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Heads up to President Donald Trump, it's not just southward and at the D.C. swamp that you should be looking for saboteurs, but northward to the world's longest undefended border

Canada’s Prime Minister Leading the Charge To Steal U.S. Sovereignty

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By —— Bio and Archives December 2, 2018

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Canada's Prime Minister Leading the Charge To Steal U.S. Sovereignty
At the end of the day it won’t be thousands of defiant, “Yes we can!”-shouting, mostly military age, Central and South America males who will bring the curtain down on America’s 242-year-old sovereignty, but the super-rich, covert, purely political United Nations.

For the last three months, the mainstream and social media have been force-feeding the U.S. president and its population a steady diet that several caravans of poor people escaping political unrest in their own countries are headed for the largely unprotected southern border, and demonizing citizens worried about the coming invasion as ‘xenophobes’.

Hideously hypocritical UN has a phobia of its very own—a pronounced phobia against all sovereign nations

Nowhere does the media point it out that the hideously hypocritical UN has a phobia of its very own—a pronounced phobia against all sovereign nations.

What do you call the crime of swiping a country from its own natural citizens?

Classic Marxism 101!

Creatures of the U.N. work at making a crime out of nationalism and patriotism, ignoring the fact that it’s as normal to love one’s own country as it is to love one’s own kids.

Walls have protected most cities and some countries against invading armies for centuries without being branded as xenophobes.

“A United Nations envoy on Tuesday, November 27, took a swipe at countries dropping out of the UN migration pact, saying they were displaying “buyer’s remorse” months after endorsing the non-binding deal. (Rappler, Nov. 28, 2018)

The “non-binding” deal?

Just whom and what does the world’s largest bureaucracy think it’s kidding?

“The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was agreed at the United Nations in July following 18 months of negotiations and will be formally adopted at a conference in Marrakesh on December 10 and 11.”  (Rappler)

Misogynist branding didn’t work but calling the president out as a “nationalist” should now be a piece of cake for getting him impeached

Happy landing when you’re sworn in on January 3, 2019, midterm election-stealing garden variety Democrats, now fortified by the “Get Trump”, red rose-wearing Social Democrats.

Misogynist branding didn’t work but calling the president out as a “nationalist” should now be a piece of cake for getting him impeached.

As for the “non-binding deal” about to be “formally adopted” in sun-kissed Marrakesh on December 10 and 11, this is the latest lay of the land:

At the behest of President Trump, the United States quit negotiations early on in December, and was followed by Hungary 7 months later.

“Since then, Australia, Israel, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Bulgaria have either publicly disavowed the pact or notified the United Nations that they are withdrawing. (Rappler)

“The pact promoting cooperation to deal with the world’s growing migrant flows has been targeted by right-wing politicians who denounce it as an affront to their countries’ national sovereignty.

“Some politicians, as it turned out, would say something like ‘migration is a bad thing’,” Louise Arbour, the UN special envoy for international migration, said.”


Continued below...

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is driving the UN caravan

And guess who’s leading the Brave New World’s “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration”?

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is driving the UN caravan.

Media-touted as a heart-throb since his 2015 election as Liberal prime minister,  written up ad nauseam when pictures showed one of his eyebrow askew, having his entire family show up in traditional Indian dress when he toured India in 2018, guess they missed his saboteur side.

“The UN’s global compact on refugees could be a game-changer—and Canada is well-placed to help make it a reality, say two cabinet ministers and a UN official.” (Macleans, Sept. 24, 2018)

“Ahmed Hussen is Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. Marie-Claude Bibeau is Canada’s Minister of International Development. Jean-Nicolas Beuze is the representative in Canada of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

“There are few moments in history where the world comes together to devise a new plan that holds the promise of improving the lives of millions of people. The Global Compact on Refugees—which has now been released after two years of consultations with member states, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and refugees themselves, and will be formally adopted by the UN General Assembly in the next couple of months—has the potential to be one of these moments.

“The starting premise of the Compact is that caring for those forced to flee their home is a shared responsibility that must be borne more equitably and predictably. As stated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “Millions of people around the world are fleeing their homes because of conflict and persecution.

“The international community must come together to address their immediate needs and to help rebuild their lives.” The Compact and its renewed commitment toward refugees and the countries and communities that host them is a moment of truth, as it calls upon all players—development actors, the private sector, non-governmental and faith-based organizations, and states—to contribute and to share responsibilities in a fairer manner.


For decades the UN has been peopled by Canadians

“Canada was actively involved in the drafting of the Compact. With input from domestic NGOs, Canada was one of the first countries to offer concrete suggestions in the early days of the consultations around issues that the Compact should highlight and address, from the benefits of refugees’ economic inclusion, to the imperative of increasing political and financial support for frontline hosting countries, to ways to increase pathways to durable solutions in third countries, and to the specific vulnerabilities faced by refugee women and girls. And as the chair of UNHCR’s executive committee in 2017, Canada took an active role in convening partners on several issues in particular related to gender and education.

“So Canada is committed to the task of leading and encouraging other partners to realize its ambitious goals, to ensure that action breathes life into the words of the Compact.”

Canada’s leading role in the Migration pact with Trudeau in the driver’s seat should come as no surprise.

For decades the UN has been peopled by Canadians from the late former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Canadian Maurice Strong, all the way to his protege Louise Arbour, currently UN Envoy for International Migration who shepherded the UN Migration pact.

Yesterday the Voice of Europe is sounding the alarm bells that the UN’s Refugee Pac is even worse than its Migration Pact—and that both—will be signed in December.

“In parallel with the highly criticised migration pact, the UN has also prepared a refugee pact. Both these treaties are intended to be signed at the conference in Morocco on 10-11 December. (Voice of Europe, Nov. 30, 2018)

“Even if the pact is not legally binding, it refers to obligations. Thus, a kind of soft laws that restrict the sovereignty of the countries. Some of the points included in the refugee pact are as follows:


Continued below...

Heads up to President Donald Trump

  • The refugee concept is extended to people affected by climate change and environmental destruction (paragraph 12).
  • Every four years starting in 2019, a global refugee forum will check and produce an index for how each country has lived up to the agreement’s obligations (paragraphs 17-19).
  • A global academic network with universities, academic associations and research institutes will be established to create opportunities for refugees for education, research and scholarships (paragraph 43).
  • Promote a positive attitude towards refugees being transferred from one country to another (paragraph 90).

“It is not only the UN that works actively to bring about changes in migration issues, but also the EU and other actors. A relevant element is the EU document which concerns the promotion of relocation of refugees within the Member States.

“The document uses terms like “compulsory measure”, “legal instrument” and “hard sell”, which suggests a binding character and that the authors of the document have recognised the difficulty of convincing the public of the proposals.

“In this document, the EU has also calculated the maximum absorption capacity of each country and concluded that, for example, Germany is estimated to have a capacity of 274 million people and Sweden of 440 million (Table 12).

“The treaty text of the UN refugee pact can be read in its entirety here.

Heads up to President Donald Trump, it’s not just southward and at the D.C. swamp that you should be looking for saboteurs, but northward to the world’s largest undefended border.

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