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So why in the name of Queen Elizabeth II, did May dump on pro Brexit Trump and suck up to lame duck anti-Brexit Obama?

British PM May’s Big Blunder- Or How Not To Make Britain- Great Britain Again

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By —— Bio and Archives January 1, 2017

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Recently, the United Kingdom, one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, supported a one-sided anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution 2334 which declared that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories- pre 1967 Six Day War- were illegal.

This resolution ignored written agreements by US President Bush who committed the US to support Israel settlements in and around Jerusalem as a condition for Israel previously withdrawing from the land of Gaza.

This resolution also ignored that in any settlement discussions, Israel will insist upon exchanging land for peace provided some long term, existing Israel settlements in the West Bank stay within Israel’s borders.

This resolution also ignored the historical fact that Jewish people have been occupying east Jerusalem and praying at the holy Wailing Wall for thousands of years, yet such occupation is considered illegal by the UN.

Furthermore, this resolution legitimized the Palestinian Authority’s attempts to internationalize the disputes between Israel and the Palestinians and avoid the necessary direct peace talks between the two parties. This resolution also had the effect of emboldening the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic BDS movement which has been rigorously opposed by the US Congress.

From a political standpoint, PM Theresa May, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and the English Foreign Office blundered badly because this obnoxious resolution was publicly opposed by Donald Trump, the new President-elect, (who will be assuming the presidency on January 20, 2017), and the majority of US Senators and Congressmen from both parties.

What were May and those striped pants, clueless, elitist Oxford/Cambridge Foreign Office bureaucrats thinking?

Throughout Trump’s presidential campaign, he was pro Israel. He constantly argued that Israel was America’s most important and trusted democratic ally in the Mideast. And that it was in America’s national and security interests to support Israel and stand behind Israel.  In winning the presidency, Trump secured a very strong mandate from the American people to protect Israel’s interests. He is overwhelmingly supported on this issue by a unified GOP party both in the House and the Senate. Trump also has considerable support for his pro Israel position from a majority of Democrats as well.

Accordingly, Trump and America believe that what American allies; Britain, France, Egypt and New Zealand did in passing an anti-Israel resolution was an act that is unfriendly to Israel and its ally the United States.

Clearly, British PM May knew this or ought to have known this.

Did they think that it was going to be business as usual with the transfer of power from a clearly anti-Israel president Obama to a clearly pro Israel and anti-UN Trump?

Recall prior to the Brexit vote, Trump supported the Brexit movement and predicted the Brexit forces would win.
Trump implied that if he was elected president, a Brexit Britain may be able to look for moral, economic, financial and trade support from a Trump-led US, as Britain painfully exits from the European Union.

Conversely, Obama tried to interfere in the Brexit referendum and threatened that if Britain left the EU, it would stand way back in the line in any trade deal with the US.

So why in the name of Queen Elizabeth II, did May dump on pro Brexit Trump and suck up to lame duck anti-Brexit Obama?

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Apparently, May, too late, realized she and her government had plundered badly and she in turn publicly criticized Secretary of State Kerry for his post resolution comments justifying the US support for this anti-Israel position.

May was trying to have her cake and eat it too. She failed miserably.

If May wants to ensure a financially successful exit from EU, which will make life difficult for the exiting Brits, she and her government need Trump and America’s support to have a shot at making Britain- Great Britain again, outside the EU.

I predict that the price of such necessary support from United States, still the world’s major economic power, will be a reversal of Britain’s anti-Israel position in the UN.

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