Sandy Stringfellow

Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics. A fifth generation Floridian, he was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida. From an early age he developed a fascination with music, eventually playing in a variety of local bands.Sandy continued to write as he made his living in the fields of commercial carpentry and retail sales. In 2001 one he established a home studio, where he records his songs.He is currently employed driving tractor/semi-trailer combinations around Florida. Sandy can be reached on Facebook.

Most Recent Articles by Sandy Stringfellow:

The Tears of a Clown

Sep 14, 2015 — Sandy Stringfellow

Sometimes people just crack up; sometimes one’s past—along with self-inflicted abuses interspersed over the course of said past—manifest in forms of personal behavior widely considered inappropriate by more prudent, emotionally balanced members of civil society. Alcoholism is one of the numerous self-destructive avenues to achieve a lasting mental and emotional state of impaired perception.

The website Addiction Intervention describes effects of alcoholism translating into a loss of memory, difficulty with learning, poor judgment and loss of inhibition, crying jags, bouts of hysteria, and anger. While professional medical treatment may “show at least some improvement in brain structure and cognitive functioning within a year of abstinence,” lingering damage from addiction is not uncommon.

The Devil’s Pleasure Palace by Michael Walsh: A Review

Sep 6, 2015 — Sandy Stringfellow

What in the world has been happening to our America; how – and why – did we become a crippled republic? As usual, the answers may be found in verifiable history. Surprisingly, the most important slice of history necessary to grasp America’s state of diminished affairs has been largely unreported.

Until now. The Devil’s Pleasure Palace fills the aforementioned historical void. For those of us whom study history with passion, it is a treasure trove of original analysis and insight; not only for its richness of content, but in the manner of presentation as well: It is positively brilliant, and a compelling read.

The Rubio Feint

Jul 20, 2015 — Sandy Stringfellow

Since November of 2010 – when Marco Rubio, along with John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, et al, began to walk back poker-faced campaign promises – I’ve been documenting evidence indicting Marco Rubio as a happy little ladder-climber within the Progressive RINO Establishment. After winning in 2010, they spoke of “compromise” and “bi-partisanship;” not unlike a marketing theme incongruously composed and presented in a conference call. Many other conservatives grasping history are with me in the Reagan school of compromise: We win, they lose.

As with any good salesman, Rubio has an amiable demeanor and style; qualities drawing the attention of his mentor, Jeb Bush, years ago in Miami, Florida, who guided Rubio and helped launch his political career. As with John Boehner, Rubio can employ the “misty-eyes” schtick on demand to foist Amnesty snake oil. Shall we surrender to innocent, boyish looks and destroy America? Perhaps not a good idea.

Happy Independence Day

Jul 4, 2015 — Sandy Stringfellow

Every 4th of July, patriotic Americans celebrate the fundamental essence of what Thomas Jefferson penned in the Declaration of Independence (with Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston); a commemoration of July 4th, 1776, upon which day the Thirteen Colonies set forth the explanation and justification for a parting of ways with Great Britain and the tyrannical rule of King George III: the legal separation occurred on July 2nd, 1776, when the Second Continental Congress approved a resolution of independence proposed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. 

The Declaration of Independence clarifies – as no previous document in history, before or since – the philosophical truth perceived among our founding scholars and statesmen that “...all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Life in Ameritopia

Jun 15, 2015 — Sandy Stringfellow

Senator Ted Cruz was interviewed by Jeff Kuhner during his radio program on Friday, June 12th, 2015; the day of the vote in which the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) – part of the prescribed legislative pathway to passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – was smacked down in the House by Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats working along side 34 Republicans against King Barry and the Progressive RINO Establishment: led by House Majority Speaker John Boehner, who will try again to pass it this Tuesday.

The Congressional Board of Exchange

May 24, 2015 — Sandy Stringfellow

We are living in a political world of the UniParty; it’s sort of like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a historic commodity and – in these modern times – financial derivative exchange based in Chicago.

Yes We Can

May 15, 2015 — Sandy Stringfellow

Even those not actively involved in marketing and sales often have appreciation for the importance of branding; the art of projecting information with a technique people are likely to remember consciously or subconsciously. The key, of course, is in knowing who you are and what you do, and being honest.

Attack of the UniParty: What to Do?

May 12, 2015 — Sandy Stringfellow

Republican Party loyalists are having a tough time of it lately; a consequence of one sellout after another at the hands of the Republican-held House and Senate leadership. Perceptive Republicans are used to it: they’ve had to march a long, tough slog since Ronald Reagan departed the Oval Office.

