawyer and conservative activist. She was known for her staunchly conservative social and political views, her opposition to feminism and abortion, and her successful campaign against the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Her 1964 book, A Choice Not an Echo, a polemic push-back against Republican leader Nelson Rockefeller, sold more than three million copies. She co-authored books on national defense and was highly critical of arms control agreements with the former Soviet Union.[2] Schlafly founded the conservative interest group Eagle Forum in 1972 and remained its chairman and CEO until her death.

Most Recent Articles by Phyllis Schlafly:

Jan Brewer’s photo with Obama

Feb 2, 2012 — Phyllis Schlafly

The now-famous picture of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer shaking her finger at President Barack Obama is both appropriate and deserved. In America, we don’t have rulers entitled to the deference and obsequiousness other countries show to their kings; our elected officials are ordinary citizens whom we are free to criticize.

Unconstitutional Recess Appointments

Jan 26, 2012 — Phyllis Schlafly

Barack Obama’s latest unconstitutional action is his attempt to make four so-called recess appointments to high-level, well-paying jobs in the federal bureaucracy when the Senate was NOT in recess. He appointed three people to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), plus Richard Cordray to head the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau even though the Senate had declined to confirm his nomination.

We Need Pro-Family Tax Policies

Jan 21, 2012 — Phyllis Schlafly

Why did Senator Rick Santorum suddenly surge to the status of a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President after having been treated like a not-to-be-taken-seriously contender in the many television debates? It’s not only because a significant segment of conservatives voted by a super majority to back him at a meeting in Houston last week.

Bailing out the European Union

Jan 11, 2012 — Phyllis Schlafly

It was bad enough when President Obama bamboozled Congress into passing a Stimulus bill that didn’t produce any jobs, then increased the federal deficit in the 2012 omnibus spending bill, then raised the debt ceiling, then bailed out the big U.S. banks, then tried to bail out his pal Solyndra to try to save it from bankruptcy, and then appointed a Jobs Czar who creates jobs only in China. But it’s over the top when Obama told the European Council President and the European Commission President that “the United States stands ready to do our part” to bail out Europe.

Good News from the UN!

Dec 28, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

After spirited discussions from November 28 to December 11 (including two days of overtime that ended only in the wee hours), the United Nations Climate Change conference in Durban, South Africa failed to achieve its two main goals: producing a new treaty to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol limiting greenhouse gas emissions, and agreeing on a global tax scheme to finance a Green Climate Fund. Hallelujah! Sometimes we get good news from the UN.

We Don’t Like the Future We See

Dec 14, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

Americans don’t need a fortune teller to predict our future. We can see the future right before our eyes: Europe; and we don’t like it, Peter F. Drucker,

National Popular Vote Is a Bad Idea

Dec 8, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

Moving quietly under cover of presidential debates and the enormous publicity given to the race for the Republican nomination is a plan to change how U.S. Presidents are elected. It would bypass the procedure spelled out in the U.S. Constitution which has been used successfully for over two centuries.

UN Mischief from Durban to Rio

Nov 30, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa opening on November 28, called COP-17, is one of a series of UN meetings working toward a specific goal. Advertising for this meeting features a long list of invited celebrities including Angelina Jolie, U2’s Bono, Ted Turner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, and Michael Bloomberg.

Goodbye UNESCO a Model for Goodbye UN

Nov 30, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

A trigger provision buried in U.S. laws since 1990 quietly took effect at the end of October. The U.S. taxpayers’ annual donation of 22 percent of UNESCO’s budget was summarily terminated when UNESCO voted 107 to 14 (with 52 abstentions) to approve full membership for Palestine.

Let’s Talk About Jobs

Nov 16, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

We watched a couple more TV presidential candidate debates and, funny thing, again there was little or no mention of what is widely conceded to be the number-one issue: jobs. The unemployment figures remain unacceptably high, and the figures for young people are truly shocking.

Mexican Trucks Are On Our Roads

Nov 9, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

After years of negative votes in Congress and the opposition of the American people, on October 21 Barack Obama allowed the first Mexican truck to cross the border at Laredo, Texas and head north to deliver door-to-door service of its load of industrial equipment. This implemented an agreement quietly signed by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in Mexico City on July 6 with Mexico’s secretary of Communications and Transportation.

Rick Perry’s Marriage Problems

Nov 3, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

Does Rick Perry want to undermine traditional marriage? This question leaps out from his new 20 percent flat tax plan, which would eliminate all tax advantages for married couples in which one spouse is the primary breadwinner.

The High Costs of Marriage Absence

Oct 28, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

Most Americans are unaware that about $700 Billion a year of federal taxpayers’ money is handed out to non-taxpayers allegedly below a poverty line (in addition to $250 Billion a year given out by the states). After Barack Obama became President, he increased federal welfare spending by a third because, as he promised during his campaign, he wants to “spread the wealth,” knowing that promotes dependence on government and votes for the Democrats.

America’s Decline: Candidates just don’t get it

Oct 19, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

Despite the inordinate quantity of press coverage about next year’s presidential election and attention to TV debates, plus the consuming desire of the media to predict who will win in 2012, the polls show that no candidate in either party is reaching 50 percent public support.

Korean Agreement Is a Jobs Killer

Oct 12, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

October 12, 2011 Barack Obama, with the help of some Republicans who take their orders from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is trying to pass a bill that will kill U.S. jobs, send more jobs overseas, and make more Americans dependent on government handouts. That’s the Frances Fox Piven strategy Obama learned at a Socialist Party conference in New York while he was attending Columbia University.

Buying Counterfeit Chips from China

Oct 5, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

It’s a problem for U.S. retailers when Communist China makes fake designer handbags and illegal copies of our music CDs, but it’s a much bigger problem when the fakes are chips installed in our military weapons. The American people are starting to discover that counterfeit computer components bought from the Chinese are used in our war planes, ships, and communication networks.

U.S. Citizenship Should Not Be for Sale

Sep 29, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

Outsourcing is not the only way we are losing American jobs to Communist China. The Chinese have figured out how to capture jobs inside the U.S. by using our EB-5 visas (employment-based, fifth priority).

High Costs of Green Jobs

Sep 23, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

We are now beginning to grasp the definition and the scope of the words New World Order, an expression inserted into the U.S. political vocabulary by the first President Bush. He never defined it, leaving that task to his successors, and Barack Obama is only too glad to expand its meaning.

College May Be Dangerous for Men

Sep 16, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

College is a dangerous place for men. They are not only a minority but they are victimized by discriminatory and unconstitutional anti-male rules.

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Gender Gap

Sep 9, 2011 — Phyllis Schlafly

Yes, Virginia, there is a gender gap. In fact, there are two gender gaps: one bad and one good.

The bad gender gap is that the biggest losers in the Obama economy are men rather than women, a fact that is bad for men, for families, for the federal deficit and debt problems, and for the health of the U.S. economy. Men have lost twice as many jobs as women.