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UN Watch is a Geneva-based human rights organization founded in 1993 to monitor UN compliance with the principles of its Charter. It is accredited as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and as an Associate NGO to the UN Department of Public Information (DPI).

Most Recent Articles by UN Watch:

UN Watch Condemns Venezuela for Arrest of 85-year-old Activist

Feb 2, 2018 — UN Watch

UN Watch Condemns Venezuela for Arrest of 85-year-old Activist
GENEVA – UN Watch, a Geneva-based monitoring group, condemned Venezuela for arresting an 85-year-old activist in the middle of last night, taken from his home in Caracas at 3:00 a.m. by security forces.

Agents of the Sebin intelligence service have detained Enrique Aristeguieta Gramcko, an eminent lawyer, historian, and former politician who is active in two groups that have criticized the repressive Maduro regime. He is the president of the Great National Alliance (GANA), and a board member of Soy Venezuela.

The Top 10 Most Evil U.N. Actions of 2017

Dec 27, 2017 — UN Watch

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres
10. Denied Venezuelan Hunger: In the first-ever U.N. visit to Venezuela, Alfred de Zayas, the U.N. Human Rights Council’s Cuban-backed “Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order,” posted propaganda photos to deny mass hunger caused by the regime’s failed policies.

After UN Watch exposed the sick lie—in truth, Venezuelan hospitals are filled with starving children—the U.N. official was pressured into deleting his blog post and tweet.

UN slams Israel 6 times, uses Islamic-only term for Temple Mount, denying Jewish, Christian heritage

Dec 1, 2017 — UN Watch

UN slams Israel 6 times, uses Islamic-only term for Temple Mount, denying Jewish, Christian heritage
GENEVA – The U.N. General Assembly today condemned Israel in six Arab-sponsored resolutions, voting 151 to 6, with 9 abstentions, to adopt a text on Jerusalem which called Temple Mount by its Islamic name only, and voting 105-6-58 to condemn Israel’s presence on the Golan Heights, with the UK breaking for the first time from the EU’s common position to join the U.S. and Canada in opposing the Syrian-sponsored resolution. (Click here for today’s 6 resolutions; here for all 20 of the session.)

U.N. to condemn Israel 9 times

Nov 12, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA – The U.N. General Assembly will condemn Israel nine times today, “part of its annual ritual of enacting 20 Arab-sponsored resolutions singling out the Jewish state, and making no mention of Hamas stabbings, shootings or vehicular attacks against Israelis,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based monitoring group UN Watch. Click here for list of 9 resolutions.

Byu contrast, in this year’s session there will be a total of 6 condemnatory resolutions for the rest of the world combined — with one each on Syria, North Korea, Iran, Crimea, Myanmar, as well as one on the U.S. for its Cuba embargo.

U.S. should deport Rutgers professor who represented Syria, abetted genocide

Nov 6, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA – An international human rights group today called on Rutgers University to fire Mazen Adi, a professor on war crimes law, on grounds that as a Syrian diplomat and legal advisor he justified the war crimes of the genocidal Assad regime.

UN Watch, an independent non-governmental monitoring group based in Geneva, also called on the U.S. to deport Mr. Adi, whose identity was first exposed by the Algemeiner newspaper yesterday.

Scandal: Qatar, Congo, Pakistan set to join U.N.’s top rights body; UN Watch urges ‘No&#

Oct 16, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA,– Despite a recent pledge by a Dutch-led coalition of 47 nations, today’s election for 15 seats on the U.N.’s highest human rights body will install up to 10 more non-democracies in a mostly uncontested race, which may prompt U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley to determine that her June warning before the council—to stop electing “the world’s worst human rights offenders”—has been flouted.

In a detailed study released today by UN Watch, a Geneva-based non-governmental human rights organization, finds that 7 out of 16 candidates have poor records and fail to qualify according to the UN’s own basic membership criteria: Afghanistan, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Qatar. The council already counts Saudi Arabia, Burundi, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and UAE as members.

