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Ford Motors Fires Back at the Media Blaming Trump Tariffs for Layoffs

Oct 14, 2018 —

Multiple media reports have blamed Ford’s latest announcement of layoffs on President Donald J. Trump’s tariffs. A Ford spokesperson told, however, that this is a mischaracterization. The latest job reduction will be for salaried employees, not manufacturing employees, and is a restructuring unrelated to the tariffs.

“The reports you have read about our organization redesign work being related to external forces such as tariffs are incorrect,” Ford Motor Company spokesperson Karen Hampton told—More…

Federal officials won’t answer questions about immigrant children in Iowa

Jul 24, 2014 —

DES MOINES, Iowa — An irked Gov. Terry Branstad and U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, are still waiting to learn the whereabouts of 139 immigrant children placed without notice by federal immigration officials somewhere in the state.

Liberal donors lead in super PAC contributions since ’13

Jul 24, 2014 —

Big-spending Democratic donors take the gold, silver and bronze when it comes to contributions to super PACs so far this election cycle.

From Miami to Minnesota, protests call attention to immigration crisis

Jul 22, 2014 —

Along East Seventh Street in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul, Minn., more signs are in Spanish than English, advertising everything from used cars to groceries.

Want to end border surge? Stop flow of money to Central America, experts say

Jul 22, 2014 —

MIAMI — One solution to the illegal immigration crisis griping the nation’s southern border may be as simple as stopping U.S. aid to Central American governments.

Budget blues: Moody’s downgrades Pennsylvania’s bond rating

Jul 22, 2014 —

That didn’t take long.

Just weeks after Pennsylvania lawmakers passed a patchwork budget and skipped town without addressing pension reform, Moody’s has downgraded Pennsylvania’s general obligation bond rating. It dropped the state fom Aa2 — its third-highest rating — to Aa3.

Alaska mine developers plan to fight EPA’s crippling restrictions

Jul 21, 2014 —

While the Environmental Protection Agency appears to be backing off its push to pre-emptively kill a proposed copper and gold mine in Alaska’s bush country, the agency is pitching an array of conditions that could stifle the project.

Mississippi pension fund heads for final ‘Jeopardy’

Jul 21, 2014 —

We’ll take pension reform for a thousand.

Cronyism could be behind Memphis order against Uber, Lyft

Jul 21, 2014 —

MEMPHIS — Most Memphis residents already know that city officials, citing public safety concerns, imposed cease-and-desist orders against private ride-share companies Uber and Lyft. But city officials were possibly acting in their own interests instead.

Protesters fight back against feds’ handling of border surge

Jul 17, 2014 —

CULLMAN, Ala. — An Alabama organizer of protests against the recent flood of undocumented people into the United States says she hopes the gatherings fuel a movement against the feds’ handling of the border surge.

Reid and Heinrich: ‘The border is secure’

Jul 17, 2014 —

U.S. Senate majority leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., made headlines and raised eyebrows Tuesday when he declared “the border is secure.”

Schools turn to retired police officers to protect students, save millions

Jul 17, 2014 —

MIAMI — Hiring retired police officers to keep the peace at schools seems like a no brainer, but one police union is pushing back.

House passes Internet access tax ban amid battle over states’ rights

Jul 16, 2014 —

WASHINGTON, D.C.  — A debate over states’ rights ensued in the U.S. House as it looked to permanently ban state and local governments from taxing Internet access.

$204 million Obamacare grant reduces Hawaii’s uninsured population just 2.75 percent

Jul 16, 2014 —

HONOLULU — After getting $204 million from a federal grant to establish its own Affordable Care Act exchange, Hawaii’s uninsured population has been reduced by less than 3 percent.

Could constitutional amendment reverse Citizens United?

Jul 15, 2014 —

Unless everyone can speak equally, all must be silenced equally.

Wisconsin’s Secret War: GAB now playing secrets in state John Doe lawsuit

Jul 15, 2014 —

MADISON, Wis. — The state Government Accountability Board would like to keep its secrets in the dark, and a Waukesha County judge —  for now —  has agreed to the agency’s request.

Gary Johnson: ‘Abolish the IRS’

Jul 14, 2014 —

SANTA FE, N.M.  — For 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the ongoing controversy at the Internal Revenue Service is further proof the agency should be eliminated.

Study: Only executives get richer in crony capitalism

Jul 14, 2014 —

In what may come as heartbreak for the U.S. lobbying industry, a new study suggests business success or failure has little to do with political connections.

Virginia county takes on federal government that ‘refuses to do its job’

Jul 11, 2014 —

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — For Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, the border crisis isn’t something far away — or something new.

UAW coming to Chattanooga VW, despite getting thumbs down from workers

Jul 11, 2014 —

NASHVILLE — A majority of Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga told the United Auto Workers union earlier this year it’s not wanted there, but union officials aren’t getting the message.