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Someone should tell the that the Women’s March is typecasting them as #Monster Mommies

About That Frightening Look of Fury on Your Momma’s Face

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By —— Bio and Archives January 24, 2018

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About That Frightening Look of Fury on Your Momma’s Face
It’s not taking a look in the mirror that the ‘Mean Girls’ out on the latest Women’s March need to do, as Fox News Insider Tomi Lahren suggests.

The ‘Mean Girl’ marchers should take the time to look into the faces of their own children when they’re out on the rampage.

Children, including toddlers in strollers, are being dragged out on these marches where thousands of women—and men—take to the streets to screech out their rage over Donald Trump having ben elected president.

There is no doubt that children are impressionable.  They are creative, intelligent and imaginative too.

How many of the tiny tots who haven’t reached the talking stage would tell their mothers spewing hatred and outrage, “Mama, you’re scaring me!”?

Imagination goes a long way when a child imagines the Mommy coming down the hall to tuck them at bedtime is the same one who looked so unhinged and hysterical when she was out on the Women’s March.

Faces twisted into twisted grimaces of hate and rage are not a comforting, reassuring sight and would frighten some grown-ups too!

And then there are the pictures that braggart feminists posted to FaceBook and other social media sites during and after the event.

Coming across them online, what school age child would be proud to see overblown fury on their own mother’s face?

And that’s not even to mention what children learn from mothers who just can’t make the distinction between television,  fiction and real life:

‘Crazed Leftist Women’s March Protesters in 10 Cities Think Trump’s Presidency is a ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ (PJ Media, Jan. 22, 2018)

Handmaid’s Tale

“This weekend, hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets to protest against President Donald Trump, and many of them donned costumes inspired by the Hulu series “The Handmaid’s Tale.” This echoed pro-abortion protesters who dressed up in similar costumes to oppose restrictions on abortion.

“Leftists have increasingly adopted a “Handmaid’s Tale” theme in their opposition to Donald Trump. Many have claimed that Trump’s presidency represents a misogynistic regime not dissimilar to the dystopia in the Hulu series (and the book by Margaret Atwood on which it is based).

“In the show and the book, a repressive government twists one particular Bible passage into an anti-woman regime, kicking women out of their jobs, removing their property, and forcing them to be systematically raped to bear children. This Leftist fantasy has no connection with what evangelical Christians actually believe, what pro-life activists push for, or what Trump himself has done in office.”

“Nevertheless, they repeated the tired old narrative this weekend — in at least ten cities. Here they are.


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1. Austin, Texas
As the Women’s March headed to the Texas State Capitol in Austin, former state senator Wendy Davis led the way, followed by a group of handmaids.

2. Chicago, Ill
Women at the Chicago Women’s March dressed up as handmaids and held signs reading, “We [are not] your vessels,” “Women’s rights are NOT for sale! We won’t live the handmaid’s tale,” and “Wanted: The sexual predator-in-chief and whole Trump/Pence regime must go!” Lovely…

3. Denver, Colo.
These three protesters in Colorado’s capital city of Denver carried on the “Handmaid’s Tale” attack, two dressed as handmaids, and one carrying a sign based on the dystopian story. One woman directly connected the “Handmaid’s Tale” angle to the issue of abortion with a sign reading, “My body, my rules. Don’t tread on me,” with a uterus.”

Mothers of Yesteryear , who taught their children that hatred was self-destructive and corrosive, used to tell them when they pulled a face: “Careful that your face doesn’t stay like that!”

Little did any of us know back then that mothers of a coming day would adopt hatred and rage as their main reason for being.

Someone should tell the that the Women’s March is typecasting them as #Monster Mommies.

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