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One for the books:

Citizens of Chicago need “relief” from “visual noise” of Trump Tower Sign

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By —— Bio and Archives May 6, 2017

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As sure as private citizen Barack Hussein Obama will lap up all credit should Brigette Marie-Claude Macron’s little boy Emmanuel win France’s presidential election, pigs really do fly.

Pigs don’t only fly these days, they sing while in fanciful flight.  And the song they sing is “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye,”  like when they sang off-key in unison as the health care bill crossed the finish line with the 216 votes needed to pass yesterday.

…’All together now, one two, three.  Nancy, don’t try to be the loudest voice heard.  Leave space for someone more, well,  up-and-coming!’

Pigs soar sky-high in the Windy City

“The No. 1 song from 1969 by the group Steam is a standard anthem at sporting events — the Democrats made up for in enthusiasm. Their voices echoed throughout the House chamber, loud enough to be heard on a live feed on C-Span and even overpowering some celebrations by Republicans. (NYT, May 4, 2017)

Wow!  —- just proved that Democrats can out-screech everyone else in song,  a melodramatic opera of the absurd.

Their 1969 signature song is where most Democrats remain,  stuck in 1969, the year hippy-dippies began leading the societal choir out in left field.

The further we get away from Election Night, the deeper the ‘progressives’ go wandering off into the muddy fields of the unhinged.

“Misogyny!”  is their cattle call and that’s how they lure lost herds to come stampeding to their ever-hurtin’ cause.

Pigs soar sky-high in the Windy City.

Still smarting from the mainstream media’s off-base “when-pigs-fly” predictions that Donald Trump would never be elected president, snowflake-laced progs remain steadfast in stubborn denial.

Impossible to believe that media propaganda never got to sucker the electorate when a Hillary-tagged “misogynist” landed in the White House to stay.

All attempts to get rid of President Trump have so far failed, but now architect Jeffrey Roberts has come up with a way to cover up Trump’s name from his Chicago hotel with “flying golden pigs”,  their unsolicited logo.

“Roberts, of architecture design firm New World Design Ltd (NWD), has been given the go ahead to provide “relief to the citizens of Chicago” from the “visual noise” that is Trump’s ostentatious monument to his ego.” (HeatStreet, May 5, 2017).

The biggest “visual noise” in Chicago can be best described as: BANG! BANG!

“And what better idea to block out the 20’ tall “Trump” sign than to tether four giant gold-colored balloons to buoys in the Chicago River—of course. (HeatStreet)

“Trump caused controversy in 2014 when he put his big stamp on the city’s skyline in the form of a giant sign emblazoned with his name in gold letters. Despite widespread opposition from city residents, the sign has remained in place. Even Mayor Rahm Emanuel couldn’t do anything about it—Trump Tower is a private building.

“Finally, after months of “very positive” conversations with city officials, Roberts told Chicagoist Wednesday that his swine-shaped middle finger will be ready for take off some time this summer—although some of the logistical details are still being hashed out.”


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Rather than consorting with the architects of piggy-gone-off-market fairytales, one would think that Rahm Emanuel would spend more time thinking of ways to curb wanton street crime in Chicago.

“Flying Pigs on Parade: A Chicago River Folly“, which will be deployed as a one-day art installation, is rich in symbolism. The pigs themselves are a reference to Animal Farm—George Orwell’s allegorical novella about tyranny and authoritarianism—but also a cue to Trump’s infamous “Miss Piggy” comments and to the “gaudy style” of his own gold ensconced penthouse interior. (

“The flying pigs are modeled after the yellow pig floating atop London’s Battersea Power Station on the cover of Pink Floyd’s 1977 Animals album.  (The band’s bassist, Roger Waters even reached out to Roberts to give him his blessing to replicate the original design.)

“Despite the work’s clear political slant, the designers are keen not to be labelled as “radicals or activists.” Instead, they write on their blog that this “folly” should be seen as a “gesture in support of those of more rational, optimistic and inclusive minds.”

LOL!!!!!!! Ain’t nothing “rational” about progs out on an unholy post-election tear.

“As Roberts told the Chicagoist:

We’re not highly political people, but with so many ridiculous actions taking place, we thought the strongest way to respond was with us using our design skills. (HeatStreet)

“The swine are expected to alight sometime in late August or September, but no firm date has yet been fixed as the project needs funding. Roberts and his colleague Erich Stenzel set up a crowdfunding campaign to help cover fabrication costs for the balloons,  barge costs, security and permit fees for the event.  At the time of writing, the campaign had raised $25 of its $250.000 goal.”

“If all goes as planned, Stenzel and Roberts intend to take the pigs on the road—to Vegas.”

Since Election 2016, progressives who go about hallucinating, think that removing Trump’s name from the Chicago skyline is as simple as saying, “Abracadabra, Trump’s not there anymore’.

But infuriatingly for them, it’s not Trump who isn’t there anymore but progressive heroes Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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