AMBUSHED: U.N. Heads Turn in Stunned Disbelief as PLO Lies Exposed by Palestinian Hero

Sep 28, 2017 — UN Watch

EPIC MOMENT: U.N. stunned, Palestinian delegates in shock, as UN Watch brings surprise guest speaker—Palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef—to expose PLO lies. Watch heads turn & eyes bulge!

U.N. Clash: Son of Hamas Chief Calls PA ‘Enemy of the Palestinian People’

Sep 25, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA – A Hamas member turned humanitarian addressed the U.N. human rights council today and called the Palestinian Authority the “greatest enemy of the Palestinian people.” See full speech below.

“If Israel did not exist, you would have no one to blame; take responsibility for the outcome of your own actions,” said Mosab Hassan Yousef, whose father was a founding member of Hamas.

Wife of Jailed Saudi Blogger to Address U.N. Rights Council With Saudi Ambassador Present

Sep 19, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA — The wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi—the world’s most famous political prisoner—will address the United Nations for the first time in a Human Rights Council speech on Tuesday that will take place in the presence of Ambassador Abdulaziz Al-Wasil, the representative of Saudi Arabia, whose government controversially sits on the 47-nation body.

Raif Badawi is currently four years into a 10-year prison sentence, convicted for “insulting Islam” after he published a blog calling for a free society in Saudi Arabia.

Russia gave $50,000 to UN expert who wrote report calling Russia a victim

Sep 14, 2017 — UN Watch

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GENEVA—After an investigator of the U.N. human rights council presented a report slamming the U.S. and EU for imposing sanctions on Russia, which he said amounted to “unilateral coercive measures,” a Geneva-based watchdog group took the floor to challenge the Special Rapporteur, former Algerian ambassador Idriss Jazairy, on the ethics of his receiving $50,000 from Russia last year for his mandate, as disclosed in a recent U.N. report. (See intervention below.)

Rights Activists Urge Democracies to Expel Maduro from UNHRC

Sep 4, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA - A cross-regional coalition of 12 human rights activists from Latin America, the U.S. and Europe, today called on the U.N Human Rights Council to convene an urgent meeting to finally suspend the membership of Venezuela, which was re-elected in 2015.

UN Watch expressed “shock” that the U.N. Human Rights Council is allowing Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro to open its session on Monday, September 11, 2017.

U.N. Must Hold Urgent Session on Venezuela Amid Midnight Arrest of Opposition Leaders

Aug 1, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA – Hours after the Venezuelan police’s midnight arrest of pro-democracy leader Leopoldo Lopez and Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma, the Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch today called on U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, UN chief Antonio Guterres and human rights commissioner Zeid Al-Hussein to support an emergency session of the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council to address the dire situation of human rights in Venezuela.

“Midnight police raids into the homes of peaceful democracy leaders is a move reminiscent of Stalinist regimes,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer.

Hebron Vote: UNESCO Denies Biblical Christian & Jewish Heritage

Jul 7, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA – UN Watch, an independent non-governmental organization based in Geneva, condemned the “cynical, divisive, and politicized hijacking of UNESCO’s mission to protect world cultural heritage” by Arab states, after the agency’s 21-nation world heritage committee voted 12-3, with 6 abstentions, to accept a Palestinian motion registering the Biblical city of Hebron—including the Cave of the Patriarchs which is revered as the burial place of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Leah, Jacob and Rebecca—as a Palestinian heritage site endangered by Israel. The resolution was introduced by Lebanon, Kuwait, and Tunisia.

Canadian Beauty Queen to Address U.N. Rights Council Today on China’s Persecution of Falun Gong

Jun 19, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA— Chinese-Canadian human rights activist, actress and beauty queen Anastasia Lin will testify before the United Nations Human Rights Council this afternoon in Geneva. To request an interview, send email to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Lin was famously barred from China when she went to represent Canada at the 2015 Miss World competition. Her struggle was profiled in the New York Times and reported worldwide.

