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Tim Wildmon, is President of the American Family Association

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Nativity Rally for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Dec 19, 2011 — Tim Wildmon

God is sending a message from Athens, Texas!

Walgreens responds to flood of calls

Nov 22, 2011 — Tim Wildmon

Walgreens’ consumer relations has apologized for offending customers by labeling dozens of Christmas-specific items as “holiday” in its pre-Thanksgiving newspaper inserts last Sunday.

Cancer Center bans all Christian symbols of Christmas

Nov 17, 2011 — Tim Wildmon

Dear Friend,

A South Carolina cancer center that gave Santa Claus the boot has reversed its decision, but said they will ban any Christmas decorations that are religious in nature - including the Nativity.

Obama abandons defense of marriage; urge Congress to step in

Feb 24, 2011 — Tim Wildmon

Yesterday, President Barack Obama informed the nation that his administration will no longer defend the institution of natural marriage - or the law that protects it.

Let Chairman Truett Cathy know you appreciate his Christian-based company!

Feb 7, 2011 — Tim Wildmon

imageFebruary 7, 2011

Dear Friend,

Recently, Chick-fil-A restaurant chain has been in the news for its strong support of marriages and I thought you would like to thank them for their commitment to family-friendly values.

American Family Association’s Spiritual Heritage Tours

Jan 14, 2011 — Tim Wildmon

Dear Friend,

“A vacation with a purpose,” is how one person recently described American Family Association’s Spiritual Heritage Tours.

Christmas victory! Federal Reserve reverses ban on AFA Christmas buttons!

Dec 20, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

Dear Friend,

We alerted you last Friday to an appalling abuse of federal power by Federal Reserve bank examiners, who told the employees of the Payne County Bank in Perkins, Oklahoma, that they were no longer going to be permitted to wear American Family Association Christmas buttons in their privately-owned bank.

Feds order Christian signs and symbols removed from local bank

Dec 17, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

Dear Friend,

According to Oklahoma City television station KOCO, the Federal Reserve has ordered a small-town bank in Oklahoma to remove religious signs and symbols on display.

AFA targets Chase for anti-Christmas policy on bank decorations

Dec 3, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

JP Morgan Chase has strictly ordered all of its banks to take down any and all Christmas decorations that have not been supplied by company headquarters. This includes the mandatory removal of all Christmas trees from bank lobbies.

City bans ‘Christmas’ in favor of ‘holiday’ parade - War against Christmas starting already

Oct 5, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

The city of Richmond, Virginia, has turned coward because the new sponsor of its annual parade wants to ban the word “Christmas.”

Obama gives your tax dollars to rebuild Muslim mosques around the world

Aug 26, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

Dear Friend,

According to the Associated Press, the Obama administration will give away nearly $6 million of American tax dollars to restore 63 historic and cultural sites, including Islamic mosques and minarets, in 55 nations. See the State Department document here.

A gotta-see video; Former President Bush welcomes soldiers home in surprise visit to airport

Aug 19, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

As 145 soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan walked through the double doors in Terminal D at DFW Airport last week for two weeks of R&R, they were greeted not only by their families, but by former president George and Laura Bush.

AFA condemns marriage ruling: “tyrannical, abusive and unconsititutional”

Aug 4, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

Statement from Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, in response to Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling overturning California’s marriage amendment, also known as Prop 8:

Walmart, P&G, produce family-friendly film for TV. Watch ‘Secrets of the Mountain’

Apr 15, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

Dear Friend,

It’s not often we have good news to announce regarding television programming.

A Special Tour of Washington, D.C. in 2010

Jan 22, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

imageA few months back President Barak Obama made news when he told reporters in Turkey that America was not a Christian nation. While he was correct in the sense that our country is not a theocracy, the dominant influence of Christianity on America’s history is undeniable and is apparent from our Founding Fathers to the vast number of churches spread across the land. Our Christian heritage is especially on display all over our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Two major victories for the pro-family movement

Jan 21, 2010 — Tim Wildmon

The ground shifted Tuesday as Scott Brown came from 31 points down (in November) to win a stunning upset over Martha Coakley to fill the U.S. Senate seat held for 46 years by the late Ted Kennedy.

First Battle of the 2009 Christmas Culture War is here

Oct 27, 2009 — Tim Wildmon

Dear Friend,

Ask the Macomb County Road Commission to rescind their order removing a privately maintained Nativity scene set at the crossroads of the city. The Christmas culture wars for 2009 have begun and ground zero is the Detroit suburb of Warren, which for 63 years has hosted a privately maintained Nativity scene set at the crossroads of the city.

AFA calls for elimination of abortion from health care reform

Oct 20, 2009 — Tim Wildmon

The American Family Association (AFA) is joining with other pro-family organizations to call for the elimination of abortion from health care reform legislation.

A Gift for the AFA supporter

Oct 17, 2009 — Tim Wildmon

Please claim your ticket to the online viewing of the World Premiere of “Not Evil Just Wrong” on Sunday October 18th, 2009 at 8pm (EST) at the following link: http://action.afa.net/webcast.

What did President Barack Obama pledge to the largest homosexual organization in America?

Oct 14, 2009 — Tim Wildmon

Dear Friend,
President Obama: “I can announce after more than a decade, this (hate crimes) bill is set to pass and I will sign it into law.”