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No longer recognize marriage between two people of the same sex

Bermuda Reverses Marriage Decision

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By —— Bio and Archives February 9, 2018

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Bermuda Reverses Marriage Decision
HAMILTON, BERMUDA - The governor of Bermuda signed a law that reverses an earlier law and will no longer recognize marriage between two people of the same sex. The law, known as the “Domestic Partnership Act 2017,” passed the legislature by a 2-1 margin in both the Bermuda House and Senate. It will allow domestic partnerships for same and opposite sex couples, but will no longer permit same-sex couples to be married. The Bermuda Supreme Court in May 2017 issued an opinion in favor of same-sex “marriage,” but that opinion was met by opposition.

The nation of Bermuda is overwhelmingly opposed to legalizing same-sex unions of any kind. In June 2016, there was a referendum vote in Bermuda with two questions: (1) if they were in favor of same-sex “marriages” and (2) if they were in favor of same-sex civil unions. Both were voted down overwhelmingly. The first question (marriage) lost by nearly 70 percent and the second (civil unions) lost by 63 percent. The referendum was non-binding because it fell short of the required 50 percent of registered voters by only three percent.

“The people of Bermuda recognize the folly of redefining marriages and reversed the ruling of their Supreme Court,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Marriage is more than commitment between two people. It is the foundation of society because children do best when raised by a mother and a father. Redefining marriage comes with consequences to children, society, and religious freedom. Bermuda has returned to the natural definition of marriage between one man and one woman.” said Staver.

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