Today, Lin’s testimony will address the situation of human rights in China, whose government was recently reelected to the 47-nation body.

Lin was invited to speak by the independent non-governmental human rights group UN Watch

U.N. defends election of Saudi Arabia to rights council

Jun 9, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA,  The U.N. today said that questioning Saudi Arabia’s membership on the Human Rights Council is a “distraction,” a “gross oversimplification,” and an “attempt to stigmatize.”

This was the response of Philip Alston, a U.N. Human Rights Council expert who presented a report today on Saudi Arabia, to a question (see text below, video here) posed in the plenary of the 47-nation body by Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a Geneva-based human rights group.

Alston, a prominent NYU scholar who serves as the U.N. special rapporteur on extreme poverty, said that “with countries like Saudi Arabia” what is needed is “engagement.”

UNRWA fakes Gaza girl campaign with image of bombed-out Damascus

Jun 2, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA – UN Watch today demanded that UNRWA chief Pierre Krahenbuhl apologize for using images of a girl from a bombed-out Syrian building as part of a global campaign to raise money for the organization by pretending the girl is a Gaza victim of Israeli actions.

UNRWA is now running the above photo on Facebook and in paid Twitter ads. It is also now UNRWA’s cover image on both Facebook and Twitter.

UNRWA’s narrative of the photo tells of a girl named Aya from Gaza who is said to be 11 years old now, and who has suffered from the Israeli blockade of Gaza, occupation, and walls.

NGO: U.N. gave China names of rights activists

May 24, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA, May 24, 2017 The U.N. human rights office dangerously handed over to China the names of four human rights activists slated to attend a Human Rights Council session, and has a practice of doing so, alleges Geneva-based NGO UN Watch, in a letter of complaint sent today to U.N. human rights chief Zeid Hussein.

The complaint, which cites numerous breaches of the UN Charter and other rules, was filed by UN Watch director Hillel Neuer on the eve of his appearance tomorrow before a U.S. Senate hearing that will assess U.S. policy toward the UNHRC, and the related Office of the High Commissioner.

Ti-Anna Wang, (Image) a Chinese human rights activist brought to testify by UN Watch, was harassed by Chinese agents in March 2014.

U.N. elects genocidal Sudan Vice-Chair of Committee on NGOs

May 22, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA – The Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch condemned this morning’s election of Sudan as Vice-Chair of the U.N. committee that accredits and oversees the work of non-governmental human rights groups at the world body, noting that the Khartoum regime persecutes human rights activists, while its leader, Omar al-Bashir, remains wanted for genocide at the International Criminal Court.

“Electing Sudan to oversee the work of human rights activists at the U.N. is like picking the fox to guard the henhouse, as he is still wiping the feathers off his mouth from his last meal,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch.

“This election is absurd, and casts a shadow upon the reputation of the United Nations as a whole,” said Neuer.

The diplomat elected to represent Sudan on the committee was Mr. Hassan Idriss Ahmed Salih.

UN Watch director’s challenge to Arab regimes:  “Where Are Your Jews?””

Mar 31, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA, March 30, 2017—Tonight Israel’s i24News TV will interview UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer about the video of his U.N. clash last week with Arab regimes which is now going viral on social media and the blogosphere, viewed more than 2.5 million times worldwide on Facebook and YouTube.

At a U.N. Human Rights Council meeting last Monday that focused only on Israel, Arab states echoed the report by Richard Falk that accused Israel of “apartheid.” The report was deleted by the U.N. under pressure from U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, as she described to an audience on Monday at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington.

UN Watch testimony at UNHRC interrupted by Cuba, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Bangladesh

Mar 21, 2017 — UN Watch

GENEVA— Cuba, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Bolivia, UAE, Iran, Bangladesh, and Venezuela today attempted to silence UN human rights council testimony by the head of UN Watch, a Geneva-based human rights non-governmental organization, after he criticized or called for the removal of these countries from the council.

However, Neuer thanked the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and Latvia for successfully defending the right of UN Watch to speak. Full text of the speech and interruptions below.