The Loretta Lynch nomination to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General sailed smoothly through, after a cooling-off period; House Majority Leader John Boehner regularly surrenders his power of the purse – constitutionally designated to the House – like clockwork; sacred promises by the Republican leadership to impede and deconstruct King Barry-Care have a substance of phantoms; backroom deals are arranged to support Amnesty; motions are filed by the House General Council specifically to thwart a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into violations of the STOCK Act, a bill intended to curb insider trading by lawmakers and their staffs; the Senate abrogates their constitutional duty to debate US Treaties (Iran going nuclear, for example), on and on, issue after issue, ad nauseam.

Reflections On Our American Republic

Nov 16, 2014 — Sandy Stringfellow

The Progressive RINO Establishment is selling us down the river, as they imbibe with cavalier abandon the good life inside a rainbows-and-unicorns Beltway Bubble; a place where virtue and principle have no redeeming equitable value: in fact, quite the opposite.

Progressive RINO Establishment Losers

Sep 7, 2014 — Sandy Stringfellow

What is up with the ubiquitous Mitt? He’s flitting about—as would any public office aspirant trying to gain voter interest in their candidacy—making the scene on radio and T.V., while enthusiastically endorsing the go-along-to-get-along hack candidates backed by the Progressive RINO Establishment; champions of crony capitalism, electoral criminality (remember Mississippi), and fraternal loyalty to the ruling class: still neglecting to embrace a concise articulation of the Constitutional Conservatism they rightly view as a threat to their established Inside-Beltway political racket pecking order.

Obama, the ‘Pinball Wizard’, Tilting America

Jul 28, 2014 — Sandy Stringfellow

Ladies and Gentlemen, redistribution of wealth – a Marxist staple from way back – was one objective of King Barry-Care.  This was admitted by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) on the ABC television network program This Week in 2013.

Looking to History

Jul 4, 2014 — Sandy Stringfellow

Ladies and Gentlemen, a heart-felt Independence Day to all.

On this July Fourth of 2014, our liberty has never been in greater danger of being irrevocably lost; proponents of Amnesty are more than willing to deep six the future of our republic—all for personal financial or ideological gains—resulting in a economic collapse and unraveling of our civil society, leading to what must be considered dire straits by any rational measure.

Interesting Times

Jun 27, 2014 — Sandy Stringfellow

As an ancient curse once admonished

We now live in most interesting times

Yet few seem to be actually astonished

By the destruction before their own eyes

Confusion versus Opportunism

Apr 6, 2014 — Sandy Stringfellow

Ann Coulter was recently interviewed by author, journalist and talk radio host Howie Carr on his program; her commentary was pure establishment balderdash. Ann may plead hyperbole, but her sentiment is readily apparent. Among the pearls of wisdom:

Let’s Be Honest

Feb 3, 2014 — Sandy Stringfellow

Have you read about the latest dust-up over Common Core?  If not, it’s worth your while to look into it, as it represents continuing efforts by radical left Progressive Marxists along with seemingly benign “common core” Progressives – Democrat and Republican – to indoctrinate American children.

Big Guns Focus on GOP

Jan 12, 2014 — Sandy Stringfellow

More good news is looming on the horizon for constitutional conservatives at war with the GOP.  What was once considered relatively safe territory for the Progressive RINO Establishment is morphing into treacherous terrain: a figurative geographical encounter for which they are unprepared.

The “big guns” of talk radio are – finally, at last – fed up with the GOP; disgusted enough to start going after them in a more pointedly direct and less conciliatory manner: the same way they’ve gone after King Barry, though some more so than others.

Times to Try Our Souls

Jan 2, 2014 — Sandy Stringfellow

Anno Domini 2014, it may be prudent to face what is before us with solemnity; a year of sacrifice, of faithful and courageous—if not dangerous—living, as extraordinary times often require extraordinary bravery and endurance. 2014 is the initial year of a time to try our souls: King Barry-care has arrived.

Dangerous Feckless Ignorance

Dec 13, 2013 — Sandy Stringfellow

Ladies and Gentlemen, have you had an opportunity to read The Liberty Amendments; Restoring the American Republic by Mark Levin?

What Israel Must Do to Survive

Nov 25, 2013 — Sandy Stringfellow

The interim agreement with Iran reached by foreign ministers representing six of the world’s most powerful countries (U.S., Britain, Germany, France, China, and Russia) is a transparent capitulation to Iranian clerical Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Fighting for What’s Right

Nov 21, 2013 — Sandy Stringfellow

A brief video of Sarah Palin in OK during her book signing tour is a typical scene that often repeats itself all across the United States; supporters showing up in droves - lining up for hours in advance - to receive an autograph or merely to offer support and thanks for her unmatched efforts to restore our republic; expressing earnest gratitude for her commitment to lead from the front, for channeling and directing the attention of constitutional conservatives across our great country; ever campaigning for others of constitutional conservative persuasion such as Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, winning against the RINO Establishment in more often than not.