Biden's bizarre physical threat to take Trump out behind the school and beat him up for lying

Batman Don vs. Joe the Joker with Candy Wallace as referee

By Lee Cary

Batman Don vs. Joe the Joker with Candy Wallace as refereeThe first Presidential debate of this current silly season brought back memories of the Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan single Vice-Presidential Debate of 2012.

Congressman Ryan, the GOP’s Statistics Wonk of that era, came prepared to engage in a serious debate, and Joe the Joker ridiculed poor Paul by not taking him seriously.  Paul didn’t know how to respond, so he’s back home in Wisconsin, when not attending the Fox Corporation Board of Directors’ meetings, the parent company of Fox News.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod

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President Trump Wins 1st Debate In Splenetic, Self-Indulgent Fashion

By Kelly OConnell

President Trump Wins 1st Debate In Splenetic, Self-Indulgent FashionTrump Wins on Points
Any fair-minded person at the Trump-Biden 1st Debate walked away with several strong impressions. First, Trump won on depth of his answers, despite his constant interrupting. Second, Joe gained the “Overachiever’s Award” by failing to collapse, babble blindly, or ask “Where’s my teleprompter, Man?!!” Unfortunately, just participating isn’t enough.

The Debate: Two Against One for Trump - Lying and Denying for Biden

By Rev. Michael Bresciani

The Debate: Two Against One for Trump - Lying and Denying for BidenTwice the former Vice President called the President a clown and a fool, in the early stages of the debate, this was a clue to the approach Biden had decided on. Following that, Joe spent a good deal of time blaming the President for the entire coronavirus pandemic. China got off easy, but Joe Biden may not fare so well in the light of the following admonition of scripture.

Patriotism is dropping like a rock on one side of the aisle

By John Eidson

Patriotism is dropping like a rock on one side of the aisleA special event occurred on April 10 at the Alhambra Dinner Theater in Jacksonville, Florida. Performed by African American orator and combat veteran Evangelo “Vann” Morris, the Old Glory Presentation is a time-honored tradition that symbolizes the love service members have for the nation they protect and defend. Imagine for a moment that Old Glory has a personality. Here is its message, here is its song:

The Subversacrats

By Mark Gray

The SubversacratsIn this 1980s presentation, former Soviet journalist Yuri Bezmenov describes the Soviet Union’s comprehensive long-term subversion strategies which, by surprising coincidence, look oddly like our world today.  (Below)

Joe Biden: Make America Fail Again

By Nadra Enzi

Joe Biden: Make America Fail AgainIn last night’s presidential debate, Joe Biden repeatedly called the President of the United States a “clown” and exhibited more of the undiplomatic, un-presidental snark which earned my contempt since the combative confirmation hearing of now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The Fox News STAGED Presidential ‘Debate’

By Judi McLeod

The Fox News STAGED Presidential ‘Debate’Just as denied reality defiantly claims that Donald Trump ever won Election 2016;  just as Obama and Biden are still—in their own minds—president and vice president, President Trump will not be allowed to win the Fox News staged 1st presidential ‘debate’ tonight.

Amy Coney Barrett and the Zealots

By Selwyn Duke

Amy Coney Barrett and the ZealotsSupreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is in the grip of “dogmas.” So goes a criticism made by, ironically, the most dogmatic of people. In fact, the gripe reflects a certain dogma-born prejudice. Oh, I don’t speak of the anti-Catholic, anti-“religious,” anti-pro-life and anti-conservative varieties, though they’re also present. Nor do I refer to how a Muslim nominee would never be subjected to such scorn. Rather, the prejudice here is seldom recognized and something even good people may exhibit.

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Sir, Are you wearing a listening device?
 Dag Barkley

Sir, Are you wearing a listening device?

So, Joe… Are you going to show up for your debate with President Trump?
 Dag Barkley

So, Joe… Are you going to show up for your debate with President Trump?

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