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Bill 71

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By -- Bud Young —— Bio and Archives March 27, 2018

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Mr Goodale, if you wish the general law abiding Canadian citizen not to be in possession of firearms for what ever reason you, your party or the United Nations can come up with, why then don’t you just come and take them ?

You have the entire Armed Forces and RCMP not to mention the Ex-Officio (armed) departments of this great country at your disposal, so why not use them? It would be quite decisive and at a much lower cost and a more or less complete disarmament of the honest citizenry.

The liberals, etc, could then proceed with whatever nefarious plans you may have for ultimate control over the people of Canada.

Are you afraid that we won’t like what you have planned for us?

At this point, Mr Goodale I really do not believe you are a honest Canadian with the good of Canada and its people at heart. I believe you and the Liberal party are a huge lot of cowards bowing to the wishes of the UN.

There is still time to correct this mistake, we were screwed once by the liberals but we will not be screwed twice.

You will notice that I have not mentioned the PM in this letter because he is of no consequence just someone who was pushed to the head of the line to take the heat. The sad thing is he is too simple to realize it.

I feel sorry for Sophie and the children.

Please sir, give us good reason to vote Liberal in the next election.

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