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Wayne Wickizer has an extensive military background having served in the U.S. Air Force from 1955-1965, with 5,000 flying hours, most of which were in the 56th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron’s WB-50 bombers. He then served in the Utah Air Guard from 1967-70, and the Utah Army National Guard 1978-1988. From 1970-1976 he was an Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Wickizer lives in Utah.

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The real Russian collusion is Uranium One and beyond

Sep 14, 2018 — Wayne Wickizer

The real Russian collusion is Uranium One and beyond
Foreword: On November 14, 2017, the Canada Free Press posted an article by Doug Hagmann entitled Understanding the Uranium One “Scandal”. It merits re-reading today.Hagmann chronicled, with meticulous and well-documented detail, the major events of Uranium One. At the close he asked a question that remains pertinent ten months later: “Why is there an investigation of collusion between Russia, Donald Trump and the Trump campaign when there is smoking gun evidence of collusion and more between Russian and other foreign assets, Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation?” An answer to that question is offered below by a writer with over two decades of U.S. military experience, and six years as an F.B.I. Agent. His bio will come at the close of what follows.

There is, today, collusion among known, and unknown, principals of a cartel cooperating to monopolize the global uranium market, in a way not-unlike how DeBeers cartel controls the diamond market.